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FINAL CHOICESNajika faces enormous challenges to her cooking skills as she engages in a cook off to save her orphanage And in a final test of her culinary artistry she heads to Paris for a major cooking competition Meanwhile Najika finally discovers the identity of her Flan Prince What will become of her feelings for Daichi and Seiya? It all gets settled in this final volume

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    This series ended just how I hoped it would I adored the epilogue as well If your looking for a cute short manga series this is the one you want

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    There's nothing uite as bittersweet as getting to the end of a really good story And this is definitely a bittersweet moment This series had me on an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish I cheered I laughed I teared up I fumed and I just absolutely adored it I loved this ending everything came full circle in such a precious way Im even happy for the extra ending piece that we got for Akane Adored adored adored

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    This series didn’t draw me in immediately but I continued with it thanks to the recommendation of my daughter I’m happy I did Everything came together in the last volume and represented all that I love about shoujo food manga

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    Warning this text may contain spoilers Wow I absolutely LOVED this series omg touched my heart so much the feels 3 love the story about cooking and romance omg Najika and Daichi sooo sweet adorable perfect together 3 love the beautiful inspiration too definitely recommend this manga series if you love cooking or romance or shoujo series or if you just love manga

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    35 stars but I’ll be nice and round up because I enjoyed the series as a whole it maintains a mostly sweet and positive tone without becoming incredibly cloying and I do think that deserves recognition and who isn’t a sucker for a happy ending or two although this book does have a weird thread of ‘eh you’ll do’ in regards to its relationshipsOverall there’s too much Trauma Drama tm in this series as a whole after the fallout from last volume and the big incident there we end up with yet another variation on this and they’re in a race to see which is ridiculously out of placeAnd sorry I am calling out the ridiculous double duty of Daichi’s father’s bookcase which is used to advance the plot twice in essentially the exact same way The first time he might as well have just written ‘Evil Plans’ on the spine of the damn bookAll that said I do recommend this series and I did enjoy it Najika was a sunny character whose courage and determination made her a nice genuinely strong heroine She’s the kind of character you want to succeed While the ending is a little contrived I called that competition outcome it all held together well and it stayed true to its theme of food being a joy to be shared I did think it was clever how they wrapped up the loose ends in Najika’s memories and actually integrated the series title into the storyA good worthwhile read There’re certainly than a few issues but like the people in the story itself it’s hard not to be won over by Najika’s strength and charm and on balance it does enough good to cover the times when the tone goes darker than it probably needed

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    Afjajahskshak it was so cute I might have a cavity 💖

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    I'm such a sucker for Shojo Sueeel So cute D I'm reading it a second time at the moment Man So glad the library ordered the last book Too cute Loved it

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    What can I say I just liked this series It is cute positive up beat and yet serious and sometimes shocking I say well done to the author and illustrator both I recommend this series to manga fansmanga food fans Also they did a great job of wrapping it up at the end

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    Finally know who the flan prince is Can't believe he didn't know it himself

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    This series was amazing Full of drama and amazing characters I had no idea this was the last one and wish the series was longer but it had a beautiful ending