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This book was fantastic and I am thrilled that I chose it as my first Patchett novel There is so much tenderness in this beautiful story each character even the dastardly villain is developed and handled with such care I didn t want the story to end because of the people involved There is sadness here, and secrets and complicated family dynamics and loveand loveand MAGIC Oh, and of course there s a rabbit too Time spent with this book was simply delightful. I enjoyed reading the book, but after reading it I couldn t say that I loved it hence, three stars Sabine, the main character, spends time with her dead husband s family, none of whom she knew existed The reader is supposed to come along on the journey with her to discover the missing parts of her longtime friend spouse, but I didn t gain any new insights to him from her visit back to his roots The West Coast magician reinvented himself too well to have any connection to the Midwestern teenager by the way, the Midwest is NOT as bleak and backward as portrayed in the book the stereotypes were obnoxious After a traumatic childhood, he left town and ended up with love and friendship and happiness Ta da But, the novel is called The Magician s Assistant, and really is about Sabine s search forsomething I m from the Midwest and not with it enough to figure out what I just hope she found it because I never quite understood her living a half life and found her contentment in always serving as the second banana tiresome My best description of the novel, after reading it, was that I felt like I was eavesdropping on someone else s conversation I wasn t in earshot for the beginning and didn t get to hear the end, but it helped pass the time while I was sitting there. Sabine Twenty Years A Magician S Assistant To Her Handsome, Charming Husband Is Suddenly A Widow In The Wake Of His Death, She Finds He Has Left A Final Trick A False Identity And A Family Allegedly Lost In A Tragic Accident But Now Revealed As Very Much Alive And Well Named As Heirs In His Will, They Enter Sabine S Life And Set Her On An Adventure Of Unraveling His Secrets, From Sunny Los Angeles To The Windswept Plains Of Nebraska, That Will Work Its Own Sort Of Magic On Her This is my second Patchett novel, and I liked it even less than the previous one I readState of Wonder .First, I totally misunderstood the premise of this novel I thought our heroine Sabine s lovely hottie magician husband dies, and then she discovers he was secretly gay, and then discovers he lied about his family being dead and seeks them out blah blah Instead, the story is that Sabine s lovely hottie magician husband is openly gay and only marries her in the last year so she may inherit his things He s had numerous loves despite her affection for him When he dies, she discovers his family isn t dead and seeks them out blah blah Slight difference, but a significant one it put the idea of knowing on Sabine She knew who Parsifal was, to a point she d been his assistant for 20 years so I found her behavior in this book to be a bit piteous and aggravating.Disappointingly, rather than explore the source of her mental and emotional stasis, Patchett has Sabine pursue Parsifal s life yet another obsessive step into the life of a man who didn t love her like she loved him Since I wasn t fixated on Parsifal the way Sabine was, this whole journey didn t capture me That Sabine seemed to have little emotional growth and development along the way other than to glom onto one of Parsifal s relatives frustrated me, but I m not sure that was the intent of Patchett s story I think we were supposed to like and relate to Sabine but I found her in need of therapy and some time alone to think about who she is and what she wants from her life.My next complaint is a little harder to articulate, but there was something dated, I guess, about the novel s feel regarding gays In some ways, that makes sense this book came out in 1997, nearly twenty years ago but at the same time, I feel like there s an artificial sense of shock and surprise created by Patchett to evoke tension, maybe I ll have to meditate on this as I know I m not expressing myself clearly while reading this, I found myself venting to my wife about how all the Midwestern gays I know even the ones not speaking to their families had a layered relationship to their kin than Patchett s imagining.And on to my final complaint about this book I wasn t wild about Patchett s use of setting In State of Wonder, I thought she evoked the beautifully, magically In this book, I found her articulation of Nebraska and the Midwest to be little than caricature I suppose since I ve lived in Nebraska and the Midwest for a good chunk of my life and not the , I cared , but I felt Patchett used stereotypical shorthand to paint the setting country kitsch decor, Walmart, brutish spouses rather than really evoke the beauty of a place that moves, lives, and breathes differently than L.A.The writing is very Patchett ian, I would say I read a review about this book describing its dreams, flashbacks, and long, elliptical conversations which is spot on, and made me insane I m not wild about dream sequences in books I find them a bit self indulgent and pointless Perhaps if I liked Sabine , that element would have resonated, but since I didn t, I felt tired I kept putting this one down rather than wallow in the linguistic snakiness.So, in conclusion, I m a big cranky wench Millions of others have enjoyed this novel so I m sure it s mostly just me. I have really become an admirer of Patchett s writing, and this book was a close second to Bel Canto, which I adored The Magician s Assistant is Sabine, and she is mourning the sudden loss of her husband, Parsifal But the story goes deeper than that Parsifal is gay, and shortly after the death of his lover, Phan, he marries Sabine to ensure her security in the event of his death Sabine had been Parsifal s long time assistant in his magic act, but importantly, they shared a bond of friendship that was unbreakable When Parsifal s lawyer notifies Sabine that he had a family who he claimed were dead and that his name is really Guy Fetters, Sabine s world gets turned on its head Suddenly, the man she though she knew most in the world is a stranger to her, and she wants to learn everything about his past that he has kept from her So the Fetter family enters Sabine s life, and the book follows the development of these new relationships seamlessly.There is a hint of magic in Patchett s writing, and not just the tricks and illusions she recalls in The Magician s Assistant She writes relationships and dialogue in a manner that seems effortless Her characters are entirely human flawed and lovable This was a great read and a touch of magic amongst the ordinary. I picked this book up a few times and lost interest before finishing the first page But when I finally got past the first three or four pages, I was really hooked This characters are just so, so compelling They re actually so compelling that when I was partway through the book I almost lit a candle at church for two of the characters in it, temporarily confusing them with real people Which I think is a testament to how well written and absorbing the book is than to how socially maladjusted I am. The Magician s Assistant Ann PatchettI found the trio of Sabine, Parsifal and Phan all too good, too unflawed, too beautiful, and Sabine s adoration of Parsifal for 22 years was a little hard to fathom There was apparently no heartache, no discord In addition, Sabine had been so in love with the glamorous, gay Parsifal that she had failed to realize that she was really gay herself, and thus her attraction to Kitty at the end That was a bit of a stretch this beautiful, personable, intelligent, talented woman did not have a clue about her own sexual orientation She was not living apart from the gay world after all Other aspects that were too idealized Sabine s relationship with her parents and what it s like living in L.A The ending was odd There was obvious foreshadowing, which went on for too long Kitty and her boys need to move to L.A and move in with Sabine The reader figures out this is where things are heading Sabine finally realizes she should ask them to move to L.A That s fine, but the novel then ends abruptly It s not that the reader needed to know exactly whether they would move to L.A It s that the ending has to be satisfying I did like reading about a magician s life, having known little about this before, and I did like the way Patchett used dreams in this novel to advance the story or add information that would have been hard to introduce otherwise They weren t your usual dreams, but like dialogues with the dead well, mainly Sabine and Phan, leading up to Parsifal s appearance at the end The dreams put the reader in touch with Sabine s grief and how the grief changes slowly over time I enjoyed the way Parsifal s mysterious past was gradually revealed The writing is superb One pitch perfect sentence after another kept me hooked I m remembering the decriptions about magic tricks, and the times Sabine did some tricks for her new family I felt like I was there I could see the family watching the same Johnny Carson segment every night That was also a good device for advancing the story and showing the way grief slowly changed The narration for the recorded book was excellent Dot, the mother grandmother, was fabulous Her character came alive Descriptions of the cold and snow in Nebraska were unforgettable The portrayal of small town life was realistic. It is rare to find a literary page turner, but Ann Patchett never fails to give us exactly that Her writing is elegant, sophisticated and quiet it never gets in the way of the story The closer I got to the end of this book, the obsessed I became with it, wanting to make sure that everyone was going to be okay, at least in some sense of the word The Magician s Assistant follows the same pattern of Patchett s other novels An unsuspecting character is thrust into a world full of people he she never even dreamed of, replete with drama and emotion and confusion as well as hope and love Her stories can be one sided, but she creates sympathetic characters who come to life for me in ways that few authors can manage I always find myself wanting to hug the protagonist like my sister or brother In this book, Sabine could have been my best friend the one who has suffered so much sadness Certain passages of this novel actually made me cry that is how well Patchett creates authentic characters with real emotions And whether her stories take us to Nebraska or the South American State of Wonder , Patchett paints a picture of the environment so clearly that I almost needed a sweater to read the part of this book that takes place in the brutal cold of a Midwestern winter.Ann Patchett is such a wonderful storyteller that I finish each of her books totally spellbound.5 Stars. Is this really Ann Patchett While the story was mildly intriguing, I couldn t really like the main character Sabine seemed too satisfied with living a half life in love with a gay man, an assistant instead of a magician, a maker of architectural models rather than an architect, etc The literary symbolism also seemed clumsy and obvious last name Fetters, for example Finally, and most annoying to me as I live here, the ridiculous caricature of Midwesterners made me want to scream COME ON the landscape is not all flat, the kitchens aren t decorated with roosters, and husbands are not wifebeaters or mild nerds I flipped to the back cover to read the author bio The first sentence Ann Patchett lives in Los Angelesno kidding Yawn. This book surprised me Throughout the whole thing, I was never exactly sure how much I was enjoying it, and yet I couldn t wait to pick the book back up and continue reading By time the book was done, I wanted to read , and wanted the story to continue.The story itself is strange, very strange, but it draws you in immediately It s the story of a woman named Sabine who is coming to terms with exploring the hidden past of her husband, a famous gay magician after his death You wonder how this story is going to work, which is the beauty of how well it draws you in It s a beautiful example of story telling, and the writing is flowing and enticing.A few problems A lack of chapters I know this is a clear choice of style, but I found it really hard to be able to start the book up again after putting it down for the night, so the book that was meant to flow so perfectly ended up being a bit choppy because there was never a good place to stop and think Also the ending was very abrupt, and unsatisfying.Definitely enjoyed the book, and it convinced me to try another book of hers.