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Eric Is Building A New Life At Keenan S Side An Unlikely Visitor From A Different World Changes The Course Of His DestinyWhile Out On An Expedition To Eliminate The Threat Of The Demons In New York, Keenan And Eric Rescue Gabriel From His Captors Almost At Once, Eric Befriends Gabriel, Finding Kinship In The Other Man S Pain But Eric S Closeness To The Young Kaldorian Stirs Keenan S Jealousy With Keenan S Possessive Instincts Rearing Their Ugly Head, Eric S Relationship With His Lover Becomes Increasingly StrainedAs Tensions Grow, Kaldorians Cade And Kalin Arrive In Search Of Gabriel They Request Keenan S Help To Find Cade S Missing Brother All The While, Keenan Is Still Looking For The Traitor Who Escaped His Grasp Eric And Keenan Embark On An Impossible Quest To Aid Their New Friends And Fulfill Their Duty What Secrets Will Their Journey Reveal Have I said already that I LOVE this series Fantastic plot, complex characters Enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes Excellent writing.I honestly don t know what to think of Mother I love that I haven t figured her out You know that something is going on under the table, but every time you look everything looks all innocent and you know it is bull.Keenan and Eric grow and evolve becomingthan who they were Everything keeps coming back to Eric and Gabriel.Awe I have to wait for the next installment I am going to go through withdrawals This whole series would be a 4.5 for me. Most of it was a 2 3 star, but that melodramatic nonsense in the first third of the book. Let me begin with telling that normally I like Hyacinth s books They are entertaining and provide me with some light reading that I just need sometimes But I don t like this book at all I had to pressure myself to get through part one But noI m done WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT Keenan is a douche A controlling, idiotic douche I m sorry but in what world is it ok to tell yourself that it is your partners fault that you nearly lost control Even if you later realise that you were wrong doesn t make it right Especially when you go on and on about how it is your partners fault because he got close to someone else Even though you can read his mind en he tells you the other person is just a friend Boohoo you dear pet has a heart and cares about people Well Eric was a dummie too because he would stand up for himself but two seconds later he blames himself Still he had an excuse, with his cruel family and his mental health problems I liked him way better than king of the douches Keenan I m sorry to say that I will not continue this book I will try the next one but if it is about these two. Totally different world than the first two books.We are back on earth how boring Far from it Keenan and Eric totally rock.The author does an amazing job to prepare us for the time of Gabriel srescue and creates meanwhile some very interesting and entertaining characters.Let them keep coming,Scarlet this one was better than most of the below mentioned serials typical Scarlet Hyacinth serial romance nothing fantastic, nothing so bad it can t be finished what is typical Scarlet Hyacinth imagine a shorter harlequin romance but with no ta see, i was going to write no surprise pregnancies, but yeah out of sheer laziness, i will be using this as my template for all serials by UNLESS motivated otherwise by markedly good bad writing Scarlet Hyacinthjoyee flynnsunny daylynn hagenstormy glenncarol lynnegabrielle evansi d apologize, but i m not sorry. Why do my reviews keep disappearing. This was another excellent addition to the Kaldor series It picks up 3 months later from the last book Eric was enjoying his new vampire nature and learning better control over his psychic powers He was content with his vampire lover Keenan and their paranormal friends and family Keenan was evendeeply in love with Eric but that love made him prone to fits of jealousy When they rescued pregnant Gabriel a Kaldorian from books 1 and 2 from a demon coven, Eric became close to Gabriel because he could relate to the pain and sadness in Gabriel s heart While unjustified, Keenan became intensely jealous of their relationship Even though Keenan knew he was behaving badly, he couldn t control his feelings of fury and jealousy It was the nature of the vampire They were passionate and possessive creatures so a lot of angst ensued Meanwhile, Gabriel s demon mate Lucien, his brother Kalin and Lucien s brother Cade were getting closer to finding him after Lucien s sires sent Gabriel through a portal to Earth Keenan was relieved when Gabriel and Lucien were finally reunited, but the Kaldorians then enlisted Keenan s help to find their missing brother Cain The journey that followed was filled with non stop action and introducedinteresting characters as well as a few new relationships It also answered a few questions involving the sidhe from the last book I m really looking forward to the next installment and wonder if it will continue the story on Earth or if the characters will be returning to Kaldor to deal with their family issues there I hope that Keenan and Eric and their extended family and friends will remain a part of the storyline Now that we ve gotten to know them so well over the last two books, it wouldn t be the same without them too I really enjoyed this book from start to finish and couldn t put it down well, except for the time when my employers actually expected me to work Thank you Scarlet