Free Audiobooks D'artiste: Digital Artists Master ClassAuthor Dylan Cole –

This is my first d artiste matte book, and I m planning on buying the next two I liked this so much I do agree with some other reviews that point out that some aspects are not covered, but I would counter by saying that this book is not for the beginner And maybe the publisher should indicate experience level needed The parts of the tutorial that some feel have been left out are simply too basic to warrant real estate If you are an advanced Photoshop user you will have no problem filling in the gaps, in my opinion Dylan Cole s tutorial on the Tower of London was fantastic And in addition to the tutorials you get lots of beautiful concept art from each artist There aren t many books out there on matte painting and this is a must have for those interested in this subject. D Artiste Matte Painting Presents The Skills And Techniques Of Leading Hollywood Matte Painters Alp Altiner, Dylan Cole, And Chris Stoski The Book Takes Readers Through The Matte Painting Techniques Used To Create Breathtaking, Photo Realistic Sets And Backdrops For Films Including Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of The Sith And The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Product was well worth it I bought this book for school and I have learned tons from this book already I will by other books in this series. Beautiful examples of digital matte painting, but the there are few actual tutorials in the book Many are just progress photos of the artist s work Still a good inspiration and some use if you already have learned at least the basics of Photoshop. Beautiful book Great instructions