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THE PRINCE REVEALED?   Najika came to Seika Academy to find the boy who saved her life She thinks her “prince” might be either Sora or Daichi – the super cute brothers who are the most popular boys at school That is until one of the brothers warns Najika that her mysterious prince may not be all he seems Will this revelation put an end to Najika’s lifelong uest?   This omnibus contains volumes 3 and 4 of Kitchen Princes and special extras after the story

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    Kitchen Princess Omnibus Vol 2In volume 2 we get delicious recipes and hijinks of the group as they grow and learn to be part of each other's lives Najika fights against Akane's back stabbing to try and fit in at Seika Academy She had thought that Akane was her friend but soon finds out its a lie Will she be able to find her Flan Prince?

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    I was soo happy when I found this in paperback rather than just reading it online One of the best manga ever and I will re read it forever

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    This series is nothing new or original but my enjoyment level is sky high with it It makes my heart so happy I can't wait to keep going

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    Oooh So much happened in this omnibus I'm so happy I read it And a bit hungry now haha As in the first one the drawing is still really good and the story is cute view spoilerI like that Akane and Najika are friends now and that Najika is entering a cooking competition I can’t believe Dachai acted on his feelings and kissed Najika Eeek hide spoiler

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    There’s something to be said for a basic shojo story that hits all the predicted beats but does them very well and has its heart in the right placeThis is almost the perfect ideal of what you expect from this sort of book so it doesn’t necessarily do anything novel or exciting but it’s executing what it’s trying to do just right

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    Standard shoujo fare but enjoyable nonetheless I love the recipes I want to try to make 'em all It's a nice sweet palate cleanser from some of the heavier darker stuff I've been readingNajika puts a lot of thought into her recipes especially if they're being made for someone else I think she's a little too saintly although she DID get some small measure of payback on Akane but maybe I'm just too jaded to think that there's really a high school girl that's so pure and sweet

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    this book was AMAZING

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    THANK YOU LORD I needed some resolution on a few things and they happened for me in this collection of volumes 3 and 4 My heart legit swooned at the end of volume 4 WILL DEVOUR THE NEXT WITH ALL SPEED POSSIBLE There was also a very sweet shirt at the end of this omnibus that lifted my heart so much Totally a melt worthy addition to the Kitchen Princess universe minor spoilers belowAkane finally stopped being such a she hag BUT NOT BEFORE I GOT THE CLAP BACK FROM NAJIKI I’m telling you girl just needed to get a verbal slap to get back on track

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    Once again it’s cute the shenanigans have me curious Enjoyed seeing one character shake up expectations one get their comeuppance Didn’t care for the ghost story as it felt like filler took me out of the storyAlso this might be a cultural thing but I found it strange that the author puts down her work herself in the side notes

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    I love this manga soooo much Even though it's written towards a younger audience the story is so sweet that I can't help but love it