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Sammy Peterson thinks she has everything – great looks good friends everyone in town likes her; she even has the perfect job Then Brandon Sheffield comes back to town The events that follow lead Sammy into a bracing reality check She then slowly begins to realize what everything truly is

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    Sammy has it all good looks lots of friends and a loving family When it comes to the opposite sex however she is lost and confused by her own emotions The problem is further complicated by her need for popularity and the respect of her peers The rumors and gossip have haunted her since that one unfortunate night many years ago She thought it was all behind her until one day someone comes back into town bringing all of the bad memories back to the surface She is now forced to deal with her issues and to discover what her true feelings really are Sticks Stones is a beautiful romantic tale for the young teenage reader It has characters you care about and can identify with as they are put through the same situations that many young people have to go through every day It has a positive message of self esteem and confidence It contains no sexually explicit content but does contain some brief strong language

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    One of the biggest advances in parenthood was creating the Young Adult book category It is the Judo of the literary world To resist our teenager's world is to dismiss themSticks and Stones is a sweet story that we want our teenager to read It contains all the problems of youth but best of all The tools to solve themHow can a young girl make her final transition into adulthood? It's all here in Sticks and Stones Buy it fast Your teenagers will be leaving soon with or without tools

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    Cute story and like the concept of it only thing that kinda bugged me was Sam's attitude at the beginning hahaha It was one of those moments when I fell like slapping a character and saying what the heck dude?? but it all came together in the end and I started to understand her a bit D

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    I Could not Put it Down Riveting This is the only way to describe this book The character development is fascinating as is the story line I have bought this book for my daughter but I have read it myself too

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    Not my usual genre but I must say it does my heart good to read work like this from a young writer with obvious talent and tremendous exuberance It’s interesting; these days’ and people seem to look for fiction books written by experts in whatever topic may be in subject Well what better expert can one find in young romance literature than a young person with the gift of pencraft?I look forward to seeing Miss Lovejoy’s future books; and I further commend her on being such a great story teller Sticks Stones is filled with the youth and passion that may only be achieved through contemporaneous narration; incitations and feelings all of us older writers can only conjure up through retrospective recallwhich is invariably revealed within our futile effort no matter how close on occasion we may come to the real thing All you lovers of young romance and youthful frivolity in their truest and purest form read this book; and be a little happier for the experience

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    I don't even know where to start I had to force myself to finish I can't help but wonder if a 12 year old wrote this The leading lady in this story rambled repeated herself through the entire book I honestly have never wanted to punch a character from a book in face as badly as I wanted to punch this self centered spoiled selfish snotty BITCH I also don't understand how this chick is 18 I swear to god I thought I was reading a story told from a 13 year old But no young adults here who aspire to work at a frickin Ice Cream shop?? Nothing about college or anything having to do with responsibility The lead character is an 18 yr old strapping on her helmet riding her frickin bike complete with rear view mirrors every 5 minutes talking about how perfect popular she is WTF?

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    What to say I liked the idea of this story The writing was okay it does need some editing but it wasn't too bad In my honest opinion the book was a little how do i say this i guess what i am looking for is Wordy There was a repetitiveness and I just didn't think that it needed to be as long as it was I will be honest I found myself skipping paragraphs and even pages but I did stick it out and finish it For the price of this ebook it isn't a purchase I regret 