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EVERYBODY'S SINGING AUDREY WAITAudrey Cuttler's life hasn't been the same since that song Audrey Wait hit the airwaves All she wants to do is go to concerts hang out with her friends and maybe score a date with the cute boy who works with her at the Scooper DooperBut now her ex boyfriend's song about their breakup is at the top of the charts and she's suddenly famous The paparazzi won't leave her alone the tabloids are trying to make her into some kind of rock goddess and the Internet is documenting her every moveWill Audrey ever be able to have a normal life again? Get ready to find out because it's time for Audrey to tell her side of the story

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    I need to clarify This book is of 45Girl meets boy Girl dates boy Girl breaks up with boy Boy writes song about girl Girl becomes famousYou know I really wasn't expecting this novel to be as uniue as it was It could have easily been annoying and cliched but instead it was fresh and humorous And when I say humorous I mean it This book was laugh out loud funny So I advise you not to read this book in public We don't want the person sitting next to you on that 5 hour flight to think you are on some new medicationAudrey was such a refreshing voice She was witty vibrant and confident I loved her sarcasm and tone Most authors try to impose personality traits on their two dimensional characters but Audrey lived it up Instead of the author telling me Audrey liked music she made me believe This girl goes to concerts blows out speakers jams out to mix tapes and discusses her fave bands I also like how Audrey isn't obsessive about her appearance or too self depreciating Anything we know about her we find out from other characters in passing All the rest of the cast was eually enjoyable I would want to sit at their table at lunch Audrey and Victorialike the ueen had a very believable friendship filled with inside jokes and shared interests I even had a thing for Jonah who was the perfect best friend's boyfriend James was adorable but not in a little brother kind of way and I wish there were redheaded love interests out there in bookdom Even the parents were awesome in their obliviousness and almost hipitude The writing was very very enjoyable While some of it seemed over the top it never seemed like Benway was trying too hard The humor was just effortless My favorite line would have to be this 'I'm having a life crisis Pass me the Teddy Grahams' He handed over the box 'All that's left are little paws and legs at the bottom of the box' he said 'It's a massacre' The writing just rang true for me And yes that means there is cussing and sexualdrug references so if you have a problem with that then don't read this oneOverall a great debut from an author I'm expecting will be a star in the land of YA literature

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    What to do when you come to the realization that behind the pretty packaging your boyfriend is basically a self centered narcissistic asshat? If you have a brain in your head you dump him of course And that is precisely what Audrey does Normally that would be the end of the story except that Audrey's boyfriend has his own band a modicum of talent the inspiration for the ultimate break up song and a record executive coming to see his gig on the same night that Audrey dumps him And so out of Mr Shallow's pain and anguish the song Audrey Wait is born and it's not long before it's sweeping the country and racing up the charts Suddenly Audrey is famous and not coping so well At first I thought the idea that Audrey would become so famous for simply inspiring a hit song was a little over the top but when I look around at the number of people who have become famous for doing absolutely nothing other than allowing cameras to follow them through their every waking moment I had to admit that it's certainly possible I like that Benway portrays Audrey realistically bumbling through her new found fame and making mistakes that exacerbate the situation such as talking to a reporter who doesn't register sarcasm finding out a video of her making out with another singer has gone viral allowing her fame to alienate her from her friends etc I also enjoyed the fact that Audrey and her friends seem authentic They're sarcastic and intelligent without becoming unbelievably hip a la Nick and Norah of the infamous Infinite Playlist There are uite a few funny moments a fairly predictable romance but alas such is the familiar landscape that is young adult lit and an intelligent funny and strong female character However what really sold me on the whole concept is Benway's message about the pitfalls of fame a message teenagers need to hear in a celebrity crazed electronic media based society All in all this makes for a fairly enjoyable read for adults but a winning recipe for the target audience I say this with authority as my female students love this bookCross posted at This Insignificant Cinder

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    Let me first say that this book is highly praised by both readers and literary critics therefore I am sure there is a lot of merit to it However for me Audrey Wait simply didn't work There are several reasons why I didn't like this book 15 16 year olds having sex drinking and taking drugs excessive and unnecessary use of f word Audrey's unrealistic fame I don't think anybody would be interested in a girl who had a song written about her no matter how popular this song is I was able disregard these minor issues because I've seen and read it all before and don't have much of a problem with that What I couldn't get over was the voice of the book Audrey's voice Maybe I don't remember what it is being a teenager any or maybe I have never been a teenager like Audrey but I found her annoying to no extent The whining the snarkiness the carelessness I absolutely disliked this character and it almost never happens to me I didn't think Audrey or anyone in this book was a multidimensional character either It seemed like the defining characteristics of Audrey were her love for music and cat and snarkinessAnother thing this book painfully reminded me of both Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist and Juno Same obsession with music and pretentiously sophisticated teenage conversations which I have never heard in real lifeIt was a chore for me to finish this book but it doesn't mean I would recommend it to nobody Obviously there is an audience for this kind of literature many people especially younger teenagers and music fans have and will enjoy it Unfortunately I am just not one of these people

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    Audrey has just dumped her sort a loser boyfriend who then writes a song about how she dumped him Now she and the song have become famous Seen as the villian in the song she's scrutinized by the public and her whole life has turned upside down I really tried Really I did but after hitting the fourth chapter and the 50th f bomb I just couldn't do it I know teens cuss and I know they use the f word but seriously? Was that really necessary? I literally stopped reading and started opening random pages 9 out of 10 times I found the f bomb and EVERY time there was a cuss word Come on people you don't even use the word right In case you didn't know it's a verb NOT an adverb or adjective Inanimate objects can't f# Okay? Okay I skimmed the rest of the book and ended up reading most of it I was really tempted to read the whole thing because there were some very funny parts Even though I didn't read the whole thing through I could see why all those celebrities complain about not having privacy and all those tabloids that spread lies All the cussing really takes away from the book though It was distracting and kept me from getting into the story There were times when a character would start cussing up a storm and it didn't seem like something they would do or that they'd react that way At the beginning I really didn't like Audrey She seemed superficial and mean at times but she grows a lot by end of the book If you don't mind cussing then I think you could really enjoy this book I really wish there would've been less though because I think I could've liked it

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    I AM SO GLAD I GOT TO READ THIS BOOKAudrey Wait is fucking awesome I hope we can aptly conclude how much thought I’m putting behind that statement given this is the first time I’ve outright cursed on this blog Which is surprising actually as I’m such a potty mouthWhen I started this book I was expecting great things because of all the glowing reviews it’d received I went out of my way to buy it too which isn’t something I do often Some people have been saying this book is fantastic from the get go I agree the first chapter is positively charming It is But then chapter two slowed down and I was afraid of continuing on because I was afraid the rest would go downhill la too many books to remember let alone listTurns out I could not be wrong The slow down was actually not as slow as I figured how did I reach that conclusion? and as soon as I got past this perceived bump on the road the book charged forward with such flair such candor and a voice that just won’t uit The writing could not be pitch perfect and though there’s a lot of cursing—not a problem with me but with others it’ll be I’m sure—the profanity is perfectly done to a teen’s While the narrative often reads like the character is enacting a monologue and most assuredly not a monotonous one it’s also got this magnetic readable uality that makes it shineAnd finally to my favorite part of any review the characters Beautiful to the third power well drawn three dimensional; in short great The development was mind blowing not only on the part of the main character the witty Audrey but also Victoria’s Jonah’s and James’s And of course Evan even though he’s absent for most of the novel They all—especially Audrey—had this amazing sense of humor that kept me turning pages Pair this up with the uick pacing and edgy realism and you’ve got yourself a winnerRobin Benway’s got one hell of a skill on her hand I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next Whatever it is Robin please don’t kill it by sticking My Chemical Romance in the middle PTo which Robin replied that she loves MCR Aww

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    A girl finally brings herself to break up with her agreeableish but self centered slacker boyfriend and he chooses that moment to finally pay attention to her Unfortunately the attention is paid in the form of an angst ridden song that ends up becoming his band's big break Naturally this turns Audrey a celebrity and she finds herself practically held hostage by her new insta fame I wonder if anyone can read this book now and not think if even for a moment of the once unavoidable Hey There Delilah? At any rate the chain of events that follow are pretty predictable friendships are strained while former school enemies try to mooch off any residual limelight they can absorb Audrey's parents end up finding out far too much information about her love life and ultimately there's a showdown with her ex Hijinks ensue Still Audrey's friends and ex boyfriend are pretty entertaining Evan inevitably calls to mind that guy probably all of us have dated at one point because who isn't susceptible to a guy with a guitar? Audrey herself is a little prickly at times but stumbles into a fair share of of fairly funny situations and the music references fly pretty fast and furious All in all I came out of it feeling that Meg Cabot may have a few things to answer for because this book felt tighter and smarter than some of her books have lately and will probably snag a lot of her fan base

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    The best and the only good character in this book was an oversized cat named Bendomolena ReallyI did like Audrey the MC at the beginning But damn if this girl didn't start annoying me as the book went on “I care Victoria Or does that not matter any? Does my opinion not even count?”“Oh no it definitely counts In fact that’s all that counts”“What the fuck does that mean?”“News flash Aud You’re all you talk about any and even then all you do is complain You’re a fucking whiner” pretty much my sentiments yeahThe love interest James was so bland We never got to know his character All I know is that he's shy probably doesn't have any friends insert uestion mark and likes music but can't sing That's all that was revealed It was one of the blandest romances I've read about in recent memory The storytelling also didn't really work for me It was told in this way like Audrey was looking back and telling me the reader a story of what happened after the breakup So there was a lot of 'But I'm sure you already know that' type of thing And I guess it wasn't my cuppy in this caseMost of all though this book was suposed to be a fun story about a girl breaking up with her boyfriend and subseuently becoming famous after he wrote a very popular 'she broke my heart' type of song about her That premise interested me A lot This was supposed to be humorous adventure with a lighthearted narrative that was in prespective of the ridiculous situation It was not however supposed to be all angst It wasn't supposed to get annoying I think me getting tired of the MC was somewhere around the time she started whining about her current situation 247 Girl get a little prespective will ya? It just wasn't fun It didn't make me laugh at all It's like the book tried to be fun but got drowned with Audrey's inner whinings and angst fest It was also veeerryy unrealistic but that's about the only thing I expected and got from this book Crowds would't care uite SO much about the girl behind a current popular breakup songAll in all not what I expected nor wanted I know this is the author's first book released 2008 and as much as I was annoyed I didn't hate this book so 2 stars Although I'd much rather recommend Emmy Oliver for sure

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    This book is uite different from what I have read in the Young Adult genre so far I found this buried deep in the pit that is my TBR It was a short and fast paced book so I decided to pick it upThe story is interesting This book is about a girl who breaks up with a guy and has a song written about her Some Taylor Swift vibes right there Unfortunately for Audrey the song Audrey Wait suddenly becomes really popular and her life starts to spiral out of control Audrey has the wildest time as she constantly gets hounded by the media and harassed by the public attention Others come calling for their fifteen minutes of fame throwing other obstacles in her path and poor Audrey pretty much has to put herself under house arrest so she can keep her sanityI wasn't expecting it but this book actually gave me a lot of things to think about People are very prone to hero worshipping famous celebrities and this can lead to a lot of damage in the celebrities' personal lives and the lives of the people closest to them There are all these memes and videos that go viral right? How many of us actually stop to think about the people who are actually involved in them? Can they really handle their fifteen minutes of fame? Is it because of the inability to handle the newfound fame that some celebrities have a substance abuse problem?Here Audrey had a pretty successful song written about her but she wasn't actually involved in the writing or production process Yet she had people hacking into her phone following her and pretty much disrupting her life I was very close to getting a headache just reading this and then thinking about all those people who have to go through something like it As a bit of an introvert it is possible I'm slightly sensitive but this still feels like a threat to someone's privacy and that's plain scary to me Fortunately Audrey finds a lot of support from her family and her friends and she is able to steer her life back on track Until mayhem ensuesAlong with the story there are uite a few other things working in this book's favor and some issues as well Pros 1 Pace This took me about 3 hours to finish and considering this book is about 250 pages long I'd say this was pretty fast paced 2 Length This book was not very long It was well edited and there weren't many redundant scenes 3 Story Structure A uniue narrative structure is used to tell this story It starts with the narrator Audrey referring to the reader as someone who must already be privy to The Song and The Music Video So using the book Audrey essentially confides in the reader and tells her side of the story I have not seen a story structure like this before implementing a long flashback and I actually uite enjoyed this form of story telling It was structured like a movie where the audience is taken into confidence by the narrator 4 Writing Robin Benway's writing is very relatable Her characters seem to say exactly what you and I think about a particular situation I've read Also Known As by the same author and her writing in both books has felt very real 5 Characters Even though Audrey was kind of an idiot at times I couldn't bring myself to be cross with her She was uite endearing and her plight was pretty upsetting I felt she was a bit immature but I still managed to root for her in the end The supporting characters were also nice They were pillars of support for Audrey and each tried their best to give her a semblance of a normal life If friends won't bring a hammer to break the CD of the guy who has wronged you then who will? 6 Song Recommendations This book has a bunch of mentions of different songs in chapter uotes and in the main story I have made a list of them and will be listening immediately Cons 1 Immaturity As I said before there was a bit of immaturity in the actions of some characters but it is understandable in the grand scheme of things Plus when you are 16 you are allowed to be a little immature 2 Loophole One of the characters the main antagonist Sharon Eggleston hates Audrey She is always trying to make some kind of profit off of Audrey's situation and she pretty much loathes Audrey I have two problems with this character First she is a cliche You know the type incredibly popular spectacularly beautiful and who for some reason hates the female protagonist Second the reason why she hates Audrey is pretty unclear Why do these girls hate each other? She just seemed like a token character to me but the thing is a lot of blame was placed on her and I would just like to know why This loophole is still niggling at the back of my mind as I write this reviewOverall this book is a fun uick read The characters are likable and the narrative structure is interesting If you are in the mood for a light hearted YA romance set in the music world this could just be what you're looking for

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    Wow I expected this book to be good and boy was I wrong it was amazzzzing I liked Audrey's character the writing style the music references the plot and how realistic it was while still being very light readish When I saw the description I was like this is unexpected it seems pretty cool Then when I actually got my hands on the book I saw that it was reviewed by Meg Cabot and I was pretty worried about the originality of it all But no worries Audrey Wait was as amazing as the descriptionAudrey has decided to break up with her space cadet self and band obsessed boyfriend She's pretty much over it until that night when at the concert she hears his band's new song a breakup song that would make her want to dance if it weren't about her Lucky JK for her a guy from a record company is at the performance and just after things start to calm down a bit she hears THE SONG on the radio Audrey wait the song is a huge hit and soon it's all over the radio and the paparazzi is after her But Aud just wants to get back to life school and the pursuit of happiness plus possibly a new boyfriend Though there are plenty of benefits of being famous it doesn't really in Audrey's opinion balance out being followed everywhere or balance out all the jealous girls adoring fans gawkers and people who want to get money off of cell phone pictures Through this all Audrey stays lovable funny and as original as the plot Also I loved her music taste The bits of songs at the beginnings of each chapter were things that I looked forward to and I loved loved loved the uote from Bea's Song River Trilogy II by The Cowboy Junkies I love not feeling alone in my music taste All in all A plus plus plus and if you don't love my review my other one was better but I lost itPS If you loved the music references as much as I did you might also like Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by whatserfacePPS If you loved the laughs you may like The ueen Geek Social Club

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    I Am Speechless This is such an amazing fantastic spectacular book filled with wit on nearly every page While not the most diverse book it's uniue and uirky and I recommend it to any teenage girl or guy who knows? because it will make you laugh so hard Five stars D