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I found an ARC of this book at a yard sale and thought it sounded intriguing, butI did not enjoy this book And I don t really know why But I never got into it and I had to force myself to finish it Because I m stubborn like that. After A Long, Slow Climb Out Of The Strip Clubs Of Europe, Jurgen And Rudolfo Have Hit The Big Time In Las Vegas, Headlining A Magic Act As Slick As Their Own Buffed And Usually Half Naked Bodies Rudolfo Is Content Orchestrating The Spectacle And Attempting To Twin His Soul With Jurgen S But Jurgen Hungers For And Finds It In A Mysterious Collection Of Magician S Paraphernalia That Once Belonged To Harry Houdini With The Knowledge He Finds There, And His Own Faith In The Unknown, Jurgen Becomes The Miracle Worker Of The Las Vegas Strip Darkly Comic, Deeply Sad, And Always Ironic Library Journal , The Spirit Cabinet Takes Dead Aim At The Place Within Us That Yearns For Miracles It Is Not A Book About Magicians And Their Pursuit Of Magic, Wrote Alan Beaton In The National Post It Is A Book About Human Beings, And Their Pursuit Of Faith You Turn off that Anthony Robbins tape.For at long last you will witness those Cingalese mysteriums in your own fitness studio, baby In the form of the much ballyhooed Jurgen Rudolfo Ooh, Boy. Just finished reading This book was amazing. Wasn t as thrilled about this book as some of his others It was interesting but hard to follow at times. Everyone has a strange life, because life is so strange. If you ve been reading my reviews over the past few years, then you may have picked up on the fact that I have a soft spot for stage magicians So of course when I saw this on the library shelf next to Whale Music, I knew I would have to read it, even though the characters, obviously modeled on Siegfried and Roy, are much modern than the Victorian magicians I tend to favor Ever since watching Arrested Development, I cannot think about modern magicians without getting The Final Countdown stuck in my head Anyway, I was not disappointed While sections were rather difficult to follow and I would have liked a bit explanation about some parts, I found it sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, but always engaging. Really great story about the world of Vegas magicians and magic in general Takes us from flim flammery across to the other side of real magic and a yearning for something Main characters are thinly veiled knock offs of Siegfried and Roy with a hilarious background story Story is told on three different narrative threads featuring the same characters in the past present and future which is a great device for drawing out suspense One of my new Quarrington favourites.