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The Winds of Winter is the forthcoming sixth novel in the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR MartinThe previous installment A Dance with Dragons covered less story than Martin intended omitting at least one planned large battle seuence and leaving several character threads ending in cliffhangers Martin intends to resolve these cliffhangers very early in The Winds of Winter saying I'm going to open with the two big battles that I was building up to the battle in the ice and the battle at Meereen—the battle of Slaver's Bay And then take it from there

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    i have no real information about what is going to happen in this book but i think it's gonna go a little something like this BOOM

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    If GRRM dies before finishing the seriesi will perform blood magic and bring him back by sacrificing the life of justin bieber andr other disgusting person

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    How long it feels waiting for this book

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    the year is 2199 George RR Martin has preserved his brain in a freezer and uploaded his consciousness in order to avoid death and continue procrastinating writing this bookmy great great grandchild raises me from the grave so I can read this book and my ghost thoroughly enjoys it

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    okay just three little favors George RR Martin pretty please1 enough with WORDS ARE WIND seriously enough with that phrase enough already enough2 get Daenerys the fuck out of Meereen like permanently and while you're at it it would be great if Daario was out of Daenerys too she's really too good for that cirue du soleil pirate clown3 so apparently the world as we know it is supposed to end on December 21st this year at least according to some minor citation in the Mayan calendar personally i predict a zombie apocalypse due to the radiation off a stray comet swinging too close to our earth now don't you want folks to read The Winds of Winter before they have to start dealing with all the stressors that will naturally come with a zombie apocalypse? mid or even post zombie apocalypse your readers may not be able to give the novel the undivided attention it deserves distribution may also be a challenge all i'm asking is that you seriously consider these factors while working out your publication timetable thank youSPECIAL APOCALYPTIC UPDATEthis is mark monday reporting live from the Mayan Apocalypse zombies cannibals christmas shoppers everywhere i'm not sure if i'll last through the nightjust in case i don't make it i feel it is my civic duty to share the secrets i've learned while enjoying a private all you can eat steak lobster buffet luncheon with GRRM he has it all mapped out so in case apocalyptic events disallow the publication of this and future volumes here's what he has in store for the remainder of A Song of Ice and Fire spoilers follow Dany decides to give up her hollow ambitions to conuer Westeros so she can settle down and make lots of babies with Daario in a small village just outside of Asshai by the Shadow turns out she's a great mom and that no children prophecy was some bullshit Sansa kills Littlefinger Cersei kills Jaime Brienne accidentally kills Sansa whoops Brienne kills herself Arya kills Cersei Varys revives Oberyn who kills Gregor Clegane again oh those two Sam accidentally kills Varys cause he's such a butterfingers Arya kills Sam cause all she wants to do is kill kill kill and Sam is just standing there looking like a victim Aegon kills Arya wait who's Aegon?? anyway Aegon kills Arya and then moves to Dorne where he marries all of the Sand Snakes Jon Snow returns from the dead as Lord Stoneballs he and his eually undead mother Lady Stoneheart who turns out to be his real mother surprise he's legitimate form an unholy alliance to kill as many living beings as they can they proceed to do that and then they kill each other the Three Heads of the Dragon turn out to be Theon Patchface and Nymeria after much discussion they decide that they're totally over Westeros and fly off to have their own adventures in a place that is less anti jester anti wolf and anti Theon Tyrion and Melisandre meet cute and become the Lord Lady of the Others together they take back Westeros for the Others who they learn have been misunderstood for millenia and only want to return to their homeland except mean ole R'hllor always tries to stop them poor misunderstood Others anyway they win the end

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    update so apparently this is coming out in 2020 and uhhhhhhsure george sometimes I just come back to this page in the vain hope that a release date will have magically appeared ahahahahaha why do I do this to myself

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    Mariah Carey All I want for Christmaaaas is me at the top of my lungs THIS FUCKING BOOK TO COME OUT

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    I just finished A Dance with Dragons It is the hour of the wolf and I can't sleep The end of this book is absoultely amazing and leaves me with the absurd need of hugging you and slapping you at the same time George Really Ruthless MartinYou are my many faced God