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COOKING UP SOME LOVE Najika is a great cook and she likes to make meals for the people she loves But something is missing from her life When she was a child she met a boy who touched her heart – and now she’s determined to find him The only clue Najika has is a silver spoon that leads her to the prestigious Seika Academy   Attending Seika will be a challenge Every kid at the school has a special talent and the girls in Najika’s class think she doesn’t deserve to be there But Sora and Daichi two popular brothers who barely speak to each other recognize Najika’s cooking talent for what it is – magical Is either boy Najika’s mysterious prince?   This volume contains volumes 1 and 2 of Kitchen Princess   

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    Have you ever found yourself reading something and thinking that you know this is really uite excellent literature EXCEPT for the fact that it neglects the monumental problem that is the difficulty of cooking the perfect flan and the power of said perfect flan to brighten the day of the most dejected soul?? If so this is the book and series for you It acknowledges the critical importance of being able to whip up not only the perfect flan but also the perfect taramasalata strawberry shortcake and onion gratin soupWhat is the book actually about? Well picture something like Super Mario Brothers or The Legend of Zelda only with the visual look of Strawberry Shortcake meets Hello Kitty IF Strawberry Shortcake were revived in live action by the CW television network And instead of killing goony monsters at the end of each level you have to concoct the picture perfect rainbow jelly parfait to win over your schoolmate enemies and the hot vintage Jonathan Taylor Thomas haired twin brothers with whom you have developed an intensely confusing lovehate relationship that makes your facial features explode in ALL the emojisNow I know that probably not too many other readers born in the 70s or in preceding or following decades will be interested in a comic that recounts the story of a plucky adolescent girl who overcomes obstacles including supermodel boarding school mean girls orphanhood and confusing romantic crushes on Bieberesue brothers using only her stick to it iveness and culinary arts skills So I'll try to make this review useful to a broader audience My enjoyment of this book is a testimony to not only reading harder but also simply Reading Differently While this certainly wasn't a taxing read in the traditional sense I still feel like I gathered information about Japanese culture through this relatively lighthearted series widely enjoyed by tween girls When I travel to other countries I often feel like I learn so much about everyday life by shopping at the most workaday groceries bodegas markets and kiosks I can find and reading this manga was educational in a similar wayThis was also a great intro to manga by way of my love of cooking one of my longtime and most beloved hobbies Many many years ago I had a cookbook that contained an extensive listof notable food centered movies I tracked these down and rented them and together these served as my introduction to foreign and art film Manga represent perhaps an even foreboding and impenetrable world than erudite film and cooking nonetheless offered an excellent point of entry This series would also make a fine unexpected unconventional entry to any list of books about food If you need to read some manga for a reading challenge or something and you're feeling freaked out about it then this series could be a good one It legitimately conveys some of the visual language and tropes of manga while remaining very sweet and nonthreatening So go snuggle up with some chocolate macaroons and enjoy

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    Wow this really surprised me Thought that it would be just a cute romance manga based on the cover but it tackled some really dark topics like bullying and eating disorders I loved how uirky the main character was and how charming the male characters were I would have given it five stars but the bullying did make me slightly uncomfortable

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    THIS IS A REVIEW OF THE WHOLE SERIES OK I hardly ever get to do this any but I wanted to get my all and all out about this manga If you wanna discuss PLEASE DO I love this manga first off and I'd reread it probably even if it wasn't too old Esp the first few volumes because there are lots of sidenotes about the art and what the writer likes to eat and cook I didn't pay too much attention to the specials either But I'm so glad I read vol 10's special It was so good and I'm glad for AkaneNow to summarize if you haven't read this basically it's like my own story Beautiful Sun in that there is someone who is out there the Flan Prince to help save the orphan girl who has no one And when she starts school everyone hates her and thinks she isn't good enough to be there It's so darling bc as soon as she gets to school there is a boy in the mix He is nice looking but the biggest jerk Then soon after meeting him there is another boy eually nice looking but obviously the guy who is going to help her and watch over herIF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ ANY SPOILERS STOP HERE hahaLater you find out boy #2 is brothers with boy #1 #1 being Daichi don't you love that name? and #2 is Sora Or as Najika the girl in distress calls him Sora Senpai Which just means that he is someone in a higher rank than her Sora Senpai is stand in principalpresident of the whole school which is almost college sized as high schools seem to be in Japan Why you wonder? Because as you find out Sora and Daichi's FATHER is the one over the school Crazy huh? Well I kinda thought that after I saw that Sora Senpai was leading things But that was the real surprise So immediately you are thinking Sora Senpai is the Flan Prince but not so fast Before the end of the series you are thinking at least 3 guys could be it Well to make a long summary short Sora Senpai says he is but later we find he isn't To top things off and make it worse Sora Senpai weep OH NO weep dies Not immediately but I think in vol 5 which is halfway thru tradegically enough by a car as he is trying to help Najika and right before he is supposed to tell her something I'm assuming that he really does like her but he's not the Flan Prince I hate it so much bc even tho he's a liar for Daichi's sake I'll explain he seemed perf for Najika Well that ends up ok bc if that had worked out I would've been VERY VERY salty about well haha I'll tell you in a momentSo after he dies then you are left wondering who is the Flan Prince Daichi steps up and stops being such a slug meaning lazy and who cares ish about life bc of Najika but also since Sora is gone He looks geeky with glasses but some how attractive still I REALLY like Daichi not when he was being a butt but probably by the 2nd volume I liked him even tho he still was being a butt a bit of the time He called Najika a monkey for a while and I really think he didn't like her y'know like that for a couple of volumes It's so cool tho cuz while Sora Senpai was alive Najika got to hang with the MOST popular and probably hottest guys at the school Oddly I don't remember seeing any other guys at the school haha Daichi the cool one Sora Senpai the mature one Najika herself was a very cool character until she died HAHA I'm just joking Najika chan doesn't die But there was a lot of deathtragedy in this manga Maybe that card was used too much but I enjoyed it Najika is so sweet but come on food is not a super power that solves all things Yet I liked the virtues that they had in the manga through Najika and cooking I REALLY like cooking so that's apart of what makes this manga worth itNow Akane is another chr and she is very sweet in the end She's a BUTT wipe in the beginning But she softens a bit when Najika basically saves her from anorexia See Akane is a model aspiring super model and she's so cute I loved looking at the different hairstyles and outfits she had She's a very nicely drawn character and I'm glad Would suck if she wass sorta ugly being a model in the story I could look at pics of Akane for hours I'm sure But I felt bad for her when it came to Daichi her childhood love that loved Najika But the best part is Akane gets over herself and Daichi She faces Daichi just like I did a boy in high school and after the reject she was fine just like I was in high school I'm so serious This makes me love Akane Her and Najika become best friends I know a lil much and no drama but that's ok bc by that time you get so caught up in Sora's death and angst from the Director aka the boys' father that you are happy to see someone being nice to Najika In the end Akane does get a boyfriend but you have to read volume 10's specialSo back to Daichi it is pretty obvious that Daichi loves Najika but it takes him a while to tell her In the meantime he is being his father's slave kinda like how Sora did but Sora did it cuz he loved his dad and didn't think his dad was evil so that Najika could stay at the Academy THis is not know by Najika She is so innocent in a way but then with Akane and other times she's very bold and knowledgable But somehow she's unaware of what Daichi's going throughSuddenly another guy that looks JUST LIKE Sora shows up Now why did the artist think this was a good idea i don't know But I HATE that Seiya looks just like Sora Sora Senpai is sweet kind nice gentle S eiya is mean prideful spiteful self centered But I guess it does go well with the whole Sora is dead Najika thinking he's Sora I loved how everyone was astonished at this guy But it was a bit too much in my mind how he went from hating Najika to following her around to being head over heels in love with her Come on Too muchBut then done done done the biggest reveal of the whole book which leads to the reveal of the true Flan Prince I thought it was one of those drop off plotlines the death of the brother's mother the Director's wife It started out and the tension with Daichi and Sora senpai But by the time Sora died there was no word I mean nothing on the topic for at least 2 or 3 volumes And for this to only be 10 volumes long that's like a 3rd of the series But finally we find out that OK this will completely ruin the WHOLE series for you so skip to the last paragraph or just stop either way SPOILERSPOILER SPOILERSPOILER SPOILERSPOILER SPOILERSPOILER SPOILERSPOILER SPOILERSPOILER SPOILERSPOILER SPOILERSPOILER SPOILERSPOILER SPOILERSPOILER SPOILERSPOILER we find out that it is Daichi who has essentially killed his own mother But complete child like stupidity of course and he didn't actually kill her but caused her death bc she was trying to save her baby Sora knew it and as the older brother convinced dad to never tell Daichi til he was old enough to emotionally handle it Well that wasn't ever gonna be a time And it sure wasn't now but the Director didn't tell Daichi he just remembered it suddenly And it happened in Hakkido or wherever that place is that Najika comes from lol which means Daichi WAS there and he did meet Najika Guess what? Yep that means Daichi the cool one turned mature but still cool is the Flan Prince Lovely isn't it? DI loved the pairings in this mangaSora senpaixNajika is the best I mean the way Senpai comes on the scene is definitely Knight in shining armor And because Sora although over worked was a type A personality I REALLY liked him I'm a type A too I read somewhere before I read the manga than one person saying how they hated Sora senpai ;; WHY? That's just wrong Sora didn't really do anything except one lie which is no reason at all to hate him I think they were either mixed up with Seiya since they look alike or they were just silly little girlsDaichixAkane was never meant to be it was just stupid lol so I was glad that didn't go anywhere But Akane doing much better afterwards was perfect The only reason this would've been good is bc they both were hotties they both had black hair and they were childhood friends And who doesn't want to marry their childhood crush?NajikaxSeiya was STUPID ER Seiya at the point he was when he was looking for a relationship wher would've been of a bully type bf than anything and I'd hate to see Najika dominated like that I'd hate to even think of her being abused verbally or something by that initial Seiya mindset It would've been also sad to think of Najika just going along with Seiya simply on rebound and bc he looked like Sora which seemed to be starting to happen after they had the cheesecake date However as Seiya eased up and learned to love cooking again Akane was able to turn his mindset to be Sora like and yet still self centered and prideful and bull headed In this way I could see the beautiful ending of SeiyaxAkane I mean it really was a good match up Altho if Akane ended up alone it would've been just fine in my mind She was independent and ready to conuer the worldBut the beloved NajikaxDaichi just had to happen If it didn't I would hate this manga I truly think this would've been the straw to break the camels back although the rest of the series was great I mean Daichi LOVED Najika and after being stupid a few times he really showed himself true to her various times He was there even when Senpai seemed to disconnect a bit Daichi really was heartfelt he was her FRIEND not just love interest and that's why it was perfectThere were lots of good tid bits throughout I loved the recipes and the issue where Fujita dressed normally was droll GOOD yes yes yes like it I enjoyed his character fun funny and only once or twice did I think he was a complete good for nothing haha I loved how his character developed I think all the characters grew except Seiya he was there long enough to grow it was of a jump Same with the Director however the director's chr changed to us readers yet if you think about it it didn't jump we just didn't know all the details of why he was acting the way he didAs a side note bc I like name meanings Najika means rainbow Daichi means earth and Sora is sky y'know Soar kinda interesting since Najika starts out meeting Daichi goes up and away from him to Sora but ends up back with Daichi that she started with Also that Sora dies and he is supposedly everyone goes to heaven which they don't in the skies and untouchableI really loved this manga and hope it becomes an anime The best thing tho is that my hubby acts like Daichi did in those first I don't know 7 or 8 volumes lol I really like Daichi So generally he is like Daichi in many fumbling unsure duh ways lol ok so maybe that's not the Best thing but it's nice bc then I don't daydream about some drawn character cuz I have the real thing However this manga was so good and only 3x's did it mention God and it was in a realistic not blasphemous way I know that never happens

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    I should preface this review by saying that I've already read the first four volumes of Kitchen Princess in the past before these omnibus editions were released so for me this is also a refresher read This is a series that is among my recommendations for readers who are just starting to get into manga as a story that can be very light hearted and uplifting but juggle harder hitting topics and still be very classically manga all at once Kitchen Princess is about an orphaned girl named Najika whose parents were famous chefs Her parents died when she was young and after their loss she was shown kindness by a boy who shared a flan with her before having to run off leaving her with a silver spoon that bore the emblem of a famous academy Najika grows up and applies to enter Seika Academy in hopes of meeting her flan prince and repaying his kindness and she is accepted on recommendation by the director into a special class with students who have varying impressive talentsWhen the story kicks off we get a sense even before it is revealed that Najika has a highly unusual gift for cooking and for taste and that her humility about her gift or lack of knowledge of that gift or both are genuine She meets two brothers the sons of the academy director who are as different as night and day but both take interest in her as well as a bullyrival in the form of young model Akane The story picks up gradually as Najika starts piecing together clues that one of the two brothers might be her flan prince and as we see Akane struggling with developing an eating disorder as well which starts to derail her aggression towards Najika by the end of the volumeThe first time I was going through these volumes I remember getting the sense that not only does Najika feel very genuinely like a country girl having to adapt to a new and stressful environment being forced to overcome odds due to the dislike she receives from some classmates but her kindness to Akane is something to be admired Additionally Akane's struggles really hit home for me back in the day and still do with her eating disorder but I think that's to the credit of the creators of the series; her eating disorder is handled in a very believable and respectful way and I really love thatNow that this review has dissolved into mindless rambling I'm here to give you the final word that I love Kitchen Princess I absolutely am planning to continue collecting the omnibus editions so I can finish reading the series as a whole and I highly recommend it to everyone

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    45 stars Beautiful art Seriously I really loved it Cute story and characters I love all of the focus on cooking I only wish the food was in color although that would probably make me hungrier The characters are all pretty interesting and endearing I hope Najika and Akane become friends I feel bad for Akane The boys are intriguing I want to know about everyone Overall a solid story view spoilerI was surprised it approached the topic of easting disorders and that Akane had one She's a model so it was actually a relevant if serious topic to bring up Interesting if unexpected choice hide spoiler

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    This is an adorable manga series Sometimes you just need something super sweet and this fit the bill Loved it

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    This was a super cute read I can't wait to read of this series and I am very happy there are books in this series

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    Rating 55Categorization School Drama Coming of Age CookingLength Vol 1 Vol 2 400 pages totalPlans to Continue the Series ABSOLUTELYWhat this manga has to offer youSpunky upbeat female protagonistCookingPastriesCute boys who happen to be brothersA search for a person from the pastMean girl classmatesThe seriousness of eating disordersThe importance of familySillynessFunniness If you are looking for an adorable manga about an upbeat optimistic and considerate main character then Kitchen Princess is absolutely the read for youFor my full review head over to the blog at

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    Contains the first two volumes of Kitchen Princess and it is already so cute I love the romantic conflict between the heroine and the two boys brothers Can’t get delicious than that It is so fun and refreshing to see a female character who is actually a good cook I feel like I’ve been seeing a big trope recently where female protagonists are just clumsy ditzy girls who are also horrible cooks Najika is well rounded and I really am enjoying watching her confidence in herself grow minor spoilers belowHATE HATE HATE AKANE Side character female dog that I legitimately cannot take any of Why is it that no one ever calls someone out for being a complete monster bully in manga? Is it like a cultural difference to just gasp and say someone’s name in a disapproving way when they slap someone across the face? Uhm I’m sorry no They should get a clap back real fast Made respect lost for everyone with how they handled that situation and all her other bs antics I need less of her or she needs a big character shift otherwise I won’t be able to keep reading this series It’s incorporating her too much

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    I was shocked at how fast I devoured this one It doesn’t seem like anything new but this volume has good writing and a fun theme I’m inclined to like any manga that involves food prep or cooking and this one delivers the addition of recipes at the end of each volume is a cute touchNajika comes to a prestigious academy to find her prince who helped her out when she was young She’s plucky and strong and can bake like a champion Also she has two potential love interests though I think that outcome is pretty obvious which is fine it’s a solid pairing if I’m rightIn between all the baking she deals with some harsh bullying and then it gets really serious at the end as the book tackles eating disorders That was uite the pivot and I don’t know that it was expertly handled but I appreciated the attempt to add some gravitas to the usual story beatsThe art has a very Arina Tanemura style that is perfect for the tone and I uite liked it Overall a very fun book and a new series on my list to catch up with