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OverPages Of Gorgeous Art That Delves Into The Characters, Settings, And Equipment Of GearsAll Collected In A Full Color Hardcover Tome Unearth The Origins Of The Swarm And Journey Across The War Torn And Diverse Landscapes Of Sera While Exploring Art From The First Gears Game To Be Headed By Kait Diaz This Bold New Chapter In The Gears Of War Series Is Examined In Fastidious Detail, Chronicling The Development Of The Action Packed Game With Art That Spans From Early Concepts To Polished Renders Dark Horse Books And The Coalition Proudly Join To Present The Art Of Gears , Diving Into The Sunken Ruins Of The Ancient Locust Horde, And Peering At In Depth Collections Of Art From The Enthralling World, Captivating Characters, And Distinctive Weapons Of Gears

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    Dark Horse has done it again, amazing illustrations and very informative text to go along with them.Very impressive

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    Ironically, an issue of mine with the previous Art of book to this presumable trilogy series of books, was that there wasn t much in the form of picturesque art Now, they have VERY beautiful, grandious artbut, the book isn t as informative to the world of Sera, which may very well be due to how most of what could have resided within this book, is already explained within the pages of the last.That is not to say that it is a bore to page through, however There is still information on a decent portion of new things, such as the design of a certain reborn city Yet, these explanations feel shallow for other locations, not receiving nearly enough love, and only a very minor touch in description, relatively speaking Their representation through wonderful art, thoughexcellent.

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    Love Gears of War Love Gears 5 I really like the art that eventually becomes a game It s interesting to see how the ideas grow from sketches into characters The book also makes for a good coffee table ornament.

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    Excellent quality book Great quality printing.

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