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The Year IsUS Marshal Teddy Daniels And His New Partner, Chuck Aule, Have Come To Shutter Island, Home Of Ashecliffe Hospital For The Criminally Insane, To Investigate The Disappearance Of A Patient Multiple Murderess Rachel Solando Is Loose Somewhere On This Remote And Barren Island, Despite Having Been Kept In A Locked Cell Under Constant Surveillance As A Killer Hurricane Relentlessly Bears Down On Them, A Strange Case Takes On Even Darker, Sinister Shades With Hints Of Radical Experimentation, Horrifying Surgeries, And Lethal Countermoves Made In The Cause Of A Covert Shadow War No One Is Going To Escape Shutter Island Unscathed, Because Nothing At Ashecliffe Hospital Is What It Seems But Then Neither Is Teddy Daniels

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    Ashecliffe Hospital sat on the central plain of the island s northwestern side Sat begnignly, I might add It looked nothing like a hospital for the criminally insane and even less like the military barracks it had been before that Its appearance reminded most of us, in point of fact, of a boarding school Teddy and Chuck are called out to the island to try and find out what happened to one of the inmates She just escaped There really isn t a way she could escape but there you have it The whole place is just downright creepy Teddy is trying his hardest to figure out a code the lady left behind It was crazy town but it all added up in the end We also get flashbacks of Teddy s wife who was killed in a fire and the supposed killer is at this same prison Hmmmm, too convenient right Teddy has dreams of his wife and you just plain feel sorry for him I have watched the movie several times, but this is the first time reading the book They are both awesome I mean talk about a twisted story The end game blew me right out of the water It s just too crazy to fathom, but I can see how this could happen to people I could see how some things could push people right over the edge And it s not a nice edge to go over Awesome book Mel

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    Shutter Island, Dennis LehaneShutter Island is a novel by American writer Dennis Lehane, published by Harper Collins in April 2003 A film adaptation was released in February 2010 Lehane has said he sought to write a novel that would be a homage to Gothic settings He described the novel as a hybrid of the works of the Bront sisters and the 1956 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers His intent was to write the main characters in a position where they would lack 20th century resources such as radio communications He also structured the book to be taut than his previous book, Mystic River 2015 1393 435 9786002294586 21 1954 .

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    I have read Mystic River, and this is no Mystic River It is an interesting novel with a fun twist that I found unbelievable Many think of it than I did I have not seen the film, so can offer no opinion on whether it is better or worse, faithful to the book or not IMHO, it is LeHane light feel free to skip it image, based on the film, drawn from the site Collider

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    The night I finished this, my mind was left reeling from it for a couple of hours and the next day I was unable to get it out of my head Shutter Island is a departure from the Kenzie Gennaro series andit s one of those novels that will certainly leave you pondering the whole story once you re finished it.The less you know about the story, the better Suffice it to say, this is an excellent read and there are very few novels I have read that made my head buzz for hours after Don t miss this, read it before the movie comes out.

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    he hated how fucked up and obscene the world and everything in it had become.Well fuck I decided to wait for at least one day before writing this review because I needed time to process this book But even though than 24 hours passed, I still haven t processed it even a bit Not in a long time did I read a book that grabbed me as Shutter Island did When I was reading this book, and I had to put it down to do some other stuff, it followed me everywhere When I wasn t reading it, I surely was thinking about it Shutter Island crawled under my skin, and it will stay there for a long time Even now, when I finished it, I m sure that it will be somewhere in the back of my mind for a long time I m not going to say anything about the plot, because I think that this book should be read without knowing anything about it If you are planning to read this book, just read it without researching what it is about, and have it in mind that even if you guess the twist, don t let that take away the enjoyment of reading it I guessed one part of the twist somewhere in the middle, but what blew my mind was what that twist did to the characters in the story Not everything is about the twist This was my Lehane s second book I read Mystic River a while back , and it s definitely my favorite book by him so far Truly an amazing book, that will stay with me for a long, long time.

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    An isolated island, a raging hurricane, a locked room, secret codes, a mental hospital, and rumors of mysterious medical experiments frame the story Written in a very different style compared to Lehane s previous novels Mystic river and Gone baby gone The plot is not the simplest of plots, i was scratching my head intrigued because the story flips through past present and surreal It is a disorienting, complex story grounded in the reality of the timescold war USA in 1954 From pondering over the story carefully i find myself laughing now at how Lehane whipped and twisted the story until you are dumb founded just when you think you solved it you realize the opposite You sense the feeling of being cheated in the story because when you start you set out wanting to finding the missing person but realize all is not what it seems, well i have to take my hat of to Lehane s creativity.

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    Another in your face, gritty, and extremely well written book by Dennis Lehane He does such a great job with character development and keeping things smoothly developing from its origins Very well done.

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    I honestly thought my opinion of this book would be greatly influenced by my having seen the film, but it wasn t I was completely blown away reading this one This was probably one of the best psychological thrillers I ve ever read I loved how I got confused and then thought I figured it out, but then was totally confused all over again, until right near the end, at which point everything came to light.

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    I read this book for my hometown book club Surprisingly, I have never heard of Shutter Island, but now after reading this book I will have to check out the movie too.I was hoping for this book to be much better than it was Even after reading it I feel it could have been but there were soooo many twists and turns I couldn t keep up I love when books catch you by surprise or completely change However, this book was not executed well and had too many twists and turns that the author didn t execute them well.The main character, U.S Marshal Teddy Daniels, and his partner, Chuck Aule, take a boat to Shutter Island This is the Hospital for the Criminally Insane and they were requested to come to investigate the escape and find one of a patient.

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    Did Bird Box or Dark Matter mess with your brain Ha This one is the best Total mind melt I had no idea it was a movie I can t wait I loved this book and I love Dennis Lehane as a new author I have found How do they think about that stuff Are they crazy I couldn t sleep at night It s that good and eerie Shudder I highly recommend for eerie suspense with lots of twists and turns