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John Green continually amazes me In a mere 26 pages he manages to introduce a fantastic heroine, create an epic problem, and reveal an unexpected twist Loved this one even than the first More Zombicorns Sequel of Zombicorns The story is inside another generation, whereas it is based on Mia s daughter s point if view, who is Caroline Featherstone Like the first book, it is also perfect and please please please write and publish part 3 already This is the second part of Green s novella Zombicorns The story takes place years after the events of the first part It s impressive how Green manages to create and develop quirky characters in a couple of pages The book is short and the story is nice and the small plot twists are enjoyable However, the ending was abrupt and weird.Not as awesome as part one, but definitely worth giving a shot. Sequel to Zombicorns Caroline s POV The story was told by Caroline and her friends, surviving the zombie apocalypse Her mom being the opposition and the only survivor who knows and understands the Z s Caroline volunteered to fight the Z s and also survived being killed by them This is definitely good but not as good as the first book tho. Rating My Opinion Of This I LOVED it Full Review Can Be Found QuotesSuit yourself, he said But before you go, quick question Have you always wanted to marry a hero of the zombie wars I rolled my eyes Abe, you re like my brother Secondary question Are you into incest Abe He smirked I hugged him and walked to class.That s a nonrhetorical question, by the way So many of those in the study of Z anatomy Abraham, are you texting Abe slid his phone back into his pocket Sorry, I just have so many lady suitors, Professor It s just I never let it get in the way of my studies, but there are a lot of young women trying to get in contact with me throughout the dayOverall The War For Banks Island was way better than Zombicorns.It was fast paced,had good characters, the writing was good, and it was kinda funny at times.I really liked Abe and Caroline I love when traditional writers visit the literary slums of bizarro and alt lit even for just a couple of books. About Caroline Daughter of Mia who knew the danger of Z s but never experienced until one unexpected twist.I was actually pleased with this book rather than the first book.John Green made a great job in making a short story so that it contains political, human cruelty, human s seeking power stuff Also for me the greatest aspect in this book was that u never know the danger from words you will only feel it if you only experience it I felt like Caroline did not knew fully the danger of Z s, that may be proved by having a second generation Z as a pet.But overall the story in this book id great and I enjoyed it very much. John Green is right this is not a good book It s a fun book, an entertaining book, and a good follow up to Zombicorns, but it s not really high quality.Still better than a lot of other zombie books out there, though. Not as good as the first one, but no one can resist the sequel to a good book, when 1 It s written by John Green,2 It s about zombies, and3 It s only 50 pages and 2 hours long. A Sequel To John S Pa Story Zombicorns, The War For Banks Island Takes Place Thirty Years After The Zombie Apocalypse And Is Set Primarily On A Remote Canadian Island Where Mia Has Escaped And Lives In A Large City Of Surviving Humans But After Years Of Stability, The Zs Encroach