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I am appalled that this is a TV series I can think of countless other books that would have been a much better choice The only thing that this has going for it is Hollywood s penchant for taking a script and twisting it into something that isn t even close to what it was Since I haven t watched the show, I can only hope that this is was happened here because the books are PITIFUL In the Fury, Elena wakes up as a vampire and tells the feuding brothers that there was some other dark force that killed her They band together to discover what it was and find out that it was Katherine who had faked her own death Katherine captures Elena, Stefan and Damon with plans to kill them Elena manages to thwart her plans and kills Katherine, but dies herself Yay, I thought NoElena means nobooks right Wrong In Dark Reunion, Elena s friends are receiving messages from her spirit Sigh They summon Stefan to help them fight some new evil and Damon tags along as well Enter werewolves What kind of vampire series would this be without werewolves I d like to see someone TRY to write about vampires without bringing werewolves into it at some point The new evil ends up being the vampire who made Katherine a vampire, so he s extra old and powerful The stage is set for a final battle and everyone involved is mortally wounded Luckily, weird spirit Elena heals everyone summons an undead army and then COMES BACK TO LIFE Son of a I won t be reading anyof this preposterous series. I m a bit confused as to why this series is so popular. There is no denying that the Vampire Diaries novels get even sillier as the series progresses I m talking about things on the order of the spirit of a nineteenth century town founder rising from the beyond to warn the main characters of their impending doom They also suffer a bit from the I ve killed my leading lady repeatedly, now what do I do syndrome typically only faced by soap opera writers, as well as from the problem of having to rehash old news for readers who have potentially jumped into the series in the middle But those things aren t really the point of reading these books I had a great time Plus the lights were flickering in the storm last night, which greatly added to the atmosphere I m as convinced as ever that a strong, steady diet of trashy YA novels from about 9 16 is about the best thing you can do to ensure you ll be a reader forever. The first book in this bind up I enjoyed, but the second one not so much Idk why, maybe because it took a while to get anywhere atleast 1 4 of the book ugh but I just didn t enjoy it as much as the other 3 I ve read I listened to the audiobook for the last half, which was nice, definitely made me push through it quicker I m glad the storyline is completely different than what I know now, but I m not sure I m gonna continue, thinking where it s going with it. LOVE CAN KILLElena Transformed, The Golden Girl Has Become What She Once Feared And DesiredStefan Tormented By Losing Elena, He S Determined To End His Feud With Damon Once And For All Whatever The Cost But Slowly He Begins To Realize That His Brother Is Not His Only EnemyDamon At Last, He Possesses Elena But Will His Thirst For Revenge Against Stefan Poison His Triumph Or Can They Come Together To Face One Final Battle Collected Here In One Edition Are The Third And Fourth Volumes Of The Vampire Diaries, A Riveting Conclusion To The Tale Of Two Vampire Brothers And The Beautiful Girl Torn Between Them I started reading the second bind up of Vampire Diaries as soon as I finished the first one I couldn t stop reading Especially when The Struggle ends with Elena s death theoretically Because she actually transforms into a vampire She was almost drown, and she kinda died, but she had enough of Stefan s blood in her veins to help her stay un dead And. whoa She thinks Damon is her boyfriend I still dunno why Well, yeah, she finally remembered after about 4 chapters, but still Anyway, it was a great story The Fury means Elena s life as a vampire, trying to kill Katherine but, in the end, doing the most unselfish thing anyone could do, as Bonnie describes it at the end of book 3 she risks her life and slowly dies, transforming into ashes, but not before making Stefan and Damon promise they ll take care of each other. Awww, how cute isn t it And, finally, The Reunion is the part where Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Meredith and Matt ally together to confront Klaus, an Old One like original vamp, who never dies and bring Elena back yay The Reunion is maybe the most thrilling book in the Vampire Diaries series not talking about The Vampire Diaries The Return series When I finished this bind up after another week , I couldn t wait for The Return series And now, as an introductory part, The Return series is awesome And, now really, what are you waiting for Go Read It At Once So, I give this book 5 5 stars too, because it kept me breathless for 2 good weeks Again, congratulations to L.J Smith for her vampire story the original one I think this is my favourite one so far Both of them together, butspecifically, Dark Reunion Its just a coincidence Elena isnt in that one Its not because she is gone that I like it I like Elena, but Dark Reunion is the most intense so far It has the most going on and it is very exciting Meeting the original Klaus I tried to picture Joseph Morgan, but it was difficult This Klaus is very different from the Klaus I am used to But both are crazy and evil, and that is essential P But these books are not developed as much as they could be They dont really explain a lot, including character motives There were several things that ppl did and I dont know why, which is kinda bugging me And then at the end, wtf happened I m not complaining, but it was kind of a big deal and they didnt explain how it happened at all. I don t remember much of this, but I remember how ridiculous I found parts of the plot I d say if you re going to read The Vampire Diaries, watch the show instead And I rarely say tv movie adaptations of books are better than the book Rating 1 5 stars I ve been whatching the vampire diaries on tv and I thought it was great It had action and romance in all the right places So I was super excited to read the books I usually read the book first before I whatch anything based off of it to see the differences Im glad I didnt this time or I would have never EVER have seen the tv show I dont even know why i gave this book 2 stars It doesnt deserve it AT ALL Where do I begin Alright the characters.Elena She is a selfish BITCH all I hear from her is I want I want I want Like seriously I don t know how her friends put up with her I like meredith and Bonnie soooo much better Another thing is the book kept trying to say she is independent and fierce But then she just melts and cries any time something happens to her Get it together I also don t understand the Salvatore brothers fascination with her So she looks like Katherine And Stephan I think the whole self hating depressed thing is so overplayed You re a vampire Get over it.Damon In the tv show I REALLY like Damon But in the book He is not explained At all I understand the whole dark and mysterious thing, but you have to get some thoughts and feelings out of him.Lets move on This story has sooo much potential L J Smith doesnt live up to it Nothing is described The action scenes are so short when your done you are like What the Fuck just Happened Even when you reread it you still are so lost Other parts are just so dragged out your just like OH MY GOD Let me go drown myself The way it was just written so amateurly I just do NOT like LJ smith as a writer. I always found Elena to be selfish and I still do Her personality changed a little in this book, so at least she s not that selfish any and she actually treats her best friends better I wasn t surprised when the old power turned out to be Katherine, I saw it coming The only problem I had was that they defeated her too easily, she was an older vampire and she just died so easy The second part of the book was better Most of it was in Bonnie s POV and I liked reading hers She s currently my favorite character It was the same thing with Katherine though, Klaus was defeated so easily when he s an Original he shouldn t have been defeated so fast And now Elena is back, so now its going to be all about her even .