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Charting The Glorious Decade That Spans Halo Combat Evolved To Halo Reach, Halo The Great Journey Is A Lavish And Spectacular Review Of Ten Years Of Groundbreaking Game Art Broughttogether In One Place As Never Before Halo The Great Journey Is The Ultimate Gallery Of The Halo Universe From Characters To Weapons And Muchwith Sketches Andconcept Art By Acclaimed Artists Such As Ashley Wood, The Detailed Interiors And Sweeping Landscapes Of Alex Chu, And FrankCapezzuto S Breathtaking SpacescapesIn Addition There Is Art From Halo Legends The Anime DVD Book Covers, Comic Pages, Marketing Images Andplus Anintroduction From The Face Of Halo, Frank O ConnorA Celebration Of Visual Splendor From The Spartans Themselves To The Breathtaking Vistas Of Dawn Breaking On An Alien World Halo The Great Journey Is Dramatic, Grandiose And Utterly Awesome