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Armed With Hundreds Of Blank Maps She Had Painstakingly Printed By Hand, Becky Cooper Walked Manhattan From End To End Along Her Journey She Met Police Officers, Homeless People, Fashion Models And Senior Citizens Who Had Lived In Manhattan All Their Lives She Asked The Strangers To Map Their Manhattan And To Post The Personalised Maps Back To Her Soon, Her PO Box Was Filled With A Cartography Of Intimate Narratives Past Loves, Lost Homes, Childhood Memories, Comical Moments And Surprising Confessions A Beautifully Illustrated, PostSecret Style Tribute To New York, Mapping Manhattan IncludesMaps From Both Anonymous Mapmakers And Notable New Yorkers, Including Man On Wire Aerialist Philippe Petit, New York Times Wine Critic Eric Asimov, Tony Award Winning Actor Harvey Fierstein And Many

5 thoughts on “Mapping Manhattan: A Love (and Sometimes Hate) Story in Maps by 75 New Yorkers

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    I thought that this would be a fun read and loved the idea, but it just ended up being meh Most of the maps and print were too small and or illegible Most of the stories and poems were boring also.

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    What a treasure this book is both because it confirms my long held belief that maps are a vehicle for creativity, storytelling, and self discovery, and because it is beautifully done The book is sumptuous to hold, feeling something like the letter press maps must have as she handed them out The responses are so varied and colorful, and share intimate stories by way of very simple lines on the maps.I too write books about making maps,Personal Geographies Explorations in Mixed Media Mapmaking, and am so gratified to find a kindred spirit in Becky Cooper.

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    If you are from New York or have spent any amounts of time in the city, you know how amazing of a place it is. This takes what I ve known about NY and changed my perspective on it completely I no longer think of Grand Central as Grand Central, I no longer see Times Square as just Times Square This book makes you really think about the history of each place and the stories it would tell if it could talk Really interesting read.

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    Where are the other burroughs Its a nice idea, with some great maps but a bit limited.

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    This book was advertised in a magazine I regularly receive What a clever idea I took the time to study each map carefully.Many of them were so poignant in the message they were conveying A few of the maps were hard to read due to poor penmanship However, one could get the gist of what they were trying to convey This book is a great find especially for people familiar with Manhattan.