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These hags these great beauties these mermaids who taunt who feast who slash who steal these succubae who cannot rest my mothers my sisters my unborn friends my keepers my guardians Powerhouse Jenny Zhang on identity love art and living with rage

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    Holy shit this is so fucking good I mean by now most of the literary world knows of Jenny Zhang's wit clarity and subtlety – but this chap will still stun you into silence Buy two copies because I guarantee you'll want to share this with everyone you know

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    I'm editing a memoir for an eighty six year old woman who once slapped her crotch and said I'd rather have a couple of bad fucks than work a job I hate for five minutesAnd that's just the first sentence

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    Like Zhang's poetry collection Dear Jenny We Are All Find this little essay skitters around in ways both unsettlingly wild and thoughtfully provocative Topics include editing an elderly woman's memoir childhood thoughts on fame Asian American gymnast Amy Chow Isaac Babel farting Senator Wendy Davis's 11 hour filibuster adult diapers and the other tongue These topics shine brightly for their respective moments before segueing into the next It's like one crazy beautiful mash up of an essay

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    every sentence in this piece hits hard i wanted to re read each paragraph and each page almost as soon as i finished it and sometimes before i even got to the end the anger in this piece is palpable 1110

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    Every time I open this up I'm sucked in again I know I am not the first woman to ask this but how can I be both damaged and heroic? Both damaged and lovable? How do I become the protagonist of the story?Dead white guys and not dead not white guys hate it when you dismiss revered works of art and literature by saying Uggggggh I hate this And give no reason why at allIf I live to a hundred do I really have to spend 85 or of those years explaining why I don't like this?That's an excerpt between particulars a re telling of a Babel story in which a woman gets raped and it's treated as nothing a personal narrative about the author and her brother I'd read so much of this A full length book

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    SOOOOO GOOD Found this little gem in City Lights on vacation and it was burned into my cortex Evocative brilliant etc

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    god this read was an incredible one i didn't want it to end my favorite quote I used to hold in my farts in public until I could find a largewhite man to covertly let them out next to They’ll think it’sme my boyfriend used to say Well good I said Would it havebeen too on the nose too victim y for me to have pointedout back then or what about now that I am blamed all thetime? My theory is weak I am either stupid or lazy or both but truly it was hard to choose just one i love jenny zhangs writing crass and humorous and real and how the thoughts kind of jump from one to the next in a quick motion its strangely seamless and easy to follow because you can definitely read what leads one point or thought to the next anyway i want the ONLY good thing about how short this was is that i'll prolly be able to comfortably read it a dozen times

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    In my diary I wrote I’m so afraid someone is gonna give me a Grammy What if a famous music producer walks past my house and hears me singing and becomes obsessed with me and makes me into a huge pop star and because of my music millions of people decide that life IS worth it and I am basically responsible for the continuation of humanity and I win all these Grammys and even though my real passion is writing poetry I will have to keep singing for humanity? How could I turn my back to mankind like that?