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Mrs Fickle loves her pickles Making pickles takes a lot of work But Mrs Fickle is than up to the task She can't wait to start digging in her garden But she can't simply plant a pickle She needs to select the right cucumber pickle seeds From the seeds come seedlings and eventually cucumbers Then comes Mrs Fickle's favorite part of the process picking and pickling the cucumbers This summer she might enter them in the county fair Lori Ries's delightful rhyming picture book accompanied by Nancy Cote's cheerful illustrations packs a lot of fun into a few select words and is perfect for reading aloud

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    Despite a great title and extremely cute illustrations this book is a bust because there is no story An easy reader there is only one sentence per two page spread and every other sentence is Mrs Fickle likes her pickles While repeating verses can be great fun to read aloud there is little rhyming or rhythm to the text The story line is so minor that it is a bore and without the illustrations there wouldn't be at all It is unfortunate that some authors underestimate children and create such boring works

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    The fun little details in the illustrations are amazing The story was simple and repetitive and the illustrations worked together with the words to tell the story

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    Mrs Fickle has 2 brown dachshunds Perhaps this is my future?

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    A story told in rhyme of how Mrs Fickle starts her pickles from seedling to transplanting in the garden to watering weeding and all the way to the county fair and winning a blue ribbon