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Some crimes God does not forgive Last week, I watched for the gazillionth time ITV s 2010 production of Murder on the Orient Express with the inimitable David Suchet in the role of our beloved Hercule Poirot and it prompted certain thoughts in my mind Why is this considered one of Christie s finest creations Many say that, arguably, it is her best work and this view I do share.I don t think any of us need a synopsis To say the story is well known would be an understatement Even people who haven t read the book know of the outstanding outcome and the resolution of, possibly, the most controversial murder but is it a crime in Christie s marvellous works So what is it that makes this novel by the Lady of Crime so iconic and a point of reference Is is the exceptional cast of characters, each one battling with the demons of the past Is it the wintry atmosphere The intense feeling of claustrophobia, of being trapped in a train, within a snowstorm, in a foreign country with a dead body lying in a compartment Or is it the absolute, ultimate questioning of the moral values we have come to adopt What is right and wrong When injustice isn t punished, to what extent can we bend the human limits God and Law can t always protect usHere, Hercule discovers that his little grey cells are only a small part of the solution It is his heart that has to do the rest.This is a jewel not only of Crime Fiction, but of Literature in general, regardless of the genre A work that doesn t ask the reader to think of the who has done it question, but to contemplate on the what would you have done issue And as for me, I fully agree with Greta Ohlsson Some crimes God doesn t forgive.My reviews can be found in I m pretty astounded by how much fun this was I mean, this may be just me, but early to mid twentieth century mystery about train crime doesn t exactly scream nonstop thrill ride But here we are I m also not sure why it took me so long to write this review two months, to be exact, so actually not that long for me but still but again, here we are.I don t actually really want to say much on this book, which is astounding in its own right because my number one hobby is making up various excuses for me to wax romantic on various subjects and generally listen to myself.But In this case, that would be bad Because a lot of the rad ness of this book is due to the twist, but the Last Thing I Ever Want To Do is spoil this twist for you Maybe this book will not sound fun because of my saintly consideration of your twist enjoyment, but you should just tuck away in your head that it s completely cool ok Let s discuss the very limited number of things I won t feel bad about disclosing.For one thing, the way this is constructed is very fun It takes you through the thought process of Hercule Poirot Extremely Cool Belgian Detective capitalized due to its being his official, government ordained title as he analyzes the sitch So it kind of feels like you re a detective too, and if that s not the dream I don t know what is.If you can look me in the eyes but please don t, I d like to keep these relationships strictly internet based thanks and tell me you wouldn t drop everything immediately in order to become a detective and or international spy full time, you are not someone I m interested in knowing thanks.Agatha Christie s writing style is also really sharp and clean which I can detect but nevereverever apply to myself, apparently That s probably why her books aged so well This one definitely did, at least.I think some people were rubbed the wrong way horrific expression my apologies by the constant discussion of race nationality as an inherent and generalized part of people s individual psychology That would ve upset me, probably, if it weren t applied to e v e r y b o d y Like, if white people got the easy way out, one, what else would be new, and two, that would be the worst ever Instead, every point of origin mentioned Africa, England, America, France is given its own psychoanalytic significance Which is honestly interesting to read about, if only from a historical standpoint.Are you guys proud of me for how well I remembered this book after two months I am visibly prouder of myself for remembering three things about a novel I genuinely enjoyed than most scientists are after major breakthroughs.Which is incredibly on brand for me.Bottom line Quick fun historical well written I could ve replaced this whole review with those adjectives and been muchconvincing PRE REVIEWTHAT WAS AMAZING THAT WAS AMAZING THAT WAS AMAZING I hope you read that in Aziz Ansari s voice Reevaluate your life if otherwise review to come yo CURRENTLY READING UPDATEmy hobbies include hopping on bandwagons En Route To London, Belgian Detective Hercule Poirot Has Booked Winter Passage On The Fabled Orient Express Among The Assortment Of Fellow Passengers, One Wealthy American Holds A Unique Distinction He Has Been Found Dead Of Multiple Stab Wounds In The Night Compartment Of The Calais Coach By Dawn, Thirteen Travelers, Each Bearing A Secret, Will Find Themselves Suspect In The Most Ingenious Crime Poirot Has Ever Solved If you re on a train or boat, or island , planning to commit a nice, unsolvable murder, and you find out Hercule Poirot is one of the guestsJust change your plans That is all.I d like to know if anyone has ever solved this particular murder mystery It s mind boggling, and deservedly one of Agatha Christie s better known books. Sacr e Agatha Christie She was pretty darn amazing.I must say I never read and so much liked a book with such a boring constant setting I mean a train Come on, how exciting can that get Apparently, though, it is a great setting for mystery cases I just now remember watching The Tourist with Angelina Jolie, and wasn t the scene in the train the one that was going to have in impact on everything to come Yes, it was Trains are fast, they create blurred lines, and they are filled with strangers We can say they add a once of suspense in stories.This is my second book by Mrs Christie and my first in the Poirot series collection I chose the most popular one to start with, because it always makes me wonder, with popular books, what they have that is so special and makes people want to read them Well, this one has a lot going on for itself Just the premise alone a rich man is being stabbed to death twelve times in his train compartment, yet there is no sign of struggle and there was no way of exist for the murderer had me all crazy on wanting to read this book.It is worth your time from beginning to end The craziest thing is that at one point, when I concluded things were beginning to look too silly and unrealistic, everything turned around and I was presented with another solution JUST when I thought Agatha Christie missed the target, Mr Poirot s great intelligence unravelled the case to its fullest and my eyes got so big Let me tell you something You may thing you have, but you have NEVER read a mystery book such as this one And that is the truth.Care to have your mind blown You know what you have to do The train, it is as dangerous as a sea voyage So, this was my first Agatha Christie book and considering how much fun I had while I read it, it definitely won t be my last Yes, you read correctly and your mind didn t play tricks on you I had F.U.N I actually enjoyed reading this so much I constantly found myself giggling with delight lol I swear there s nothing better than a mystery or a puzzle you need to solve and I guess in this particular case it might have even been both PThere were so many hints and inconsistencies that my head was literally spinning but being the curious person I am, I still tried my very best to be perceptive and to collect all those little treats XD By the end of the book I felt like a squirrel, gathering all the pieces until I was finally able to make sense of them lol And somehow, I don t even know how, I actually did it PMaybe to watch eight seasons of Castle and all the Sherlock Holmes series and movies eventually paid off Who knows LOL All I know is that I solved the mystery and I m so damn happy I m still grinning and laughing like crazy 24 hours after finishing the book XDBughouse that s what this business is bughouse Yes, I couldn t agreeand since I don t want to spoil anyone who still wants to read the book, I ll write down my thoughts in this nice and tiny spoiler section lol Detectives you ve been warned PThe solution and ending view spoilerIf so and so is lying, on what point are they lying and what is the reason for the lie I don t even know how often I asked myself this question throughout the entire book, it must have been pretty often though lol I was always certain that it wasthan one person who killed Ratchett and at some point I suspected everyone to be the murderer XD Even the doctor and the conductor Haha And I think it was exactly that moment when I finally realised that I was right, because as soon as I thought it, I instantly latched onto the conductors testimony and from there on everything fell into place I knew he must have lied and therefore been involved in the crime and then I thought about all those little hints I collected so carefully The weapon in the spongebag, the mention of the actress, the door that was open, the incriminating pipe cleaner, the familiarity between Colonel Arbuthnot and Mary Debenham, the number of wounds on the victim and especially the remarkable difference of those mentioned stab wounds, the list could go on and on lol Once I made the connection with the Princess, it wasn t all too hard to figure who the Countess was and after analysing every character that was on the train I came to the same conclusion as Poirot Sure, there were some clues and hints I didn t get, but in the end it seems like I was able to find the most important ones XD I think the only thing I didn t like was the endingIt was rather abrupt and the righteous woman in me wasn t okay with the way things were handled I mean yes, it seems like Ratchett was a monster and they all had a very good reason to end his life Somethan others I don t like the idea that they were let off the hook so easily though I mean it was murder after all There should have been a consequence If everyone would take the law into their hands our society would fall into pieces There s a reason we have laws and courts Well, that s just my subjective opinion though I know some people will say it s just a book and that s okay with me I just felt a need to point it out because it really left a bad taste in my mouth XD Guess that s the superhero in me speaking lol hide spoiler Wahoo I m finally going to read a Poirot book I have the complete blu ray box set and love this series so much And now I get start on one of the books The wonderful Hercule Poirot can not ever go on any holidays without someone being murdered But, never the less he will figure it out And a murder has taken place upon the Orient Express The man murdered in named Ratchett, but we find out later on in the story this is an alias Poirot has simply uncovered that the murderer is on the train not escaped out the window into the snow they are trapped in as the murderer would want us to believe Poirot interviews all of the passengers, makes a list and the little grey cells start to formulate Ten QuestionsOn the paper was written Things needing explanation1 The handkerchief marked with the initial H Whose is it 2 The pipe cleaner Was it dropped by Colonel Arbuthnot Or by someone else 3 Who wore the scarlet kimono 4 Who was the man or woman masquerading in Wagon Lit uniform 5 Why do the hands of the watch point to 1 15 6 Was the murder committed at that time 7 Was it earlier 8 Was it later 9 Can we be sure that Ratchett was stabbed bythan one person 10 What other explanation of his wounds can there be Now, I have already seen all of the shows and movies so I know what happened and I think the ending is bloody brilliant I m not going to give out the spoiler to those that have not read this yet, but I think it s the perfect murder and I loved the outcome And I was so proud and happy with Poirot s conclusion You will just have to read the book or watch the show to find out why I say that, brilliant Then, said Poirot, having placed my solution before you, I have the honour to retire from the caseMY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List Well, ladies and gentlemen That was fantastic I mean, what can I say Agatha Christie was a genius So is David Suchet who narrated the audiobook and played Poirot in the TV show.This story is set on a filled to capacity train, heading from Stamboul Istanbul to London It s the middle of winter and the snow has built up on the tracks and forced the train to a standstill on it s way through Yugoslavia an area that is now in Croatia This is when the murder is discovered, which luckily for me I can be impatient happens within the first 50 pages.There are so many characters in this It was a little difficult to keep them all straight but Suchet s voices helped Let s start with the characters who aren t suspects We have, naturally, Hercule Poirot, detective extraordinaire, Monsieur Bouc, the Wagon Lits director and Poirot s old friend, Dr Constantine, a doctor on the train, Pierre Michel, the conductor of the Stamboul Calais coach, and Ratchett, the victim Bouc is the onequick to jump to conclusions where as Poirot is very methodical and waits till he has all the information and all the clues fit before committing to the assignment of guilt Now for the possible murderers Of course, all of the passengers on the train are suspects We have Hector MacQueen, Ratchett s secretary, Edward Masterman, Ratchett s valet, Mrs Hubbard, Greta Ohlsson, Princess Dragamiroff and her maid, Hildegarde Schmidt, the Count and Countess Andrenyi, Colonel Arbuthnot, Mr Hardman, Antonio Foscarelli, and Mary Debenham There are lots of interviews, collecting of evidence, and taking notes I liked how Poirot, Bouc, and Dr Constantine kept going over the evidence with each other The repetition of the clues helped me keep track of all of them With so many suspects the evidence kept going in circles and making my head spin I had a few theories but for the first time ever one of them was right I didn t know why I was right until Poirot started to piece things together but once he did the answer was quite clear I felt like the conclusion was the proper way to end the story as well.Agatha Christie never fails to impress me with her ingenuity I plan on reading manyof her novels in the near future As Poirot would say, I pray you, join me. This was my first Agatha Christie novel and it definitely did not disappoint I was not expecting that ending, which is obviously a good thing in a murder mystery story, but I am proud of myself for picking up on some other clues I am so impressed by how she was able to weave this intricate of a story in only 200 pages and I can t wait to pick up another one of her novels in the future 5 stars to Agatha Christie s Murder on the Orient Express I chose to read this Christie spectacular after finishing And There Were None She s such a treasure never disappoints.A train A murder Multiple suspects Nearly an alibi for everyone But wait, there s a motive for everyone How did this seemingly impossible murder occur Hercule Poirot knows.Well, I m glad he did because I was stumped But with good reason as this plot twist will have your knickers locked down and not just in a bunch .The plot is just too delicious The characters are just fascinating No modern day electronics No ability to research anything other than by asking questions And Christie wrote this nearly 100 years ago That s why it s a 5 for me it s pure good storytelling without anything in the way.