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ROYALTY AND RIVALRYNajika's replacement as spokesperson for the cooking school arrives at Seika Academy and she is not too fond of him Seiya is stuck up and rude which would be easier to handle if he didn't look just like her past love Sora As their rivalry escalates a competition is held between them and Najika must win to save her old orphanage the Lavender House All the while Najika is working to unveil the mysterious truth about her Flan Princess and the Kitazawa brothers But when old memories resurface will Najika be ready for them?

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    Still loving this series despite some of the sad things that happen in this particular omnibus Not sure I am loving where it is headed but I know that I am here for the ride regardless

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    I loved how every volume in this 3 in 1 edition had a little reminder about the story so far I was a bit apprehensive about getting into the story since it has been a while since I've read the last volumeI was surprised at how easy it was to get into the story granted the story is not that complicatedThere was drama galore and a plot twist that caught me totally unprepared As a main female characters tend to be bipolar and either unbearably sweet and perky one moment and helpless and crybaby annoying the next Najika was not half badLove interests are starting to wander side characters are starting to get interesting and the recipes are starting to look intimidatingStill have to try some of the recipes out might catch up with a friend and make her help me with them I know you are reading this review so P

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    This was really good The first two volumes had the story take on a darker tone but it perked back up in volume 7 which I appreciated There were lots of twists and turns such as view spoilerSora dying Najika being used for publicity Seiya replacing Najika as the spokesperson for the school Seiya possibly being the flan prince Akane confessing her love to Daichi and getting turned down and did I mention Sora dying? hide spoiler

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    35 stars and I wrestled with whether to go up and down on this rating but in the end there are some issues with this instalment that I couldn’t ignore in favor of all the good stuffIt’s impossible to discuss this volume without addressing the elephant in the room Sora’s accident a glaring tonal shift that doesn’t uite have the impact that I think was the intention Sora might disagree sorry especially in the era of truck kun we currently live inGiven all Najika’s gone through this turn also comes really close to misery porn a hell of a change from what has been a relatively charming series thus far There’s plenty of conflict from other sources and this kind of feels like an inelegant way to clear the love triangle only for it to come back in a worse way at the end of this omnibusThere’s some very good stuff here Akane ended up being a wonderfully nuanced minor character and they did so much good work with her compared to her initial appearance The fallout from Sora‘s death IS handled well and while I really don’t like discount pastry chef Sora the story where Najika overcomes impossible odds to kick his butt is my favourite story hereDaichi does some solid work but it has been clear from the start that he is the romance endpoint for Najika so they SHOULD be good together The ending point of the omnibus feels like complication for complication’s sake and a lame retreadStill when this series is good it is great It just hits a couple of weird sour notes this volume Overall it remains worth a readGiven all the appearances of Sora’s ghost watching over Najika I have to imagine that will make Daichi and Najika’s romance incredibly uncomfortable as it gets intimate

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    Nooooooo This entire collection was so sad Omnibus #3 contains Volumes 5 through 7 and represents a very trying heartbreaking and traumatic time for Najika both personally and professionally Life isn't much easier for her friends either While volume seven tries to end a little upbeat I find it upsetting because we seem to be on the verge of a foreshadowed but unwanted truth While I don't think I am wrong as to what will happen next I am hoping beyond hope that There is at least a twist that will change the path Najika can work her magic making the expected outcome much palatable There is to the person and situation than meets the eye Either way I'll be finding out soon as I start the 4th and final omnibus to finish out the series

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    Well all of Kitchen Princess has been read The story takes a turn into heavier serious territory but the story overall is a happy one While I went into this series looking for something light I ended up really appreciating the unexpected depth to this story The mystery of the flan prince continues through till the very end

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    I cried AGAIN No matter how many times I read this I always cry SO AMAZING

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    Oh what a twist I love when that happens though Unpredictability So the lost part anyway

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    Oh you wanted some SADNESS with your food? DONE I cannot get enough of Akane and Najika