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Tales of Sex Suburban Lunacy picks up where the fairytale ends and the “ever after” begins In an affluent town just north of Toronto a different kind of suburbanite has emerged Well educated successful Gen X ers with a misguided sense of entitlement an insatiable appetite for luxury goods and a set of lifestyle choices that includes everything from Dr Bernstein diets and recreational drug misuse to the bizarre antics of the sexually deviant and scandalously promiscuous And in the mix of dating mating and moral dysfunction you’ll meet characters like Nina forty four the divorced mother of twins who accidentally stumbles from one mortifying encounter to another in an effort to end a two year long sexual drought Madeline fifty two single and stuck in online dating purgatory with a collection of horror stories acuired during her uest to find true love and join the ranks of the married middle class Jeannie a forty year old TV producer and single mom with a gifted son a sexy sadistic lawyer for an ex husband and a gynecologist that is convinced Jeannie is a closet lesbianSo welcome to a place where illicit sex is plentiful romantic love is as elusive as smoke and where life is part comedy of communal errors and part tragic milieu of the corrosively ambitious Welcome to the suburbs

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    Sex Suburban Lunacy is an obscure gem guilty pleasure and farcical satire all rolled into one As the title indicates there is no shortage of sex in this book however it’s not flavour of the month mommy porn strung together by bad writing and endless clichés which is what appears to be popular at the moment these days This author can actually write Even the sex which is a difficult thing for even some of the best writers is presented in a way that avoids the formulaic repetition of words and phrases that make so many of the sex themed novels of this past year all sound so painfully unoriginalThis book has no one single plot line but rather the common thread of experience of mature mostly female characters stumbling through dating sexual encounters and relationships gone off the rails We are reading connected stories with recurring characters after all but the book none the less holds our interest because of the narrator’s sharp salacious and occasionally shocking observations The power of description can be charming or cruel sympathetic or sarcastic and we never know for sure what we’re really in for until we’re a page or three into the story The common denominator is the author’s mordant sense of humour which is usually delivered via character dialogue and had me on several occasions laughing out loud Like people in the real world the characters in this book are flawed They make bad decisions often behave selfishly several regret their actions after the fact a couple could be categorized as borderline insane and some are not very likable especially the men Readers looking for lovable heroes or heroines that do the right thing and enjoy fairy tale endings will not find that here What readers will find is lust greed envy infidelity and imperfect characters with glimpses of underlying humanity that actually connects us to them whether we like it or not The omniscient first person narrator is often a not so objective observer At times it sounds like a journalist reporting events in a way that is cold and to the point and sometimes it works and other times we are being told rather than shown and it doesn’t There are stories inside this book that connect well with one another and then there are shorter vignettes in between that are for the most part clever and funny but could also easily be eliminated and no one would noticeIn the end this is a well written satire about imperfect characters living imperfect lives in a wealthy suburb outside of Toronto For some reason Canadians seem to have a special talent for satire and although this author is no Stephen Leacock she does a an excellent job engaging amusing and enlightening us with her unconventionally skewed perspective on love lust and relationships inside the competitive microcosm of this affluent small town suburb and the people who live there

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    Clever and wickedly funny I relish a cutting satire and this book is exactly that Well served amongst a clan of wealthy sexually preoccupied hugely flawed yet very real characters Jumping into each other’s stories and bedrooms throughout the book recurring characters often finding themselves in uncomfortably embarrassing situations that you just know are truth than fiction As title suggests rather sexually explicit which these days seems to be the norm but certainly not trash or Fifty ShadesAuthor’s style is a bit jarring at times though very minimalist almost like she’s reporting or you’re just sitting with her having tea and a gossipy chat I would’ve liked to keep reading Cannot find other books by this author but hope she writes another soon Brilliantly entertaining enjoyLisbeth

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    At times hilarious At times poignant Always entertaining Short stories that chronicle the lives of the privileged and shallow denizens of a small affluent town You will feel you know these people and will find yourself rooting for some and despising others Mostly you want to read the seuel

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    Insightful Engaging and Hysterically Brilliant There isn't a woman out there that can't relate to one of these stories The author puts a satirical spin on the trials and tribulations of dating and relationships Not only entertaining but thought provoking inspiring us to reflect just a little deeper when it comes to matters of the heart our own behaviors and life lessons A must to add to your summer read list Cheryl

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    Tales of sex suburban lunacy was with its stories like a great bag of pick a mix so many flavoursNever knew what next chapter was gonna taste likeIt wasn't difficult to relate to these stories and if it wasn't Toronto it could have been London or any other suburb with its divorceesmiddle aged men or upcoming actorsHilarious and thought provoking at the same time it felt like i was there

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    Copy provided by author in exchange for honest reviewWow I really didn't expect to like this book so much You know that feeling when you start reading a debut and pray to God it won't be a waste of your time? To be honest I feel slightly nervous each time I pick a book by an author my friends or I are not familiar with WHY? Wellthroughout the years I've learned my time is valuable and I've spent fair amount of time on books I didn't like Mind you I'm an old fashioned reader who continues reading a book though my heart is telling me to DNF it and call me crazy but I hate using the word hate when it comes to booksbut sometimes it seems inevitableBut this particular book was one hell of a ride I'm not familiar with the life in Toronto or it's suburbs but I guess it's no different to where I come from People are people they love they hate they gossip they have affairs they feel sad and cheated they have kids they love and can't control best friends they can't count on it could be any of us really of course if we wanted this and under certain circumstances Well people in Unionville are sure a jolly bunch Reading their stories was like watching episodes from Desperate Housewives They all seem to have a perfect life but there comes a time in their lives when they realize it's all really a joke Divorces affairs sex gossiping sex tears and laughter and some sex Welcome to UnionvilleThe writing was really good and though at times it was difficult to follow some of the stories for they introduced too many characters I really enjoyed it The concept was interesting but I think I would have enjoyed it even if the the author decided to follow one story and character Not all of the characters were likeable but I guess that was the author's intention in the first place to create a satire and make us laugh at one's flaws Speaking of laughing there were some stories that made me laugh out loud I really loved the author's humor fresh and smart great combinationTo sum it up I really enjoyed this book I think it's the perfect summer read so in case you're looking for a fun book you'll devour in few hours while having some yummy cocktails on the beach this one is for you

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    in my opinion this was a sex and the city meets desperate housewives meets chasmere mafia type of book it had everything sex or the lack of it the need for a serious relationship and the lack of it family problems and friendship between women I liked it in the sense that it was fun to read it had some really great fragments funny and witty but I couldn't fully relate perhaps the mentality of Canadian women in their 40s is not something I know or am used to However it is a really pleasant read a great insight into the mature dating scene

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    i won this book in a goodreads giveway i really enjoyed it the characters were relatable and the stories were mostly funny but not too over the top

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book Extremely cutting and very funny I've never read anything like this it's a combination of ChickLitSatireHumour with a terrific bunch of connected stories and recurring characters Nothing is sacred here Everything including sex marriage divorce neighbours online dating you name it and it's all up for skewering At times the sex can be uite graphic so not for the faint of heart but it's always for comic effect and uite hilarious in the end Someone please make this book into a TV series it would be so much fun to watch these characters and their charades every week

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    Full disclosure I won this in a goodreads giveaway Thank you to Helen Argiro for sending a Signing copyI Hate the spoilers so it’s gonna be pretty hard for me to review this bookFirst of all there’s isn’t a Sex scene in this book It’s a Pretty funny book we had multiples stories connected by some characters Love the way that the author describe the scenesThis is something on a Desperate Housewives way Sometimes I felt like the book get bored But now I can said that this histories are from my neighbors I want a seuel of this book