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The Story S Concept Is Based On A Song Called Join Me In Death By The Band HIM In Particular, Lyrics From An Additional Second Verse, From A Demo Version Of The Song They Recorded InAberthol Bowen Is A Young Welsh Farmer Whose Life Turns On Its Axis Once He Meets A Beautiful Girl Called Valotura Laveau, A Reclusive Vampire The Reader Of Dying For Love Is Treated To A Story Of Romance, Love, Tragedy, Science Fiction, Conspiracy Theory, Horror And Ultimately, Hope Aberthol Longs For Love In His Mundane Life Out Of The Darkness, Valotura Provides That Love However, Complications Arise When Aberthol Discovers Valotura Is Actually A Vampire In His Haste And Confusion, He Commits A Most Sinful Of Acts To Join Her Death And Become A Vampire Himself That He Can Be With Her For Eternity The Story Culminates In Romania When A Reborn Aberthol Attempts To Rescue Valotura From The Clutches Of Her Previous Lover, The Evil Chancellor Varg Draconis, A Powerful And Royal Vampire The Book Also Discloses The True Origins Of Vampires, An Extra Terrestrial, Reptilian Blood Sucking Race Known As The Drac Whampyre Other Music Fans Will Enjoy Spotting References To Some Of Their Favourite Bands, Songs And Lyrics

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    The story s concept is based on a song called Join Me In Death by the band H.I.M In particular, lyrics from an additional second verse, from a demo version of the song they recorded in 1998 Aberthol Bowen is a young Welsh farmer whose life turns on its axis once he meets a beautiful girl called Valotura Laveau, a reclusive Vampire The reader of Dying For Love is treated to a story of romance, love, tragedy, science fiction, conspiracy theory, horror and ultimately, hope Aberthol longs for love in his mundane life Out of the darkness, Valotura provides that love However, complications arise when Aberthol discovers Valotura is actually a vampire In his haste and confusion, he commits a most sinful of acts to join her death and become a vampire himself.so that he can be with her for eternity The story culminates in Romania when a reborn Aberthol attempts to rescue Valotura from the clutches of her previous lover, the evil Chancellor Varg Draconis, a powerful and royal vampire The book also discloses the true origins of vampires, an extra terrestrial, reptilian blood sucking race known as the Drac Whampyre Other music fans will enjoy spotting references to some of their favourite bands, songs and lyrics.