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With this book, our world is being blown open through the compelling truths of three women.A review cannot do justice to the brilliance, beauty, and power of this book.Absolutely flawlessly written and overflowing with insights from how a woman s sexuality is often vulnerably formed by life defining events in our developmental years, to navigating patriarchal confines regarding female advocacy in sexuality, to how this all translates into our comprehensive life experiences as women.Three Women is a must read. This book is insightful and brutal in its truth I believe that most women can relate to one or all three of these women and their stories Whether that be remembering the intense feelings of being a teenage girl, or being attracted to someone simply because of the intensity with which they re attracted to you Or maybe you ve been with someone you know isn t good for you, who doesn t feel for you with the depth that you feel for them, but you keep going back, because how good it feels when you re together Maybe you feel the pressure to be exactly what men a man like s to be put together, sexy, and smart To never have cracks to show that you have individual wants, needs, and desires that vary from their own To never show that you have weaknesses or need anything beyond the minimum of what they will give.I think this book is relatable in the strongest sense of the word. Women shouldn t judge one another s lives, if we haven t been through one another s fires The three women in the book all have different stories but are similar in the sense that they are all feeling unfulfilled with their current situations.I got very emotionally attached to all of these women, I was invested in two of the three but every single story was compelling and upsetting at the same time Each chapter shocked me a little and I found myself frustrated with the feeling that the happiness of these women s lives was so dependent on the actions of the men around them.It was very easy to get invested in the stories and the writing does not make you feel like you are reading a work of non fiction I will say that if you don t like sexual content in your books that you may want to pass on this one Otherwise I completely recommend this book.More reviews on Instagram unshelvededition First off, I have no idea how Lisa Taddeo wrote this book It is mystery, thriller, art novel, revelation, and stealthy manifesto all rolled into one Her endnotes say it took her ten years to write it, and I can see why.From the 5000 or so letters women have sent me over the years seeking love advice, I thought I d have some initiation into the issues of female desire But this book seems to be something else entirely The molecular level excursion into the minds of the three women, their sometimes minute by minute thoughts, the earth cleaving intensity of their deprivation and desire, the cataclysms of momentary fulfillment followed by Will it ever happen again , the perpetual background noise of inadequacy all revelatory Is this sample representative of all women Is this really what goes on inside their minds and bodies The book s called Three Women , not All Women , and the poetry and heart of Taddeo s writing have the ring of truth to it, so I ll go with that for now.The three central figures cover a broad range of Americana an upper class East Coast restaurateur whose husband likes to watch her with other men a middle class unhappily married Midwestern mother of two reconnecting with her high school flame and a working class girl who got involved with her married teacher when she was underage Taddeo depicts four dimensional portraits of Maggie, Sloane and Lina, moving through time in the full range of emotional space These portraits are so convincing that it felt at times that I resided inside the protagonists heads This is novelistic writing at its best, except that none of it is fiction.The novelistic treatment can also get a bit heavy handed And it s hard for me to believe that it s all pain, bad decisions and anguish out there, punctuated by the occasional furtive orgasm from an illicit source Fine, love and sex are complicated and all, but surely there s someone having some simple fun somewhere And there s a fourth player in the book technology I couldn t help but notice how much of the narrative was shaped by text messages deleted or spied on, cellphones running out of charge, sext and video spicing things up or bringing homes down Apparently there be dragons out there, and Taddeo s book is artful, compassionate, and convincing cartography of some terra incognita Read it for a deeper understanding of humans, or just for the thrill of it Ali Binazir, M.D., M.Phil., Happiness Engineer and author ofThe Tao of Dating The Smart Woman s Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible, the highest rated dating book on , andShould I Go to Medical School An Irreverent Guide to the Pros and Cons of a Career in Medicine ELIZABETH GILBERT This Is A Non Fiction Literary Masterpiece At The Same Level As In Cold Bloodand Just As Suspenseful, Bone Chilling And Harrowing, In Its Own Way DAVE EGGERS This Is One Of The Most Riveting, Assured And Scorchingly Original Debuts I Ve Ever Read Taddeo S Beautifully Written And Unflinching Portraits Of Desire Allow Her Protagonists To Be Wholly Human And Wholly, Blessedly Complex I Can T Imagine A Scenario Where This Isn T One Of The Important And Breathlessly Debated Books Of The Year GILLIAN ANDERSON Intense And Riveting It Gives Us Epic Themes In Miniature These Women Broke My Heart And I Won T Forget Them All Lina Ever Wanted Was To Be Desired How Did She End Up In A Marriage With Two Children And A Husband Who Wouldn T Touch Her All Maggie Wanted Was To Be Understood How Did She End Up In A Relationship With Her Teacher And Then In Court, A Hated Pariah In Her Small Town All Sloane Wanted Was To Be Admired How Did She End Up A Sexual Object Of Men, Including Her Husband, Who Liked To Watch Her Have Sex With Other Men And Women Consequences Are Handed Out To Some But Not To Others Three Women Is A Record Of Unmet Needs, Unspoken Thoughts, Disappointments, Hopes And Unrelenting Obsessions That Tests The Boundaries Of Non Fiction