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Hearing smelling seeing touching tasting our five senses allow us to experience the world in so many ways With our ears we hear the birds sing with our nose we smell the stinky cheese with our eyes we see the moon and stars and sometimes glasses help us see even better with our skin we feel the rain and learn not to touch the hot stove and with our tongue we can taste our favorite foods

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    In this book all about the five senses the reader learns about different things we encounter each and every day From the smell of a flower to the sight of a rainbow and even the sound of a buzzing bee our senses work all the time deciphering what’s going on With all that excitement one cannot forget the awesome sights and sounds of the lowly pickle which gets its own mention and association to all five senses A quick bedtime book for Neo allowed him to point out all the things related to his senses through he was concerned that one sense of missing that of thinking Perhaps it’s time I introduce him to the movie The Sixth Sense? Or maybe not

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    It's a cute book but it seems long for the age range for which it would be appropriate

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    A sensory overload with great illustrations and each page filled with lovely adjectives to describe taste smell touch hear and see

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    Conner got this from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program I have mixed feelings on this one it rated on how much he loves it and how much vocabulary he’s picked up it would be a solid five If I am honest and admit how much i detest reading it after the five millionth time? I would give it a 1 or 2 That said it’s great And I now know how to say “I do not like the smell of cow poop” in Spanish So 4 stars it is Get it Prepare to possibly read it over and over statement by statement Stop for the giggle each time over the cow poop in solidarity

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    Lu got this book from the Imagination Library or as he calls it that nice friend of mine who sends me books He loved this when he was much smaller and I hadn't read it to him in a while The four year old version of Lu finds the two references to poop HILARIOUS He laughed until he cried and then had to run to the bathroomOctober 2019

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    The kid was very disappointing this book is not actually about hearing pickles at all

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    Doesn't have a plot but talks about all the ways you can process sensory information hear smell see touch taste It gives various examples of each sense including things not to do like a little kid touching the outlet Fun little pictures

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    My 2 year old loves this book especially the cow poop He wants to read it over and over

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    This picture book introduces each of the five senses sight smell hearing taste and touch I taste the pickleIt's sourI smell the pickleIt's spicyI see the pickleIt's greenI touch the pickleIt's slipperyI hear the pickle CRUNCHThis picture book introduces young readers to the five senses and the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library edition is bilingual with text in English and Spanish Each sense has three two page spreads except taste which only has two two page spreads All five senses are listed in the upper right hand corner of each spread with the sense being discussed highlighted A multi ethnic cast of children describe various experiences for each sense which makes the book very inclusive A negation is included for each sense as well The examples for each sense involve common occurrences for most children which allow readers the opportunity to reflect upon their own experiencesAs a parent who tries to limit the amount of toilet talk in general conversation I was disappointed that poop was mentioned twice in the section for smell Unless a picture book is directly related to toilet training or physiological functions discussions of poop don't need to be included Given the abundance of low brow humor in American culture there is already a plethora of reading opportunities for fans of bathroom humor In fact it's a selling point for many beginning chapter books marketed to reluctant readersDisclosure Dolly Parton was kind enough to send our family this book through her Imagination Library Foundation

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    A book about your senses this picture book invites the youngest of children to think about their senses and the many ways they use them in life Starting with hearing the book offers examples of different things that children may hear in their day like birds bees and waves There are also things you can’t hear like worms There are loud and soft noises too Smelling has good smells like soap and bad smells like sneakers and baby diapers Sight offers light and dark the joy of wearing glasses to help you see and the fun of reading Touch has animals and rain but also things not to touch like hot stoves or electric plugs Taste is filled with foods even ones like spinach that you may not want to eat at first And then it all comes together in one crunchy pickle in the endIsadora uses small pictures on the page to show all sorts of interactions with the world Children will enjoy seeing the things that they have done and then will want to talk about other ideas they have of things they have experienced with their senses This is a book that starts a conversation with small children Are there other things that are crunchy to eat? Other things that are dangerous to touch? Other things that you can’t hear at all? This book invites that sort of exploration of the child’s own worldA joyous exploration of all of your senses that will have toddlers listening hard Appropriate for ages 2 4