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This is decent vampire ebook that I enjoyedandas the story progressed Mathias is a young lad who got dealt a rough hand and wound up in the care of his evil aunt, so had to make his own way in the fantasy world that was well painted by the author.The characters were interesting enough and the storyline came together nicely so it is well worth a read if you are into vampire or other fantasy style stories. I started out not quite sure about the story but as it progressed I enjoyed itThis was a different take on the whole vampire story so that was nice I did feel like there were unanswered questions but that could just be how I interpreted the book I m wondering if there will bebooks to make this a series. It seemed like there definitely could be and if there are I will for sure want to read them Overall a good read.If Mathias thought being homeless sucked, being a vampire is worse The vampires who transformed him believe he is the reincarnation of an ancient king They expect him to quit swearing, use a napkin, and play by their weird, ancient rules Screw that But after the reigning queen assaults Mathias, he has visions of a past life in which he was that king Turns out the current queen killed him then, and wants to kill him again He d better grow up fast, because if he doesn t his second life may be shorter than his first. Like Many Homeless Kids, Fifteen Year Old Mathias Drvar Died On The Streets Unlike The Rest, He Came Back As A VampireIf Mathias Thought Being Homeless Sucked, Being A Vampire Is Worse The Vampires Who Transformed Him Believe He Is The Reincarnation Of An Ancient King They Expect Him To Quit Swearing, Use A Napkin, And Play By Their Weird, Ancient Rules F ThatBut After The Reigning Queen Assaults Mathias, He Has Visions Of A Past Life In Which He Was That King Turns Out The Current Queen Killed Him Then, And Wants To Kill Him Again He D Better Grow Up Fast, Because If He Doesn T His Second Life May Be Shorter Than His First Tail of the Devil is the story of 15 year old Mathias Drvar as he reaches manhood in the most unexpected way After the death of his parents, Mathias is sent to live with his monstrous aunt and her evil offspring Mathias has no choice but to run away from that tortuous environment He travels to New York and lives by his wits on the harsh streets.After a gang related drive by shooting, Mathias wakes up in a strange hospital ward, only it isn t a hospital, but a school for vampires Here, he learns of his royal ancestry dating back hundreds of years and how to behave as a vampire.Mathias is taught by Vlad Dracula and Nossy Nosferatu They show him the way of the vampire and all its intricacies Mathias is at first reluctant as street life is in hs veins, but that too is erased as he comes to terms with his cruel past It is in the incredible flashbacks the reader learns of poor Mathias hard upbringing at the hands of his mother Lilith the Queen Her evil knows no bounds.As Mathias matures so he must face his greatest challenge he must learn to fight as a vampire and do battle with the most powerful vampire of all.This is an unexpected joy, a FIVE STAR YA tale of gore for all age groups A must read for all vampire lovers everywhere. This book has a lot of potential to be a series It has a very Harry Potter ish feel about at times But don t think your getting the vampire version of Hogwarts This fifteen year old has a darker past and an even darker past life Reincarnating as a human leaves Mathias in a dangerous lurch.Mathias Drvar starts out as just a kid on the streets of NYC His parents died in a car crash His aunt wasn t just dismissive She was cruel and allowed her children to behave worse Mathias was left with the choice of risking his life and having a roof over his head or running away and taking his chances on the streets He chose the mean streets Until he meet a dark magician named Nic.Nic uses Mathias as an errand boy, but the last errand seemed to go wrong Mathias gets killed in a gang related shooting Enter Vlad Tepes He rescues Mathias and turns him into a vampire, taking him to a special vampire school in Siberia.At school, Mathias learnsthan vampire skills He finds out he is the reincarnation of the ancient vampire king This revelation certainly doesn t win him points with the reigning vampire queen Poor Mathias has a lot to learn about being a vampire and evenabout vampire politics.I really liked the flow There were times when the plot seemed a little predicable, but the events were enjoyable all the same I particularly liked the snippets that had a parallel to the Potter series Those bits took on a darker feel andoften than not had a different end result The twists and turns kept the pace at an even clip It wasn t a lot of action and then thirty pages of nothing much happening I think a young adult reader would find this an interesting read The language is a little rough, and I might think twice before giving it to a younger reader As always, read it yourself before giving it to the kiddies I give Tail of the Devil a full 4 stars. Tail of the Devil is a fast, edgy and gritty read Anti hero Mathias has had it rough in his few short years and it shows He s an interesting character distrustful, resentful and prickly But DeVor keeps him sympathetic on his journey through life, death and undeath.There s comic relief with the older vampires, who sometimes come across as overgrown kids, in spite of or because of their advanced age Their antics bring some lightness into Mathias s world While this is YA, it is dark, has realistic language and violence. Tail of the Devil by Danielle DeVor is a well written Vampire Story about a 15 year old boy Mathias Drvar has run away from his evil aunt who became his guardian after his parents dies in an accident.Living on the streets of New York he occasionally earns money by doing odd job for a mysterious man named Nic On one of those missions Mathias gets injured and awakes in the hands of Vlad Dracula.This is where the fun begins, as Dracula hates being called by that name and the mighty Nosferatu prefers to be called Nossy It turns out that Mathias is a distant relative and belongs to the Vampire lineage and will be taught how to be a Vampire and how to fight his enemies.DeVor has created a very entertaining set of characters in this coming of age of a vampire tale Mathias is a great if somewhat unlikely and often reluctant adolescent hero and his allies are equally colourful With Mathias we learnabout the world of Vampires, Lilith the evil Queen and Mathias s special role.The use of language might keep it slightly out of bounds for the youngest of the younger audiences but although the tone is dark at times it always remains slightly light hearted Written with much love for the genre and attention to descriptive detail this is a wonderful Vampire story that has a great warm feel to it at times and then takes you into captivating scenes of action For fans of the paranormal and supernatural this must be a feast with its own take on the Vampire myth.Now that Mathias is established I hope this will become a series of books that will let us follow our young hero on further adventures.Very well done. After the death of his parents Mathias was left to live with his evil Aunt and her sadistic kids When he found a chance he left and never looked back He s been on the streets for a year and had to learn to be strong in order to survive On the brink of starvation and on the way to get a job done he was ended up the victem of a hit and run When he woke up he found himself in a hospital and was told that he could be a reincarnation of a very famous vampire warrior A famous warrior who wasn t on good graces with the vampire queen As you can guess she isnt happy that he s back around I really loved this book At first it was pretty slow at first but then it speeds up This book very easy and quick to read I loved the different take of vampires in this book even if it took me sometime to warm up to It s not the worst vampire I ve ever heard of Cough Twilight glitter vamps Cough The way things are for the vampires, him being in school and such reminded me of the Vampire Academy Series and the House of Night series both series that I love If you love those series I m pretty sure you re going to love this I loved that there wasthen one point of view but I wished that they werepronounced when switching because times I really get into the book or distracted and suddenly random character appears and I m confused and backtrack I loved that there was a bit of history back story of past lives in there so I can understand, sympathize, and love the character even , to root for him Such a fanstasic book Highly recommend Interesting story about a streetwise orphan who is saved by an ancient vampire Mathias matures with his newfound vampire family and you follow along with his journey I think there are a lot of gems in this story For me, it harkens back to the older version of vampires Not that Mathias isn t handsome, but the older vampires arescary.The author stays true to Mathias as a street kid doing what he has to in order to survive So there are dark aspects to this story. Mathias is just a street kid trying to survive He does what he must to get money for food When one of these errands for a really suspicious character goes horribly wrong he wakes to find himself in a whole new world He is now in a world of vampires Things he only read about are now his reality While adjusting to his new world and those around him is a challenge even without the Queen who holds a grudge Mathias soon finds that while he is now a vampire he is the reincarnated vampire king His memories from his previous lives start flooding back and he realizes that the Queen is a much bigger threat to him than initially thought The dangers of his new world abound and everything is compounded with the myth of his previous selves that all expect him to live up to Mathias, the street kid, must learn quickly or his new vampiric life will be wiped out similarly to that of his last one.Danielle DeVor does a great job with this story I loved Mathias His character is very well rounded for a teenage kid I also enjoyed the additions of Nosferatu and Vlad Tepes They are great for Mathias character and actually put a new spin on the legendary characters themselves The use of flashbacks to Mathias previous life was very well done It can be quite a challenge for some authors to navigate this Danielle does this so adeptly that it helps to move the story forward without it hindering it Her storytelling is great and I guarantee I will be readingof her works If you are paranormal fan, you will love this vampire world and the characters in it.