Free Textbooks Christian Saints Meditations: Holy Cards of Spiritual LeadersAuthor Radiant Heart Media –

This Book Of Modern Holy Cards Of OverChristian Saints Is For Anyone Who Wants To Explore Devotion To These Holy Women And Men In A New And Different WayThe Prayers And Meditations In Christian Saints Meditations Holy Cards Of Spiritual Leaders Are Accessible To Everyone, No Matter Their Spiritual Background Or Preferred PracticeThe Book Presents Holy Card Iconography In A Distinctly New Way, With A Digital Art For Over Fifty Saints, Some With Over A Millennia Of Significance Christian Saints Meditations Is For You If You Re Looking For New Ways To Explore In Your Spiritual Practice Open To Exploring A Practice Of Honoring The Saints Interested In Sacred Art, Iconography And Visual MeditationNew Pathways To Prayer And MeditationEach Chapter Is Devoted To A Saint And Includes Their Holy Card, An Invocation, A Meditation, And Invitations To Express The Saint S Virtue In Daily Life While The Women And Men Profiled In This Book Were All Christian Leaders In Some Way, It Can Be Enjoyed By People From A Wide Diversity Of Backgrounds Exploring Spiritual Themes Across Time And Cultures About The Digital Art Saints Are Honored By Many People Around The World Today As An Expression Of Spiritual Values And Art Dedicated To Them Often Holds Special Value Traditionally In Catholicism, Small Printed Paper Holy Cards With Images Of The Saints And Mary Were Given As Gifts During Special Religious Occasions Like A Child S First CommunionThe Imagery In These Traditional Holy Cards, Often Laminated In Plastic In Modern Times, Has Not Changed In Generations We Have Created Our Own Approach To Holy Cards Here Along With Our Digital Art Iconography, We Also Keep With Tradition In Many Ways, Creating A Dialogue Between The Past And The Future Practice Of The Sacred How To Use This Book The Chapters Are Bite Sized Meditations To Invite A Contemplation About The Lives Of The Saints And Their Virtues Read This Book To Explore To Deepen Your Prayer And Meditation Practice Original Artwork By Radiant Heart Mediaradiantheartmedia