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Emmy Was A Good Girl At Least She Tried Very Hard To Be Good She Did Her Homework Without Being Told She Ate All Her Vegetables, Even The Slimy Ones And She Never Talked Back To Her Nanny, Miss Barmy, Although It Was Almost Impossible To Keep Quiet, Some DaysShe Really Was A Little Too Good Which Is Why She Liked To Sit By The Rat The Rat Was Not Good At AllHilarious, Inventive, And Irresistably Rodent Friendly, Emmy And The Incredible Shrinking Rat Is A Fantastic First Novel From Acclaimed Picture Book Author Lynne Jonell

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    Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat is funny, inventive and vividly creative, with lovable characters even the rat and beautiful front cover artwork.

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    I first picked this book up when I was browsing at the library because I loved the cover design I loved the simplicity of Jonathan Bean s illustration and the combination of sweet Emmy and the ill hud rat in the tree above her The thoughtfulness of design continues inside with illustrations that together make a flip book along the outer edges of the pages This book had me hooked visually right from the start.Story wise I really loved Emily and the Incredible Shrinking Rat It was sweet and funny and cheeky and had a wonderful plot I also found it to be refreshingly innocent it didn t have a lot of the flash that many books for young kids today seem to have due of course, to their non existent attention spans.My daughter is about to turn five, and I think that she s only very slightly too young for this but I ll definitely be reading it to her in about a year I wouldn t be surprised if this became one of her favorite books It s already one of mine I hate it when books make this assumption about kids that everything has to be bright and shiny and super fast paced in order to keep their attention EATISR was anything but those things, and was still completely engaging.Did I mention that I loved it Because I did.

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    Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat, by Lynne Jonell, is extremely well written, with bathroom humor, pathos, and believable and sympathetic characters of both the human and rodent kind Emmy is a very rich, very lonely little girl Her parents are constantly going off on long trips and leaving her with a horrible nanny, Miss Barmy Worse, she recently changed schools and no one in her class acts like she exists When Emmy starts hearing the class pet rat talking to her, a whole exciting and fantastical series of events unfold The rat has special powers in fact, he is one of many rodents with special powers, most of them living in a shop in town where the evil Professor Vole does experiments with them Soon Emmy begins to learn the powers of the other rodents and she realizes that Miss Barmy is using the rodents to control her, her parents, and even her classmates Miss Barmy is after Emmy s family s fortune and she will stop at nothing to get it Emmy, the rat, and Emmy s new friend Joe join forces to stop Miss Barmy s evil plan Using the resourcefulness of the other rodents, some ingenious catapults, and a lot of sneaking around, they wage war against Miss Barmy with hilarious and satisfying results This book has everything a good children s novel should abandoned children, talking animals, a truly evil villian, and a little bit of magic Hooray I mustn t forget to mention the terrific illustrations by Jonathan Bean on each page of the novel As the reader creeps through the story, a rat creeps across a tree branch and then falls, very slowly, into outstretched hands It is a flipbook and a beautifully done one, too.

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    It s easy to become jaded Read enough children s fiction and it all begins to swim and swirl about in your head Was that the middle grade novel about a girl who likes a boy with twinkling blue eyes or deep brown ones you just read Did that historical fiction work involve a plucky boy working in a coalmine or a plucky girl in a mill And fantasy Don t get me started If the villains don t burst onto the scene in the first chapter it s the exception rather than the rule I gotta say though that when it comes to rodents with magical powers, there are few titles to turn to Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh was strictly scientific that is, if you can forget the movie I, Freddy is along the lines of The Mouse and the Motorcycle than anything else No, mice and magic don t intersect all that often One can t help but think that if they did the result would be wuh eird Wuh eird, as it happens, is not a bad word to describe author Lynne Jonell s startling middle grade debut At this point in my review s introductory paragraph I usually like to compare the book in my hands to titles you might be familiar with Something along the lines of, It s like James and the Giant Peach meets The Perils of Peppermints But when it comes to Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat, there s not much you can compare the book to It s one of a kind, and how kids take that originality will be interesting to note, indeed.Poor Emmy Nobody notices her Not her parents who are constantly jet setting around to globe Not her schoolmates or her teacher, who all seem incapable of remembering her name No, it s just Emmy, her somewhat frightening nanny Miss Barmy, and the school rat The Rat not only pays attention to Emmy but talks to her sometimes too Granted it tends to tell Emmy to try being bad once in a while, but the girl knows that it has a good heart beneath its prickly demeanor Soon, however, Emmy finds that the Rat is not all that it seems to be Talking is just the least of its abilities, and as the girl discovers about her nanny and the woman s sinister plot involving Emmy, her parents, and a host of exotic rodents, so too does she establish a core group of friends who will aid her through thick and thin.There is something distinctly Dahl like hidden in the crevices of this book Much of the plot relies on old Roald Dahl standbys, like malicious caretakers, controlled magic, and children who are far cleverer than the adults that surround them And if I m not too much mistaken, I think that there s even a tip of the hat to Ramona Quimby in this book Where else, after all, have you ever heard the National Anthem sung with the words, daaawnzer lee liiight Still, sometimes the book felt less than entirely consistent You re never quite sure exactly how small Joe and Emmy become when they re shrunk Joe is able to wear G.I Joe clothing sometimes, but at other moments he s supposedly large enough to play soccer with some chipmunks Then again, we re told that We re only a few inches high, you know Four feet, to us, is going to seem like being on top of a six story building Inconsistencies like this made it hard to visualize the action.There are also some convenient plot devices that raised an eyebrow but weren t really distracting Apparently when you shrink, your clothes shrink along with you as opposed to in The Dark Ground Also, Jonell requires that you remember some pretty minor characters from the beginning of the book all the way to the end, which I thought was a bit odd I liked the internal logic going on here, though I liked the peculiar world Jonell had envisioned and how neatly everything slotted into it I can guarantee to you that if you ve a child who has read the oeuvre of Roald Dahl and wants a little something extra, Emmy is a good way to go Ideal for any child who has felt ignored or looked over at some point in their life Which is to say, most every child.

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    Funny and creative I ve seen some people comment that they think has an old fashioned feel and should have had a Victorian setting, but I don t think that the time frame really makes a difference.There isn t tons about cell phones or the Internet here this book could have been written as easily in 1958 as 2008, and as a result, this has a timeless feel to it and won t date quickly Nor do I think that kids will be quick to find a message in this about overscheduled kids or narcissistic parents They ll just have fun with Emmy, Joe, the Rat and the rest.

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    Mengapa banyak orang termasuk saya tetap mencintai dan memburu buku anak anak meskipun usia sudah tidak bisa dibilang muda Dalam beberapa hal, karena kemampuan buku buku tersebut untuk membawa saya mengunjungi dunia imajinasi yang tak berbatas Dengan kesederhanaan yang indah, dengan sudut pandang anak anak yang mungkin tak pernah terpikirkan oleh kita Itu sebabnya saya sangat salut dengan penulis buku anak anak yang bisa menyelami dunia mereka, bahkan setelah melewati ambang kedewasaan, ketika kepekaan rasa mulai terkontaminasi oleh hal hal duniawi.Sebelum melantur lebih jauh, dunia ajaib semacam itulah yang saya temukan di buku Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat dialihbahasakan menjadi Emmy dan Tikus Penciut yang Menakjubkan Emmy adalah gadis kecil yang kaya raya dan baik hati namun tidak bahagia, karena tidak ada yang peduli padanya Orangtuanya selalu bepergian sementara teman teman di sekolahnya seakan tidak pernah menyadari kehadirannya Dan semua itu berawal ketika keluarga kecil Emmy mendapat warisan melimpah, yang membuat mereka meninggalkan kehidupan lama yang sederhana sebagai pemilik toko buku kecil, dan menjalani kehidupan baru yang bergelimang uang Juga bertemu Miss Barmy, pengasuh Emmy yang cantik tapi kejam Siapa sangka, melalui pertemanannya dengan seekor tikus di sekolah, Emmy bisa membongkar kedok Mrs Barmy yang berniat jahat pada keluarganya, sekaligus berkenalan dengan hewan hewan pengerat dengan kemampuan luar biasa Hewan hewan cerdas yang bahkan bisa membangun kota mereka sendiri di bawah tanah Terus terang, saya sampai berdebar debar membaca buku bersampul imut ini Setiap kali Miss Barmy muncul, saya berseru seru dalam hati tentu saja supaya Emmy segera menyelamatkan diri Terbukti buku anak anak pun tak kalah menegangkannya dengan buku dewasa Seperti biasa, selalu ada pesan yang tersirat dalam setiap kisah di buku anak anak Di sini, penulis Lynne Jonell ingin menyampaikan bahwa hal hal duniawi seperti harta dan kekuasaan sesungguhnya tidak lebih berarti dibandingkan kehangatan cinta, pertemanan dan keluarga Seandainya semua anak yang membaca buku buku dengan pesan indah seperti ini terus membawa nilai nilai tersebut sampai mereka dewasa, alangkah hebat masa depan yang menanti mereka Semua itu yang membuat saya selalu terpikat pada buku anak anak, dan, kadang kadang, berharap tidak pernah beranjak dewasa agar bisa hidup di dunia ajaib selamanya

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    I thought this was quite original and an interesting read and I love the flipbook effect in the margins flip the pages and the pictures move It moves along at a good pace and has plenty of humor Well written and enjoyable.

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    Crazy Creative Delightful.This is a book I would never have picked up on my own I ve been reading The Read Aloud Family by Sarah MacKenzie and decided to try this from one of her reading lists I realized that I ve been reading too much to my daughter from the genre I m most attracted to and needed to expand our reading horizons We listened to this on audio through Hoopla on our trips in the car and my daughter absolutely loved it The story seemed so kooky and nonsensical at first to me, but the author brought it all together in a fun way, dealing with important themes in a truly creative and delightful way Anything that makes my reading resistant ten year old delight in story to the point of being upset when the story is finished is a winner for me.

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    This review was written by my 11 year old Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat by Lynne Jonell had memorable characters, a good mystery and many hysterical moments.Many of the characters had realistic personalities and quirks For example, Joe had a love for soccer but felt that he played too much of it I can relate with that from my love of gaming although I may overwhelm myself with too much of it What makes this a good mystery is that has many twists and turns When you feel like you got the answer it will pull a 180 on you, however the answer becomes reassuring This book ends like a Saturday morning cartoon with the antagonists chasing each other like Tom and Jerry.Overall this was an amazing book because of it s charming mystery, relatable characters and grade A humor I would recommend it to any viewers who would want to test their minds and have a laugh.