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Meet A Child Zombie In The Zombie Playground Or Discover A Lucrative Career During The Zombie Apocalypse In The Zombie Eaters Perhaps You Just Want To Escape San Francisco Being Destroyed By Monsters So Large They Can T See YouWhether You Like Werewolves,zombies Or The Unknown Creature,The Zombie Playground, A Creature Compilation ,is A Fun Collection Of Seven Short Stories You Ll Want To Add These To Your Own Creepy Library Not for children, but you do meet some Meet a child zombie in The Zombie Playground or discover a lucrative career during the zombie apocalypse in The Zombie Eaters Perhaps you just want to escape San Francisco being destroyed by monsters so large they can t see you.Or what to do when you are in Fresno and the Zombie horde comes a calling Whether you like werewolves,zombies or the unknown creature,The Zombie Playground, A Creature Compilation ,is a fun collection of 7 short stories you ll want to add to your own creepy library. 3.5 stars I have a slight obsession with anything and everything related to zombies I especially love The Walking Dead, and T.W Brown s Dead series Even though I don t really care for short stories most of the time, I decided to give The Zombie Playground by Astrid Yrigollen a try Every now and then, I will read a short story when I need a small break in between chapters of a longer book I m glad I picked up The Zombie Playground While I didn t enjoy all of the short stories, I did like the majority of them Astrid Yrigollen knows how to write short stories that captivate the reader, which is difficult to do with so little space to tell the story in All of the short stories flowed well Each one had a beginning, middle, and end, and made perfect sense I have to admit, I didn t enjoy a couple of the short stories as much as I hoped I would There were a few that were either boring, or confusing, and hard to get through There were also quite a few editing errors that drove me crazy, and kept me from being fully immersed in the story.While not all of the stories in The Zombie Playground, I did enjoy most of them Astrid Yrigollen is a very talented writer I plan on reading of her books, and short stories I recommend this zombie short story book for zombie fans that have a few minutes to spare at a time, and are looking for a good read It puts a new spin on the classic zombie stories. I will read all sorts of short story compilations , each story from a different author I love to read the different voices ,themes and styles.I love zombie stories, I love love stories So even though there was not much of description for this book I got the paper back and was glad I did.This compilation stands out to me since it was done by one author I really enjoyed how each story was told from a different perspective in a different setting My two favorites were The Zombie Eaters about a guy who is recently unemployed and When Zombies Sleep a love story of sorts that gave me anxiety.