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Reclaiming The Dead Traces The Origin Of Vampires In An Interpretation Of Events That Is By Far The Most Reasoned And Thus, Disturbing Version Around Brotherton S Writing Far Exceeds That Of Standard Vampire Fare Kirkus ReviewsIn The Small Town Of Keating, Iowa, The Surname Daniels Is Synonymous With Insanity Recently Dumped By His Girlfriend And Fired From His Job, Merton Daniels Has Been Reduced To Crashing On A Friend S Couch And Visiting A Blood Center To Exchange His Plasma For Cash Awakened From An Unintentional Drunken Stupor By A Voice In His Head Calling His Name, Merton Finds A Mysterious Card Tucked Under His Arm A Subsequent Meeting With A Beleaguered Bureaucrat Sets Merton, Along With His Chattering Roommate, Coaler, On An Unsupervised Apprenticeship In The Finer Points Of Reclaiming The Dead Slaying VampiresWhile Merton Combats Delusions And An Inner Voice That Hounds Him With A Relentlessness That Exceeds Even That Of His Undead Adversaries, The Novel Tracks A Thought Provoking Mythology Of The Undead In Judas Iscariot, A Shape Shifting And Blood Thirsty Creature Who Was Reborn When The Boundary Between Life And Death Was Still ConvulsingResonant With Existential Echoes Of Sartre And Salinger, And A Singular Sense Of Humor That Recalls Vonnegut And Palahniuk, Reclaiming The Dead Is An Infectious And Inventive Tale That Stands The Vampire Fantasy Genre On Its Ear With A Literate And Sophisticated Story Of Modern Life And Redemption Anyone Who Fights With Monsters Should Take Care That He Does Not In The Process Become A Monster And If You Gaze For Long Into An Abyss, The Abyss Gazes Also Into You Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Reclaiming the Dead traces the origin of vampires in an interpretation of events that is by far the most reasoned and thus, disturbing version around Brotherton s writing far exceeds that of standard vampire fare Kirkus Reviews

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    The first part of this story shines In fact, I envisioned a movie with Kevin James playing Coaler and a younger George Clooney playing Merton, and a cameo role by Steve Buscemi The vampire could be Christopher Walken That would be killer pun intended The movie would be a classic Coen Brothers film, sort of dark and funny with deep and meaningful themes that are approached in artful and surprising ways.I was taken aback by the middle section Not the person that embodies the vampire, but the bizarre power he wields It was a different pace from the beginning section, but deepened the themes of redemption and the feeling of being irredeemable The graphic nature of this section was a fitting change of pace, but was maybe carried a bit too far The only other feature that was a little disconcerting was the occasional switching of POV in certain scenes.The final section brings the story full circle, and the ending makes you believe that all along, the redemption, the journey, the feeling being lost, the entire sense of being in a fugue, was all brought to the conclusion of a love story The story begins with a break up where the protagonist finds that his blood is being sucked from him both figuratively and literally The story ends with a redemptive conclusion that rejoices over a sacrifice made with wood and is finalized when the protagonist once again finds love food and women.Where the novel was a success in its quirky take on vampire lore and was certainly funny and poignant in large parts, it was not without weak spots The sheer number of dead and undead lurking about without alarm an entire hospital wiped out at one point was than a little disconcerting The issue with the POV switching was minor, and admittedly one of my personal peeves Overall, it was an easy, fun read I enjoyed it very much I would definitely read another by Mr Brotherton.

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    This book surprised me in so many ways I really expected it to be much the usual vampire fare, but instead I got to read a wonderfully written, unique book, with, yes, vampires.The main character, Merton, is what really pulls this book together I loved the transition his character goes through, the depth in change, of every sort, that he struggles with It is wonderful to see characters that really progress, that end the book different than when they started it That s what makes a character stand out Coaler, his side kick , was hilarious and a nice foil to our protagonist What I liked the most, however, was the book s middle section This is where the author really shows his colors, with beautiful, moving prose that rings of truth I found myself wide eyed, waiting to see what would come next throughout this whole section The pacing was really well done.The whole book was very entertaining to read As this is an indie book, it makes you wonder why these kind of stories don t make it into the world at large when so many other, less well written, less intelligent ones do I can highly recommend it, and I ll definitely be looking for this author s next book.

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    What an original work Do not pick up this book if you re looking for popculture romance recently associated with creatures that used to be considered, you know, actually scary Instead, if you re ready for some hatchet related gore, sarcastically twisted realities, stark details that leave nothing back I agree with the review on the back that this style of blatant writing reminds me of Palahniuk , and the most original vampire origin story I have thus heard told in, if I may say, graphic detail then please do read this book Plus, you ll be supporting Pacific Northwest authors, which is one of the reasons I purchased this work to begin with And I was not disappointed Also, as a side note warning, I ve got a pretty iron stomach when it comes to intestines and throwing around carcasses yes, in real life , but a few times during this book even I was squeaming just a bit nicely done.

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    First ReadsI won a copy of this book in a Goodreads GiveawayI enjoyed this book for the most part The author, Brotherton, is a clever writer and very talented The story didn t seemed forced, and the pace was nice and swift The whole time I was reading it, I kept thinking how much my brother would enjoy the book For that matter, most young adult males would probably enjoy the read.The beginning had me laughing out loud at parts I thought the banter between the two guys was hilarious.For those interested in reading, go ahead and give it a shot Brotherton certainly gives the vampire phenomenon a different twistno sparkly vamps here He dives into the origin of vampires, too This is a different take all together Although I thought the concept was a bit of a stretch, the book was very entertaining and well thought out As long as you expect the unexpected and like blood gore to go with the paranormalthis is your book.Happy Reading

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    It was a free book, I won it throug the Goodreads Giveaway Definitely an enjoyable read It does take some guts to create your own vampire mythology when vampires have been a center of interest for so longespecialy when they ve been in vogue for a few years And it does take talent to carry it off Well done, very well done It definitely stands appart from all the urban fantasy that have been sprouting everywhere Some of which I have enjoyed, by the way In a short novel, not even 200 pages, the author displays a wide range of talent if not the full range, because I do expect in the years to come You can find almost two different vampire novels in this one, and they are tightly and flawlessly tied together in a third part that definitely doesn t let the reader down In the first part, I couldn t help but be reminded of Polanski s The fearless vampire killers or pardon me but your teeth are in my neck also know as dance of the vampires The full movie version, mind you, not the short american version that left so much out Not the story, but the atmosphere, the seemly inadequacy of the main character, the humor that is dark and light at the same time, expertly handled, the cartonish moments and the profound analysis that a reader might or might not choose to ignore The second part a completely different style of writing, a distant narrator, an observer than a commenter a classical approach to an unusual and new mythology for an established creature More in Stoker s style, a classical approach because addressing the origing of a myth.The third part surpassed my expectations in tying it all together It s obvious a lot of work and a lot of rewritting has gone on here if not, I m so thouroughly jealous for all the writers who slave over every sentences they lay I loved it I felt like going through a full analysis because, yes, there is enough contents even though it s less than two hundred pages The vampire as the darker side of the human nature, close enough to be recognize as human yet far enough to be distinct, the religious aspect, the mentionned and the suggested part of it, the don Quichotte syndrome of the fear of it since our duo could fit a profile here or an anti profile if you prefer Well, I ve restrained myself because I don t want to ruin it for other readers but I DO want to entice them to read it It s a short, humorful and thoughtful read, one that explores the vampiric side of the human creature not as a stylish mode but as of something that is perhaps a little deeper Something that in want of a purpose, something in want of beliefs, not necesarily religious but perhaps a direct descendant of There s a lot in there, some said, some unsaid and plenty of room for interpretations And that, in my mind, is a good thing, an awfully good thing for I, for one, don t necesarily want to have everything spelled out for me

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    Reclaiming the Dead is definately not your usual sugar coated vampire book that seem to be so popular now It was laugh out loud funny in some parts,dark and scary in others and honestly quite sad throughout.The book has two main characters Merton, who has been selected to kill the vampires He has no idea why and an unnamed, evil creature, that I couldn t help feeling for as I read his story I enjoyed this quite dark story and look forward to reading by James Patrick Brotherton.I recieved Reclaiming the Dead through a Goodreads give away and will recommend it to friends looking for a good book to keep them on the edge of their seat.

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    I received this book in a giveaway I was very glad I won it because it was a great read This book is about a guy who is at a low point in his life he lost his job and his girlfriend dumped him He just thinks life isnt going to get better, but then his life takes a sudden turn He is selected to be a vampire hunter Slowly his life gets better but its still normal He has to get over some issues and it isnt easy for him.I loved this book It isnt your typical vampire book, and thats a good thing I liked this book because it was unlike anything I have ever read The author did a great job of writing a novel that is unique and interesting to read I would recommend it.

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    This book was awesome I really loved it and so will anyone who picks it up It has great humor and wonderfully written gore scenes were Merton is killing the vampires It s wonderfull the way the author uses the story of Judas being the first vampire as his basis for how the vampire kind came to be The whole story is very rich with all the elements the author put into it and all of the characters are very likable, even the vampire because of the great suffering that he endures and only whishes would end Overall, the entire book was awesome and is without a doubt sure to become a favorite to anyone who reads it I won this book through Goodreads First Reads.

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    The weirdest book I have ever read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it I won this book on Goodreads First Reads.