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Ketterdam a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price—and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams But he can’t pull it off alone A convict with a thirst for revengeA sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wagerA runaway with a privileged pastA spy known as the WraithA Heartrender using her magic to survive the slumsA thief with a gift for unlikely escapesKaz’s crew is the only thing that might stand between the world and destruction—if they don’t kill each other first

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    HOW ARE YOU ALL NOT FREAKING OUT ABOUT THIS BEING A NETFLIX SHOW??Five solid stars This book pulled me in from the beginning to the point where I knew I'd found a favorite before I was halfway through Here Bardugo integrates a creative plot interesting and morally grey characters group dynamics and banter a great writing style and some really really prime romance plots Goddamn can Leigh Bardugo write romance There are very very few books that I love so wholeheartedly This series truly is my favorite fantasy series of all time There's no competition whatsoever PLOTTING AND WORLDBUILDINGBardugo tosses you right into the main plot from the beginning and keeps you engaged all the way through even when her focus is on character work Her plotting is incredibly engaging with so many twists and turns that the book is hard to put down This book focuses on mind games and clever plotting The dregs need to have a thousand backup plans and everything is brilliantly planned by Bardugo The Grisha's worldbuilding is very engaging even though we're thrown in without context; I remember thinking that I would have appreciated a proper map of Ketterdam and then we GOT a good map in book two Bardugo's prose is awesome and there are some truly gorgeous uotes from here Then again it doesn't feel as if she's trying too hard or using purple prose CHARACTER WORK OF PERFECTION A gambler a convict a wayward son a lost Grisha a Suli girl who had become a killer a boy from the Barrel who had become something worse Bardugo nails character work here Every single character grows every single character develops every single character owns my heart okay maybe not Matthias uite as much but weInej is a member of a gang and a murderer but she desperately wants to do the right thing and liberate slaves like herself She's gone through hell and she's come out strong and in control She feels so real on page; she has a heart but she only lets it out around the people she cares about I like that combination Kaz is the most manipulative terrible morally black protagonist I've ever read about and I love him to pieces He's absolutely an antihero; yes he's on a mission to save the world but does he care about saving the world? Nope he cares about getting his cash He still manages to be a complex dimensional character who genuinely cares about his friends not dying though he'd never admit it Jesper is witty and an absolute delight to get a POV chapter from but he's also incredibly sympathetic as a former farm boy who fell from grace He likes living on the edge and he's aware of the pain his own actions have caused him and he's trying to work through it Nina is hilarious and idealistic and clever and can go from flirting to making speeches within ten seconds She's such a great character because she's so earnest and positive despite everything that's happened to her She's also one of the most badass characters ever Wylan doesn't actually have pov chapters here but he's getting a shoutout from me anyway because of his pov chapters in CK He's entertaining here too coming off as a blushing do gooder but with rumor and intrigue swirling around his actual past Matthias is honestly my least favorite He's dynamic enough and he's got a great character arc but I don't feel as if he's nearly as original a character as my five Whatever I still like him BANTER AND DOING CHARACTER DYNAMICS RIGHTThe Dregs are such an amazing suad all together Their banter owns my heart Jesper and Inej especially have one of my favorite friendship dynamics of all time; their banter and their genuine trust in each other and their lowkey joking about their mutual crush on Kaz Inej and Nina stand out as well; extra credit for passing the bechdel test with flying colors Also the dialogue here absolutely rules You have no idea how many times I had to hold in laughter “When we get our money you can burn kruge to keep you warm” said Kaz “Let’s go”Jesper consulted his compass and they turned south “I’m going to pay someone to burn my kruge for me”Kaz fell into step beside him “Why don’t you pay someone else to pay someone to burn your kruge for you? That’s what the big players do”“You know what the really big bosses do? They pay someone to pay someone to ” HOW TO WRITE ROMANCE A GUIDEBOOK BY LEIGH BARDUGOSeriously I felt the need to give this an entire section of its own because the romance here is SO good But the romance plots never overtake the book; I have an annotations list for these books and there are twice as many good character moments and gorgeous uotes as there are romantic moments Kaz and Inej are one of my all time favorite book couples I used to consider them my third favorite but they've uickly become my favorite of all time They have so many small moments and such slow build romantic development And then as if I weren't invested already they have that one declaration scene which honestly made me swoon I will have you without armor Kaz Brekker Or I will not have you at all Jesper and Wylan are just cute for most of the book They got some cute relationship build but I wasn't that invested And then that One Line at the end of the book shows up and they KILLED me Really Bardugo? You could've left me heart intact instead but?? not so much Also side note but I don't understand how anyone was surprised they're a thing in book two I know heteronormativity is a thing that exists but how can you read not just girls and mutual blushing in a heterosexual way? Matthias and Nina were honestly not that big a ship for me here I absolutely understand what's appealing about their dynamic; they're sweet and have amazing relationship development But they don't appeal to me personally; I don't have to lie down for twenty minutes when I read their scenes DIVERSITY YOUR FAVE COULD NEVERSomething that gets ignored a lot is how diverse this series is; not just in terms of nonwhite characters lgbt characters and badass girl characters although it does have all of those But Six of Crows also has some of the best rep of a disabled character EVER It helps that this is ownvoices disability rep Kaz' disability affects his life in a realistic way and there's no magical cure for it BUT he's still a huge badass and the disability never becomes a consuming part of his character There's also the fact that a chubby main character is portrayed as the most beautiful member of the group while also not being reduced to her appearance There's even a dyslexic character in FANTASY and part of his character arc is learning that his learning difference doesn't make him stupid There's a major character with ADD as well This series handles emotional and physical trauma in the best way Some of these characters have trauma and it's never portrayed as a detriment to who they are as people It's an aspect of who they are as people but their background never takes over their characters It's a balance Recovery is also portrayed in a great way; none of these characters can be fixed but that's okay The entire topic is handled in a better way than most contemporaries that focus entirely on trauma I appreciate it so much TL;DR I was never bored by this book and I love the characters than my own life Highly recommendedBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | YoutubeA Bunch of Random Spoilery Notes CryingUPDATE I actually got my mother obsessed with my favorite book? in related news I still have to lie down for 40 hours whenever Kaz and Inej interact three chapters into reading this with my mother and she says it's official I'm in love with Kaz and honestly if that isn't the mood for today• remember when we all thought Wylan had gotten kicked out for banging his tutor? is it even canonically confirmed that he didn't? i need answers• I BRed a second reread of this yes I've read it three times shut up with Amy whose review you should definitely check out• every single moment of banter is my favorite but my underrated fave is probably If I see a single scratch or nick on those I'll spell 'forgive me' on your chest in bullet holes and the ensuing debate over whether 'I'm sorry' would be better• Close your eyes You can't kiss me from down there Wylan• or maybe it's my ghost won't associate with your ghost • every time Kaz and Inej interact I have to lie down for 40 hours• Jesper and Wylan are probably angstier in this book than book 2?• I don't even understand how it's possible not to love this book With most of my faves I love them but I get it if you don't love them I flat out don't understand how anyone could not love this book It's a masterpiece

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    Side effects of reading Six of Crows are but not limited to Shortness of breath Heart palpitations Nausea Weak knees Dehydration Dizziness Headache Heartache Constant sweating High blood pressure Congestive heart failure “The heart is an arrow It demands aim to land true” Six of Crows is 185th book I've read this year Yes that means this is the book that put me at my goodreads reading goal this year I am so happy that this is the book that made me hit my mark It was the perfect book to reach my goal with The world has been shouting praying and calling for diverse reads Leigh Bardugo has answered I liked but didn't love the Shadow and Bone trilogy but it has nothing on this novel With how much hype is surrounding this book I was oh so worried about reading it However if Six of Crows isn't my top pick for the year it will without a doubt at least be in the top five It was amazing SoC is a novel with six main characters depending on how you look at it five plus perspectives breath taking flashbacks seamless world building and twists that will make your tits drop A gambler a convict a wayward son a lost Grisha a Suli girl who has become a killer a boy from the Barrel who had become something worseA direct uote and the most perfect sum up of the characters Each one is so different from the other Each one is a different race different background and has so many layers Each one has a handful of amazing different aspects and things about them that will constantly surprise you I can't believe I'm about to say this but Suad goals We have Nina this wild loud in your face curvy firecracker who will have you in stitches Matthias who is this perfectly wounded warrior who will surprise the crap out of you Wylan who is this lovable nerdy cutie pie that had me blushing for days Jesper the comic relief And then there are my two favorites Kaz and Inej Ahh just loved these two so much These two gave me everything I wanted in characters and Inej background story is lovey her physical appearance sounds both breathtaking and uniue and her set of skills are completely bad ass She is basically a freaking ninja Oh God and the stories and uotes from her father Break my heart why dontcha “Many boys will bring you flowers But someday you'll meet a boy who will learn your favorite flower your favorite song your favorite sweet And even if he is too poor to give you any of them it won't matter because he will have taken the time to know you as no one else does Only that boy earns you heart”Kaz though Oh Kaz He was my favorite of favorites His thought his flashbacks his story his composure his street smarts his everything I have none zero zip nada complaints about him How did Leigh managed to give us such a naughty character make him have a limp force him to wear gloves all the time and still managed to have me swoon over him was beyond me I want to have his babies His bad ass babies I really have no complaints character wise All these characters and their personal stories will shock and then steal your heart Each will give you a taste of who they are and what they have become and it is truly stunning I need to shut up about them before I spill all their secrets which I really want to do right about now I do really want to comment on my favorite part of this book This is something that others might have over looked but it is something that meant a lot to me That's Inej and Nina's friendship They aren't two girls that hate each other then become friends They aren't two women who see each other as fierce competition or having to fight over a man These two women see each other as euals AND THAT is how all women should see each other Real women pick each other up not tear each other down I don't think people realize how important that truly is This needs to be highlighted in books Even if the characters would have faltered they don't it wouldn't have mattered because the plot and world building are so solid I heard a few peoplereviews say the middle of the book is kind of slow WHAT THE F ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? Every part of this book is flawless and demands your respect There wasn't a moment I wasn't on the edge on my seat Leigh gives you all these twist and turns without leaving you guessing on what your surrounding look like She's built a world with so many stunning features SoC is go go go nonstop action novel that wont let you up for air It is a roller coaster ride of emotions and Wtf just happened moments The first three parts of this book set the bait out parts four and five has you snapping for the treat and part six hooks and pulls you in My jaw was on the floor for 99% of this book You might think you know what coming BUT YOU WILL BE WRONG So many well planned out plot  twist So many ground shaking moments So many heart crushing scenes And that ending YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO PEOPLE You can't leave us hanging like this OMG and I didn't even get to mention the romance I want to talk about it Oh goodness do I want to talk about it But I wont and if you've ever read any of my review you know this is unheard of I love love and not wanting to talk about it must only mean one thing That it's really really good Even with the massive amount to sexual tense and stolen glances it still doesn't even overshadow the plot I'm not just talking about the romance with a certain pair I'm talking romance among several Like I can't even believe how much gooey lovey dovey moments she gives us and yet didn't drown us in it Perfect just perfectThis book was EVERYTHING it was hyped up to be I laughed I cried I fell in love and I have been left a mess

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    Trickery is not my native tongue but I may learn to speak it yet I was scared to start Six of Crows The hype surrounding it has been HUGE the blurb sounded intriguing I've been eagerly anticipating it and I liked but didn't love Shadow and Bone Honestly though? I needn't have worried This book is fantasticShadow and Bone has been called fantasy lite but there is absolutely nothing about Six of Crows that warrants such a label It's a sweeping epic tale with six main characters five perspectives complex and detailed world building that is seamlessly integrated into the story flashbacks to the characters' histories and a wonderful blend of darkness magic action humour and romanceIn the hands of a less skilled author this could have been a mess But Bardugo crafts each of her characters with love and sensitivity allowing them to be extremely badass wicked sometimes and unlikable in that multi layered way that actually makes them completely likable “When she looked up at him the expression on her face was a bleak map of loathing and fatigue In it he saw the shame that came with gratitude and he knew that in this brief moment she was his mirror She didn’t want to owe him anything either” It's set in the same Grisha universe as her other books this time in an alternate Netherlands instead of Russia but it's much darker and adult These characters are thieves convicts and runaways Street gangs compete for territory and power The author takes all these dark real world factors and infuses them with the supernaturalThe comparisons to Oceans 11 are spot on The plot is essentially about an action packed fast paced heist They must first break into a heavily guarded prison and smuggle a convict out and then with his help they will attempt to break into the Ice Court a place that has never been breached all to get their hands on a LOT of money But all these characters have their own personal agendas too and because of the third person narrative we don't always know what they areAs I mentioned the characters are so so good We have the leader Kaz who is an intimidating criminal prodigy with a secret past We have the mixture of drama and humour offered by Jesper and Wylan And there's the totally badass Inej “You may still die in the dregsInez’s dark eyes had glinted “I may But I’ll die on my feet with a knife in my hand” I think the use of third person was extremely effective in Six of Crows It allows us to view all these characters eually and also allows us to be constantly surprised I want to be clear that the romance never takes over the story; it feels natural and welcome when it surfaces which isn't too often In fact I'd say Bardugo is a bit of a tease for most of the novel and I found myself shipping Matthias and Nina so hard Gah “And what did you do Matthias? What did you do to me in your dreams?”The ship listed gently The lanterns swayed His eyes were blue fire “Everything” he said as he turned to go “Everything” Dark action packed beautifully written and yes even sexy When can I get the next book? My Six of Crows playlist Broken Pieces by ApocalypticaShots by Imagine DragonsSick by Adelitas WayHeaven Knows by The Pretty RecklessPerfect Life by RedSprinter by TorresPure Morning by PlaceboSAIL by AwolnationPrecious by Depeche ModeBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    The heat of the incinerator wrapped around Inej like a living thing a desert dragon in his den hiding from the ice waiting for her She knew her body’s limits and she knew she had no to give She’d made a bad wager It was as simple as that The autumn leaf might cling to its branch but it was already dead The only uestion was when it would fallLet go Inej Her father had taught her to climb to trust the rope the swing and finally to trust in her own skill to believe that if she leaped she would reach the other side Would he be waiting for her there? Let go Inej Should she jump now or simply wait for her body to give out? My mind is spinning I tend to prefer simplicity in books I hate a ridiculously complicated plot I hate unnecessary characters For the Young Adult genre this book can best be described as epic because It Is Huge It is complicated It's like Ocean's Eleven for the YA fantasy crowd in the very best of waysThere are 6 main characters Typically that's 4 than I'd like The book's downfall is also what makes it great and it's why I docked a star It's epic Perhaps too epic Too complicated books tend to confuse me and let's face it a large cast with different POVs tend to make it extremely confusing for the reader and it is to an extent true in this book It is nonstop action with nary a moment to breathe There is a cast of characters in the beginning and by god you'll need it Sometimes I felt like I was memorizing things for a testBut the good is that the characters are all bad ass The packleader is an anti hero which in my opinion is the best kind of character Kaz narrowed his eyes “I’m not some character out of a children’s story who plays harmless pranks and steals from the rich to give to the poor I like them dirty And the book moves at a breakneck speed that'll guarantee the reader's interestThere's magic naturally But a different kind of magic than such was found in the Grisha The characters are well written they're a ragtag band of misfits and not exactly friends but all are united for a common mission and most importantly they each have a purpose There are no redundant extraneous characters but each character is doing this for their own reason Four million kruge freedom a chance to return home She’d said she wanted these things But in her heart she couldn’t bear the thought of returning to her parents Could she tell her mother and father the truth? Would they understand all she’d done to survive not just at the Menagerie but every day since? Could she lay her head in her mother’s lap and be forgiven? What would they see when they looked at her? The female characters are kick ass They're feminine but not useless They don't try too hard to be rebels to be bad ass to deny their own nature to prove they can play with the boys they're just themselvesthat's confusing I know but I can't describe it any other wayThere is romance but so little of it and what little there is felt natural and unobtrusive A blossoming from grudging tolerance to like to possibly something But I consider this a great book because the romance is not intrusive in any way Every time she moved the reindeer cloak parted revealing a flash of round calf white skin the shadow between her breasts It was deliberate He knew it She was trying to rattle him He needed to focus on the fire He’d almost died and if he didn’t get a fire started he still mightNina snorted and lay down in the nest of pelts propping herself on one elbow “For Saint’s sake drüskelle what’s wrong with you? I just wanted to be warm I promise not to ravish you in your sleep”“I’m not afraid of you” he said irritablyHer grin was vicious “Then you’re as stupid as you look”He stayed crouching beside the fire He knew he was meant to lie down next to her The sun had set and the temperature was dropping He was struggling to keep his teeth from chattering and they would need each other’s warmth to get through the night It shouldn’t have concerned him but he didn’t want to be near her Because she’s a killer he told himself That’s why She’s a killer and a witch HALLE FREAKING LUJAH Survival rationality romance wipes away tear I never thought I'd see the day

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    Wowthere are no wordsI WANT TO GIVE THIS BOOK 10 STARSThis took me awhile to write but I've been meaning to write a long review for awhileSo here it isSix of Crows follows six teenagers living in the city of Ketterdam a city of slums and crime lordsKaz Brekker an infamous thief also known as Dirtyhands is promised a very large sum of money to kidnap Bo Yul Bayur a scientist from the Ice Court The Ice Court is the most highly protected place in Fjerda and Kaz won't be able to gatecrash it alone He needs a crewHe recruits Inej Ghafa Inej is known for her ability to climb buildings and move across impossible terrain with extreme agility She's uiet but strong and she's got uite an interesting background Inej was kidnapped from her family's caravan and sold to a brothel in Ketterdam When she eventually escaped she entered into a contract with Per Haskell a crime lord in Ketterdam Inej's goal is to make enough money off of her work for Haskell to pay off her contract and return home to RavkaNext Kaz recruits Jesper Fahey He is the crew's sharpshooter Jesper is a lighthearted and sarcastic character who enjoys gambling a bit than he should Nina is the only trained Grisha in the crew She is stuck in Ketterdam and is unable to go home Nina is really confident and unapologetic of who she is She's also loyal to her friends Matthias a former Druskelle soldiers from Fjerda He has history with Nina as the two of them helped each other after a storm destroyed their ship with the two of them developing a trust Nina betrays him which causes him to hate her but he also loves herWylan is the son of a merchant He serves as the brains of the operation Wylan is an intelligent engineer and inventor He's very shy and awkward because he's been isolated for most of his life but slowly warms to the other members of the crewCan I just say that this book is beautifully written Each and every character in this book were likable and bad ass and they literally felt like real characters Loved everything about this book

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    WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO PICK THIS UP?What a ride This was exactly what I needed and so much I'm tempted to give this a 475 star rating but I want to mull it over a little while longer EDIT WHO AM I KIDDING? This deserved the full 5 stars I was a little unsure about the pacing somewhere around the middle of the book but to be fair it was due to some of the character development and the characters were my fave part so who am I to resist a little extra time getting to know them?Nevertheless this was so much fun Loved the heist Loved the world especially after having read the Grisha trilogy it was awesome to explore somewhere new Most of all I LOVED the characters They were all so intriguing with fascinating life stories They were so distinctive as well each had such a strong personality and I'm finding it impossible to narrow down to a favourite I cannot wait to jump into Crooked Kingdom and see where the story and these characters take me

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    you know when you read a story and you get that feeling that you just cannot shake it off you are so happy and you feel like you are gonna miss this so much in days months or years to come You savior the moment between the pages You immediately want to go back to continue reading it yet you wish the pages were longer to avoid the finish It is your safe and happy place whenever you think about it This story is that for me

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    originally read this last year but decided to re read it before six of crows i'm so happy i made that decision i had forgotten how rich this story is in detail from the characters to the world to the plot everything is built up so beautifully the ending still gave me chills and i need crooked kingdom right now

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    came for the kaz brekker hype; stayed for the jurda crazy grisha a heist of the century all the ninamatthias tension the scheming face the ‘my ghost would not associate with your ghost’ talk and of course the kaz brekker hypein other words i am still absolute trash for this book and leigh bardugo has eternal claim to my soul↠ 5 stars

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    This is the type of book that will blow you away with its words IT WAS PHENOMENAL