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Welcome to the world of the GrishaKaz Brekker and his crew of deadly outcasts have just pulled off a heist so daring even they didn't think they'd survive But instead of divvying up a fat reward they're right back to fighting for their livesDouble crossed and badly weakened the crew is low on resources allies and hope As powerful forces from around the world descend on Ketterdam to root out the secrets of the dangerous drug known as jurda parem old rivals and new enemies emerge to challenge Kaz's cunning and test the team's fragile loyaltiesA war will be waged on the city's dark and twisting streets a battle for revenge and redemption that will decide the fate of the Grisha world

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    Check out my Depop where I sell books and niche findings here AT HALF PRICE Before I start my review can we just take a minute to admire this beautiful piece of art featuring my favorites Source “I will have you without armour Kaz Brekker Or I will not have you at all”This review contains spoilersThe wait for this grandiose seuel has been all consuming I've been thinking about the Dregs for months and months now so getting back into their lives has been one of the most rewarding experiencesThe book opens on Wylan still wearing Kuwei Yul Bo’s features since Nina didn’t trust herself with her powers now It had been just under a week since the Dregs reached Ketterdam almost a month since they’d left Djerholm And they're all fighting to get Inej back before Van Eck could have his way with herThey were almost out of time But none of them knew the real game Kaz Dirtyhands Brekker the smooth smart criminal mastermind was running And so piece by piece the plan to rescue Inej had come togetherThings were about to get dangerous “Why do you guys say that anyway? No mourners no funerals? Why not just say good luck or be safe?”“We like to keep our expectations low”Literally one of my most pressing uestions for the seuel was answered so uicklyBut the days until Van Eck’s deadline were dwindling and to get Inej back they would need surprise on their side Only one shot at getting the Wraith out of this situation But before all that can happen we get to read from the pov of my favorite warrior Inej Ghafa legend of the Barrel And let me tell you she is one of the most strong and determined and courageous characters I've known so watching her doubt herself and her Saints damn near broke me What she had to go through in her first chapter left me both shaking and trembling Ghafa has my soul heart and my enter being wrapped around her pinky “When fear arrives something is about to happen”Meanwhile the Dregs have gathered enough intel to get their girl the hell out of Van Eck’s hole I felt truly terrified for Inej because that brute managed to get into her head but she was done being frightened of this man And so was I—thanks to both her and the man of the hour my favorite bastard of the Barrel Kaz Brekker with that demonic caneYou know I forgot for a second there just how dark he can be when it comes down to business But he's called Dirtyhands for a reason and we're reminded just exactly what he had done to earn his reputation “Sometimes the only way to get justice is to take it for yourself”I'm still furious at myself for believing that that smug merch son of a bitch could outthink Kaz Brekker And with the help of his loyal Dregs they manage to get Inej of out harm's way but not without trouble coming their way The kind of trouble even Jan Van Eck hadn't foreseen Shu with wings looking to hunt and capture GrishaBut the deal is the deal and Van Eck has to pay up—Dirtyhands is not someone to piss off They’d set out to get Inej back from Van Eck and they had But they're not done with the merch And the plan the Dregs have set is so intricate that it will be the end of the Van Eck empire without a shadow of a doubt Okay so here's the official plan to both earning their thirty million kruge and obliterating the devil himself They're going after Van Eck's sugar crop since he controls the silos where the supply is produced• Thanks to Wylan’s weevil they can destroy the sugar in Van Eck’s silos without being exposed• “My father can weather a loss The other merchants the ones who own the sugar in his silos will be hit worse”• And once the other merchants learn that Van Eck has been buying up sugar that isn’t stored in his silos thanks to Kaz purchasing shares on behalf of Van Eck his reputation will be annihilated “Van Eck’s reputation will take a hit when the sugar is lost But when the people who paid him to keep it safe find out he profited from their loss they’ll look closely at those silos”“And find the remnants of the weevil” finished Wylan“Destruction of property tampering with the markets” Inej murmured “It will be the end of him”• They'll get the weevil into the silos by letting tiny and ferocious Inej do what she's best at climbing up twenty stories high and walking a high wire from one silo to the nextno biggie• And while doing all of the above they're also going to get the rest of the Grisha out of the city at Nina's reuest A ship to Ravka with twenty passengers including Kuwei is conspicuous so they're going to steal Van Eck's own transport to remain obscure They couldn’t just be smarter than their opponent they had to be relentless• I just why is everything so damn complicated with the Dregs They're nothing if not ambitious “You couldn’t go to war with an upstanding merch like Van Eck not if you were a thug with a reputation dirtier than a stable hand’s boot sole To win Kaz would have to level the field He would show the world what he already knew Despite his soft hands and fine suits Van Eck was a criminal just as bad as any Barrel thug—worse because his word was worth nothing”It's a known fact that Kaz Brekker is a smooth smart criminal mastermind but he also hurts for his big criminally inclined family And watching him realize just that was one of my most cherished scenes “He was going to break my legs ” she said her chin held high the barest uaver in her voice “Would you have come for me then Kaz? When I couldn’t scale a wall or walk a tightrope? When I wasn’t the Wraith any?”Dirtyhands would not The boy who could get them through this get their money keep them alive would do her the courtesy of putting her out of her misery then cut his losses and move on“I would come for you” he said and when he saw the wary look she shot him he said it again “I would come for you And if I couldn’t walk I’d crawl to you and no matter how broken we were we’d fight our way out together—knives drawn pistols blazing Because that’s what we do We never stop fighting”I cant stop thinking about this without getting goosebumps Damn you Kaz You know speaking of which Wylan finding out that his mother was still alive and in an insane asylum because of rotten Van Eck made me want to string his father up in a barren field and let the vultures have at him to uote JesperBut seriously that whole situation made my heart race I couldn't believe to what levels of evil Van Eck would sink The only silver lining was the whole plan Kaz had in store for the devil And hopefully seeing Wylan reunite with Marya Hendriks I’m always weak for stories reuniting mother and son AlwaysAlso Jesper trying to cheer Wylan up made me shed a tear or two “Hey” Jesper said giving him a shake “Hey Your father could have made a lot of choices when he found out you couldn’t read Hell he could have said you were blind or that you had trouble with your vision Or better yet he could have just been happy about the fact that he had a genius for a son”“I’m not a genius”“You’re stupid about a lot of things Wylan but you are not stupid And if I ever hear you call yourself a moron again I’m going to tell Matthias you tried to kiss Nina With tongue”Wylan wiped his nose on his sleeve “He’ll never believe it”“Then I’ll tell Nina you tried to kiss Matthias With tongue” They seriously deserve the world and so much They all did This was them at their bestAnd then halfway through the book the plan suddenly changes because Ketterdam has turned on Kaz “But if you couldn’t open a door you just had to make a new one” And that's what Dirtyhands excels at “I know how to do it” Kaz said slowly “How to get Kuwei out get the Grisha out get our money beat Van Eck and give that son of a bitch Pekka Rollins everything he has coming to him”Nina raised a brow “Is that all?”“How?” asked Inej“This whole time we’ve been playing Van Eck’s game We’ve been hiding We’re done with that We’re going to stage a little auction Right out in the open” He turned to face them and his eyes gleamed flat and black as a shark’s “And since Kuwei is so eager to sacrifice himself he’s going to be the prize”My heart leapt like a horse clearing a jump Kuwei is going to auction himself with the hopes that the Ravkans will end up buying him It was the best chance they had of getting Kuwei to Ravka and saving Grisha lives To uote Brekker it was a mad spiky monster of a plan and that was what it had to be for them to succeedSeriously though how does Bardugo keep up with herself? There were so many twists and turns that left my mind spinning even after having closed my eyes The whole storyline is just so lancing—we know where the end game is supposed to be but to get there the Dregs would have to go through hell and back And damn that they did But before hell comes their way Kaz and Inej share an intimate moment that left me undone He had gone to great lengths to prove he was capable of anything “The sickness was there the need to run the need for something else too Kaz thought he knew the language of pain intimately but this ache was new It hurt to stand here like this so close to the circle of her arms It isn’t easy for me either After all she’d endured he was the weak one But she would never know what it was like for him to see Nina pull her close watch Jesper loop his arm through hers what it was to stand in doorways and against walls and know he could never draw nearer”I’ll be 100% honest this choked me up a little bit “Before he even knew what he intended he lowered his head She drew in a sharp breath His lips hovered just above the warm juncture between her shoulder and the column of her neck He waited Tell me to stop Push me awayShe exhaled “Go on” she repeated Finish the story”My heart should not be making that sound “The barest movement and his lips brushed her skin—warm smooth beaded with moisture Desire coursed through him a thousand images he’d hoarded barely let himself imagine—the fall of her dark hair freed from its braid his hand fitted to the lithe curve of her waist her lips parted whispering his nameAll of it there and then gone ”This is heaven what I truly want I have no words to thank you for this Seriously Leigh can write evocative raw and hauntingly powerful scenes like nobody's business “Two of the deadliest people the Barrel had to offer and they could barely touch each other without both of them keeling over But they’d tried He’d tried Maybe they could try again”They truly deserve their happy endingBut in the end it all came down to this Brekker his Wraith ueen his rotten little court of thugs Because no matter what would happen the Dregs had a way of rewriting their own rulesI mean that ending that ending was every bit as epic as I had anticipated It either would've gone brilliantly or in total disaster but that’s generally the way this crew likes to work Also one last minor thing I was on the edge the whole time to see who would survive even though the table of contents kind of gave away who lives who dies who tells their story But I cannot for the life in me believe Matthias Helvar got killed off by a young drüskelle This is not what I want This is not what I planned “After all their mad escapes and close calls he’d started to believe the six of them were somehow charmed that his guns Kaz’s brains Nina’s wit Inej’s talent Wylan’s ingenuity and Matthias’ strength had made them somehow untouchable They might suffer They might take their knocks but Wylan was right in the end they were all supposed to stay standing“No mourners” said Jesper surprised by the ache of tears in his throat“No funerals” they all replied softly”My eyes burned tears streaming down my cheeks I was whispering come back to me right there with Nina I just I was rooting for everyone to have their happy ending Everyone So this death came as such a shocking reveal I felt sorrow dragging at my heart for hours after that And I'm still not over it This Saintsforsaken book has taken away a piece of my heart with that ending I’ve got this ache in my chest that won’t go away I want to be free But I know I won't be forgetting the Dregs anytime soon 55 stars Note I'm an Affiliate If you're interested in buying Crooked Kingdom just click on the image below to go through my link I'll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with This review and can be found on my blog

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    I know we frown upon picking favorite books here but you know what? This is my favorite book of all time and y'all can leave Maybe there were people who lived those lives Maybe this girl was one of them But what about the rest of us? What about the nobodies and the nothings the invisible girls? We learn to hold our heads as if we wear crowns We learn to wring magic from the ordinary That was how you survived when you weren’t chosen when there was no royal blood in your veins When the world owed you nothing you demanded something of it anyway Okay listen I could talk about how much I love everything about this series forever although I think I already did while writing my review for Six of Crows I love the twisty and creative plot I love the morally grey characters I love the group dynamics and banter I love the engaging writing I love all three of the romance plots yes I just lost all my credibility as an unromantic This series truly is my favorite fantasy series of all time and this book is one of the only conclusions I've ever given five stars I think it's rare to find a book that for me is both entertaining and thematically satisfying 🌺 THE CHARACTERS 🌺 Who's my favorite character you ask? I DON'T KNOW probably Inej The point is that FIVE of these characters make my top ten fictional characters ever list There are two series which managed to get two characters on that list but this series shoved on FIVE 🌲 Kaz He's the most morally black protagonist I've ever read about and I love him to pieces Yes his plans go too far and get crazy here but honestly if Bardugo can think it up I'm willing to accept that Kaz can too Kaz gets even of a human side in this book which comes out through his relationships with Inej Jesper Wylan and even Nina Not Matthias because Matthias somehow never makes these lists Sorry bud 🍁 Inej I asked Leigh Bardugo one uestion at the panel where I met her and that was her least favorite villain She said Tanta Helene ruler of the menagerie and after this book I definitely understand why Inej went through hell and came out stronger and far in control I know there are those who hate how controlled she is but I think it's realistic She's controlled around everyone except for Helene who's her worst nightmare come true I love that Inej isn't a chosen one that nothing in her blood gives her agency None of these characters are; Jesper and Nina both neatly sidestep the chosen one archetype with every second of pagetime 🌲 Jesper JESPER He's developed so much and I didn't really expect it Jesper likes living on the edge a bit like Lila Bard from ADSoM He's aware of his flaws and he's aware of the pain his own actions have caused him and he's trying to work through it His relationship with his father makes me want to cry 🍁 Wylan In the first book Wylan is likable but annoyingly naive In this book he's fucking awesome He's a cinnamon roll but he's also willing and able to kill you so basically he's a character designed for me to love His arc essentially turns him from a naive kid into an antihero and I love that His relationship with his father took a front seat here but it was almost emotionally cathartic to read their interactions 🌲 Nina Nina is idealistic and clever and can go from flirting to making speeches within ten seconds She's definitely a bit of an antihero– she can be but she's also a ton of fun to see on page Her struggle with the Jurda was developed well here and her powers are still fucking awesome 🍁 Matthias He's always been my least favorite of the dregs but you know what I liked him a lot here Rereading it struck me how much respect the narrative gives this character without romanticizing the things he's done His arc is pitch perfect I still don't love him nearly as much as some of the dregs but that's a totally unfair standard to hold any character to I'm sorry Matthias in any other book you'd stand out 🌺 RELATIONSHIPS ROMANTIC AND NOT 🌺 Inej and Kaz were always the standout couple of this series to me The genuine care between them despite all they've been through gets to my emotions Which I apparently have Who knew They're even better in Crooked Kingdom Here the narrative addressed these two character's traumas and didn't skate over them Neither of them are ready to kiss yet and that's okay What matters is that they emotionally open up to each other let each other through the walls source look at my children guys I would have come for you And if I couldn't walk I'd crawl to you and no matter how broken we were we'd fight our way out together knives drawn pistols blazing Because that's what we do We never stop fighting Jesper and Wylan were a vaguely cute ship for most of book one until that one line at the end where Leigh Bardugo decided to start breaking my heart in two Here they started putting my heart back together thank god They don't have a particularly angst filled storyline but their banter is hilarious and the trust in their relationship is so important to me “You’re stupid about a lot of things Wylan but you are not stupid And if I ever hear you call yourself a moron again I’m going to tell Matthias you tried to kiss Nina With tongueWylan wiped his nose on his sleeve “He’ll never believe it Then I’ll tell Nina you tried to kiss Matthias With tongue” Matthias and Nina were honestly not that big a ship for me in book one I absolutely understand what's appealing about their dynamic; they're sweet and have amazing relationship development But I don't have to lie down for twenty minutes when I read their scenes The Dregs are such an amazing suad all together There are so many platonic relationships here to break your heart; Jesper and Inej Inej and Nina although lbr they're a little gay Kaz and Wylan Jesper and Kaz Jesper and Inej still have one of my favorite friendship dynamics of all time Their banter and their genuine trust in each other and their lowkey joking about their mutual crush on Kaz it gets to me 🌺 PLOTTING AND WRITING 🌺 All I can say is brilliant Every twist is pitch perfect This 500 page book barely even lagged for me I read this entire longass book in one bingeread it was that hard to put down Bardugo incorporates plotting and character work seamlessly into every moment without sacrificing tension or twists 🌺 BUT WHY DOES IT STAND OUT? 🌺 There's one thing I wanted to say about this book that I didn't say about Six of Crows the theme of this book is hope Crooked Kingdom is about healing from what's happened to you Maybe these characters come out of what they've been through as different people but they're alive and they're coping and they're happy It's not about curing your injuries and fixing your trauma it's about learning to cope with what you've been given spoilers ahead view spoiler Kaz isn't magically cured of his touch sensitivity– him and Inej never kiss and yet they still make it work and somehow them HOLDING HANDS was the most intimate passage I've read ever Wylan never learns to read but he gets to drag his father to hell and back for all the trauma he's been through and it was both the funniest and most cathartic thing I've ever read I'm writing this Nov 6th and I've already reread this scene three times hide spoiler

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    That’s the problem with Ketterdam Jesper thought as they stumbled uncertainly through the dark Trusting the wrong person can get you killed What's that down there on the ground you say? Oh it's just my heart after Bardugo callously ripped it out sobSeriously this book was such a crazy ride The jump in uality from the Grisha trilogy to Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom is just astounding These books have Bardugo's compelling style all over them and yet they are so much complex rich and well written As a person who doesn't love multiple perspectives especially than two I'm amazed at how the author manages to juggle so many diverse characters and make me care about them allCrooked Kingdom is a beast of a book my hardcover would make a nice murder weapon and yet the action and tension never run dry It's a cliche to compare a book to a rollercoaster but that's exactly what this felt like highs and lows of emotions eual parts humorous sexy entertaining dark violent romantic and grittyThe stakes just keep getting bigger This book opens where we left off with Wylan wearing Kuwei Yul Bo's face and our gang must rescue Inej get revenge and defeat the bad guys But that doesn't even begin to sum up all the action adventure and craziness going on here And as well as being dark and compelling the characters and relationships we love become even fascinating and developed There are a grand total of THREE ships here and I truly adore them allI actually wasn't really feeling the KazInej chemistry in the first book but it just came crashing down in a wave of feels here “He was going to break my legs ” she said her chin held high the barest uaver in her voice “Would you have come for me then Kaz? When I couldn’t scale a wall or walk a tightrope? When I wasn’t the Wraith any?”Dirtyhands would not The boy who could get them through this get their money keep them alive would do her the courtesy of putting her out of her misery then cut his losses and move on“I would come for you” he said and when he saw the wary look she shot him he said it again “I would come for you And if I couldn’t walk I’d crawl to you and no matter how broken we were we’d fight our way out together—knives drawn pistols blazing Because that’s what we do We never stop fighting” shiversIn the end though Leigh Bardugo is EVIL Don't forget it There are so many satisfying things in this book like watching Kaz Brekker just be fucking awesome like all the twists and turns like the wonderful gay romance but it also hits you in the heart And it hits hardThe ending was just epic perfection It was the kind of ending a story like this deserves the kind that leaves you wanting but knowing that it finished in exactly the right placeBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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    375? I have such a complicated relationship with this duologyI WANT to love it I do care about the characters but not nearly as much as the Fandom seems toI wish there was about the magic system which was my favorite part in the Grisha trilogy and is sadly lacking in here I still think things seem so easy for Kaz that he seems to be able to plan elaborate plans to double cross everyone in a matter of secondview spoilerI'm very mad about Matthias dying It felt like an afterthought It felt like oh someone has to die so things don't look too easy It was badly done in my opinion and just frustrated me hide spoiler

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    oops i slipped and re read this for a second time this year o I really enjoyed this re read There are so many things that happen in this book that I completely forgot about I still feel like the oddball with this one though because I prefer Six of Crows over Crooked Kingdom It's a great finale but I feel like there are times when things drag out uite a bit Regardless I still love it

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    Reviewdiscussion favourite part of reading this was that as I took review notes every time I wrote Kaz it autocorrected to Kazoo This freaking book oh my goodness I LOVED IT even than the first one actually I adore this characters and I must see them again A Nina spin off perhaps? YES PLEASE

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    UPDATE it workedI recommend you put your palm on the page say very resolutely not today satan and linger eternally in the Denial stage of grief Me opens my French copy of Crooked Kingdom and begins readingMe still in denial hey maybe in French nothing bad happens to redacted

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    Read 2 | March 2019so my chief thought going into this reread was maybe if I reread it the ending will be different? And I'm here to say the tYPO of that ending with That Character still remains and i am a mess Also I actually remembered so so little of this so the reread was basically like reading something fresh I missed my dregs I loved getting wrapped in the harsh details the wanting the found family the hope and betrayal and wickedly clever schemes Kaz's schemes within schemesw were incredible Which makes me even in awe of Leigh Barudgo She is a clever goddess and we are here to be awed and also suffer in her presenceAlso the audiobookthe endinglook don't read emotional books with audio narrators who are going to get chocked up It's nOT FAIR 😭😭 I'm a stone cold statute don't make me ruin my book street cred by getting emotionalfyi this book is bloody brilliant·゚✧·゚✧Read 1 | Sept 2016HOW DO I EVEN ACCURATELY REVIEW THIS MASTERPIECE??? I don't know What are words What is air WHAT IS TYPING AFJDSKALFDAJSKDLJD Okay okay I will calm myself and wrote some semicoherent thoughts but basically all you need to know is this book is a magnificent villainous piece of genius that I love so so so so much Hence the WHAT IS AIR uestion because fjakldfsad if I fangirl any I will lose my miiiiiiindJust kidding hhaha I lost my mind YEARS AGOAlso this review will not contain spoilers so don't go having a heartattack just looking at it I mean there will be spoilers but ALL IN HIDDEN TAGS But it WILL possibly contain spoilers for Six of Crows Just mild unavoidable ones But I'll do my bestWHERE EVEN TO START OMG?? So the story picks up a week later after book 1 And it's VERY heavy on the complex plot Which I really truly did enjoy even though I got befuddled a bit towards the middle with plans collapsing and being remade all the time But the finale was freaking brilliant plot wise so who's complaining? Not I And I 1000% intended to re read this via audio because my SoC reread with audio was life And I always understand the twists of the heists better on audios ANYWAY The heist is very very different to book 1 BUT STILL GOOD We stay in Ketterdam yaaas and it gets a bit political with Kaz intending to bring down Van Eck's kingdom and reputation as well So less lock picking More mind gamesAnd the characters?? My precious darlings were perfect in every way Kaz is downright vicious in this one and if you thought he was a cold dark melon in book onehahhaahah HE GETS MEANER #BlessHim And Nina Matthias my heart is just melting into gloop they are so cute and adorable Jesper had a lot of character development which was glorious And Wylan gets his on POV Which leads me to conclude that Wylan is adorable and must be protected at all costs Inej remains my least favourite The holier than thou attitude just riles me so the wrong way Don't get me wrong I still like her But I really felt disinterested in her story line because she never grows because she's always spouting holy Suli proverbs and being better than everyone else I just always fall harder for characters who have better development Kaz Wylan and Jesper all WIN for the development hereAND THE SHIPS?? THE SHIIIIIPS?? Omg OMG You will laugh cry shriek and probably melt Just FYI Have fun with thisI actually didn't even mind that it was 500 pages Usually big books scare me witless But this time I thought it needed EVERYTHING or I am just obsessed Hahahah Why would you think that???Also feels THERE WILL BE FEELS Which is glorious Because it managed to mix in the funny hilarious black comedy feels in with the plot twist omg omg omg feels I forgot to breathe several times but who even needs air? Eh Optional But least to say this book did stab me several times and I looooove it for doing that It's just as dark as book one and that be gloriousAlso a moment for the sheer amount of food appreciation here?? Bless Nina Zenik who is my soul sister with her love for food And there are so many WAFFLES This book is literally built on Kaz's evil scheming face wafflesOkaaay but there were a few things I'm not a huge fan of Like they're just tiny things and obviously didn't stop me from A rating this book ALL THE STARS and B putting it on my best of the year shelf so afjdkslafd cAN YOU NOTICE HOW MUCH I LOVED IT YAS?Anyway Negatives• One of the biggest plot points seemed too easy view spoilerThey got Inej back in the first few hundred pages which is fine But I expected that to be of the plot? So that might be just misplaced expectations But I did think Kaz's kidnapping of Van Eck's wife and forcing a trade was super simple and why didn't they do that sooner?? And why didn't Van Eck prevent it? Idek It seemed to easyobvious hide spoiler