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This was my first selection to our book group and it definitely shook things up a bit.I love Palahniuk, and this is actually my favourite of his Fight Club comes second, so if you hate Fight Club, I can t think you ll like this The style is still there short, choppy ideas repeated until you wonder why, a vocabulary that makes you double take from time to time One of our book groupies actually read it with a dictionary to hand because she wanted to know what every word meant Which, given my love of dictionaries, I think is pretty cool in its own little way.What I really love about this one, to set it apart from the others, is the amazing construction of the female narrator something I wasn t sure he could dobut he certainly can and the art slant to everything It s a different perspective than the out to get the corporate world of Fight Club or the out to get the truth out of Survivor It sinsular and introspective well, as a diary should be and the value of the written word and the work of art are important herenot so much the world Don t read it if you ll be phased by the profanity or any of quite a few twisted images, but if you re willing to let it go as not part of your reality, it will definitely give you something to think about I actually find it empowering, but there s no way I could explain that in less than about six lifetimes. Very slow to begin with A little confusing at times but the end was great. Misty Wilmot Has Had It Once A Promising Young Artist, She S Now Stuck On An Island Ruined By Tourism, Drinking Too Much And Working As A Waitress In A Hotel Her Husband, A Contractor, Is In A Coma After A Suicide Attempt, But That Doesn T Stop His Clients From Threatening Misty With Lawsuits Over A Series Of Vile Messages They Ve Found On The Walls Of Houses He RemodeledSuddenly, Though, Misty Finds Her Artistic Talent Returning As She Begins A Period Of Compulsive Painting Inspired But Confused By This Burst Of Creativity, She Soon Finds Herself A Pawn In A Larger Conspiracy That Threatens To Cost Hundreds Of Lives What Unfolds Is A Dark, Hilarious Story From America S Most Inventive Nihilist, And Palahniuk S Most Impressive Work To Date The way this narrative was a dairy while also describing a diary was an amazing idea The setting and the characters were the right type of people in the right place but something about it all made it sort of gross to read And that was probably the point and I probably missed that but I wish it wasof an actual diary I started reading with that idea and am a huge fan of epistolary fiction My favorite of which is The Sorrows of Young Mike. Hey, goodreads Remember how seriously I used to take you I would tell you every time I finished a book, and then I would tell you about the book I guess I haven t been doing that as much lately Kind of like how Chuck Palahniuk has been phoning it in for three books now, huh Because look, this was the last one of his books I hadn t read Now I have read all of them And Chuck The only reason I didn t give this one five stars is because it wasn t Rant, which I have built up in my head to be your grand achievement, or whatever the French word is But Diary was great Remember when your writing used to be transgressive not because of vibrator jokes, but because of the grim tone and the overwhelming, almost but not quite cartoonishness of the immorality of all the characters This was fun You did interesting things with the plot I don t even want to say what because it would give it away The fact that you think girls are icky was expressed interestingly, instead of boringly The metaphysical stuff was fun, the repeated staccato phrases didn t get overwhelming or boring, and there were homos Thumbs up, Chuck So here s what I think Snuff, Pygmy and Tell All are Chuck s humor trilogy Y know how he likes to write in trilogies Diary is part of the horror trilogy with Haunted and something else, I forget what Well, Chuck, your humor trilogy has failed Please write a second horror trilogy Or keep doing sci fi, like Rant Because when you are on your are on Finishing this one is kinda bittersweet. no, no, no, no, no, no, no.NO NO.This book is ridiculous.I ve never found it exactly difficult to get through a Chuck Palahniuk book because he s one of the greatest, most complex writers I know of, but this book it was such a drag I prefferred babysitting over reading Diary.I had to pull myself through it each and every day I get anxious if I don t finish a book so I couldn t toss it aside The only reason I completely forced myself through it in less than a month is because I was so excited to read another book I d recieved in the mail.I love Palahniuk s writing style, I won t lie The repitition and the way he makes you feel like he s TALKING to you instead of telling a story I don t know I like it but in Diary, his writing style couldn t make up for the fact that it was just boring I don t see how anyone could find this interesting and sometimes I worry that maybe I missed the moral point of the story and i always want to reread it. but I don t think I could bring myself to do it.Bleh. My absolute favorite Chuck book so far It spoke to me bring an artist wit the theme of artists suffering Original storyline as usual, he does not disappoint but rather brings it fullyso then any other book he has written, in my opinion Suffering living Suffering true feeling Suffering emotions Emotions Open mind Open mind creativity Creativity Artistic excellence Or something along those lines This book made me realize why as an artist I go through dry spells of creativity and original thoughts expressions Sometimes I feel like things just click and sometimes I feel like I can t produce anything worth sharing all the bullshit It s absolutely true that when you are suffering you think , you brood , you long for things to work out BUT while things AREN T working out your mind is working in overtime When things are going well in life, it s easy to go day to day, thinking about life and the deeper meaning of things less When things aren t going well you tend to open your mind a little, to try and figure out why all those serious and depressing life questions come to the surface and those thoughts are what creates meaningful art Any art with value has extreme emotions and deeper meanings to it things that can t be reached unless you try real hard which works better when your mind is open to the suffering Think about it at what time in your life do you ask yourself the deep questions regarding your life Usually once something goes wrong When things are going good, why think about things which could depress you We all know that the meaning of life, in the overall scheme of things, is depressing as hell and usually isn t brooded upon until we are in situations which put us there in the first place Okay, so overall one of my favorite book and HIGHLY recommended to anyone who has a creative bone in their body It will help you recognize creativity, where it stems from and the sad reality behind anything created with any value Depressing book yes But it is Chuck and should be expected By far my favorite Chuck Palahniuk book yet Even though I know Haunted was his baby and has been the book he has been wanting to write throughout his entire career I still believe this is his best. Like all of Palahniuk s other work, Diary is vivid, disturbing, grotesque, and a bit supernatural If his descriptions don t leave you feeling at least somewhat squeamish, then you must have no imagination whatsoever He is like a painter who makes the simplest object look hideously grotesque, who can look at a common scene and envision it in the twisted way only a serial killer might Only, the serial killers in his novels don t kill for pleasure they kill for reasons muchcreative than that.Palahniuk is nothing if not creative Diary is written as a diary from the point of view of the protagonist, Misty, in the fashion of a long letter written to her comatose husband Peter However, because she is writing to him directly, she refers to you, who also happens to be the reader, creating a number of identity overlaps Moreover, the narrative habit of referring to oneself as you when writing in a diary comes up a number of times, because it would be equally applicable as referring to Peter or the reader as you And none of this even begins to brush the surface of the story, which involves Misty s allegedly supernatural artistic abilities, her inexplicable attraction to Peter s shiny junk jewelry which he pinned through his own scabby skin , and the creepy warnings she finds inside sealed off rooms of buildings Peter remodeled before he tried to kill himself. Invisible Monsters will always be my favorite Palahniuk novel, and Fight Club will always be the most famous Haunted might very well be the most disturbing But Diary pays homage to what Palahniuk does best turn a common story and a common story form into a extraordinary and very unsettling tale. It s so hard to forget pain, but it s even harder to remember sweetness We have no scar to show for happiness We learn so little from peace Chuck Palahniuk, Diary Yes, and