Blade Runner 2049 - Interlinked - The Art Audible –

The Official Art Book For Blade RunnerAnd A Companion Volume To The Art And Soul Of Blade Runner Film Audiences Experienced A Bold, Breathtaking Vision Of The Future InS Ground Breaking Blade Runner With The Critically Acclaimed Blade Runner , Director Denis Villeneuve Returned To That World, As A Young Blade Runner S Discovery Of A Long Buried Secret Leads Him To Track Down Former Blade Runner Rick Deckard, Who S Been Missing For Thirty YearsA Companion To The Art And Soul Of Blade Runner , Interlinked Offers An Unprecedented Look Into The Creative Process That Went Into Making Blade Runner , Illustrating How Director Villeneuve And His Team Took Scott SMovie As A Starting Point And Expanded The World By Creating A New Visual Language Infused With The Original Blade Runner DNA