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Are You A Special Snowflake Do You Enjoy Networking To Advance Your Career Is Adulthood An Exciting New Challenge For Which You Feel Fully Prepared Ugh Please Go AwayThis Book Is For The Rest Of Us These Comics Document The Wasting Of Entire Beautiful Weekends On The Internet, The Unbearable Agony Of Holding Hands On The Street With A Gorgeous Guy, Dreaming All Day Of Getting Home And Back Into Pajamas, And Wondering When, Exactly, This Adulthood Thing Begins In Other Words, The Horrors And Awkwardnesses Of Young Modern Life

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    of the TWENTY SEVEN books i d read in the GR awards semifinals, this is the only one that won in its category so congratulations, even though i don t consider this a graphic novel as such, like a collection of unrelated cartoons better placed in the humor category, but who s gonna split genre hairs although i m pretty confident i have at least 10 15 years on this cartoonist, there s still so much in this book that resonated with me which probably reflects very poorly on me it s one thing to still be finding your way and retaining your childish s in your twenties, but it s a little less cute when you re older there are some parts of adulthood i am very good at paying bills on time and making sure the dishes are done and the litterbox is clean and not running out of toothpaste but then there are some other things i just can t seem to get the hang of, mostly in the realm of social fakery, like small talk and networking and climbing that social ladder and then there are adult skills i just don t see the value of adopting, like the development of an impulse control muscle that says don t eat that whole box of cookies in one sitting, or don t buy another stuffed animal, you old fart and sarah andersen seems like a soulmate in those regards we are exhausted by the same things, like slow walkers, the ease of written vs the hell of verbal communication, and the struggle of maintaining a polite and focused attention span while inwardly experiencing social anxiety and a desire to be back in the safety of one s home cave i think i used to be an extrovert but then i just got so tired i d much rather hide out and be cozy, and while i m a little regretful that i don t take advantage of all the fine cultural things new york has to offer, i feel a little been there, done that, and now i m all old and groggy i m no longer young and hot and new york is pretty much tailored for the young and hot or the rich and too often i just feel like this but this book makes me feel okay about myself it says it s okay to have serious attachments to stuffed animals and a notebook addiction that is well intentioned but haphazard and it stresses the importance of coziness especially when it comes to cozy fashion i mean, right now i am wearing doraemon poupons and a julius monkey fleece top like a baby.there are, of course, several comics pandering to booknerds, most notably but the biggest adult lesson i learned from this book is wait, you re supposed to wash your bras i do laundry once a week i m no scrub, but i have never ever in my life washed a bra not even when i was a little kid living at home and someone else was doing the laundry for me how does this even work don t they get all misshapen and crumpled i do not have sweaty stinky boobs, and i ve never had a problem with filthy bras so i m going to keep living the way i been living and no one s gonna stop me.this book also highlights a lot of girl woes that made me shout, i know, right like the way the fashion industry and the lingerie industry just don t seem to be able to work together the perils of long hair and the mysterious ways of tampons other noteworthy fist bumps from me to ms andersen include her addressing the joy of giving gifts and the crippling shyness of receiving them the constant dwelling on stupid things one has said long after anyone else remembers them the lack of desire to spawn the shyness that comes off as rudeness how long toenail polish lastsand we also both have stuffed bunnies except hers is a little alive than mine so i m totally down to be her big sister, if she is in the market for one of those we can wave shyly at each other from across the room and then go back home to our respective pj s and our too early cat alarm clocks i m gonna peter pan myself well into my old age senility, when it will once be completely age appropriate for me to embrace what makes me comfortable over the challenges of the world of social expectations.so there.come to my blog

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    I am extremely tired of the word relatable BUT BOY IF THERE EVER WAS A MOMEMT FOR IT This collection of webcomics had me actually laughing out loud, had me saying YES , had me pointing out page after page to my boyfriend It s silly and cute, but also deeply truthful to the fears and elations of people who live online I loved it, and will definitely be picking up her second volume

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    There were so many things I related to in this book but I m only going to share a few Okay, so I m going to show y all pictures of SOME of my stuffed animals that take over my bed I sleep on the couch anyway and some of my dog, Lucy s stuffed animals WE BELIEVE IN THE STUFFED ANIMAL WE LOVE THE STUFFED ANIMAL I have seriously donated garbage bag upon garbage bags of stuffed animals to the children s home though But, my stuffed animals will always be huge These are not even the half of them PS I m getting one garbage bag ready to go to the children s home when I go to the doctor in February But never fear, at some point they will be replaced lol Oh, and the big ones are kinda hiding the big pile that is on the bed you can t see and there are big ones under that pile too I love them alllllllllllllllllllll My dog Lucy s pile down below Down below I don t say my body is a temple but I do repeat over and over, you shouldn t be eating this, STOP This always happened just like the picture shows Okay so I don t have kids and I m not a grandma, but I do have about a million notebooks and journals that I collect and have written in like two And only in half of the two I can t help myself The above picture is totally true I never wanted kids and I don t have them and it s too late for all of that and I m fine with it Okay the wifi thing is self explanatory and the book thing, we all get that one I thought this book was soooooo cute There are a good bit of cute funny stuff in the book and it s worth a pick up and read MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    This whole book is my spirit animal.

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    This is soo me Creepy, creepy I think she is a stalker Or somehow she lives the same life like me Someone stop that Please I really liked this one Maybe because I was not very familiar with Sarah s Scribbles before reading this one, however, after this, I ll definitely follow the author .

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    AVAILABLE NOW THANK YOU, Sarah Andersen I mean it.See, it seems to me lately that everyone around me has some variation of You are an adult, you must sentence ready to throw it on me Real adults don t read that much because when are you going to take time for making babies really Real women know how to cook clean up everything without complaining you don t say Real women want kids, too back off Real adults always wake up early as if Real internal screaming INTERLUDE INTERLUDE The truth is, I respect all the checklists of my definition of adulthood and it s enough for me I take care of my loved ones, pay my bills, work my best for my pupils, respect the law, assume myself, as in, I am independent Being an adult isn t about fulfilling some aged fantasies in which women are sort of superheroes who raise kids, are sexy, work like hell and fucking smile all the time because HEY LIFE S AWESOME Don t get me wrong, I m not saying that nobody can be happy like this It s not me is all.I don t feel less adult because no, I don t spend my Sundays cleaning the house like crazy and somehow it s still clean, mind you I don t feel less adult because yes sometimes I play videogames GASP I sure don t feel less adult because I don t have kids I am an adult, but perhaps my definition isn t the same as yours Who cares I m sure not here to judge Everybody needs to find his own happy place in my opinion, and I found mine, as you found yours.This book explores what adulthood is about and how frightening and confusing it can be, with all the expectations and other stereotypes which can be motivating but also so very stressful Although I didn t relate to every anecdote I ve been in a loving relationship for 7 years and am lucky enough to have a stable job , Sarah Andersen managed to capture perfectly what it means to be an adult nowadays while making me laugh not to mention all these OMG I AM NOT ALONE moments I lived along the way I won t say which ones Because of reasons.As for the art, I m not sure I like it but it definitely helps staying focused on the story related and never diminished my enjoyment during my read Recommended for every lover of pajamas out there winks arc kindly provided by Andrews McMeel Publishing through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review For of my reviews, please visit

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    Adulthood Is a Myth documents the beauty of wasting an entire weekend on the internet, the unbearable agony of holding hands on the street with a gorgeous guy, dreaming all day of getting home and back into pajamas, and wondering when, exactly, this adulthood thing beginsThis book was great because it made me feel lighter while reading, but ultimately it didn t do much towards building a full picture of happiness And I probably won t remember most of the instances after putting it down But Adulthood Is a Myth managed to put a smile on my face, which is always a bonus Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Adulthood Is a Myth, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with This review and can be found on my blog.

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    If you think you are exceptional, a magical person, someone whose heart is pure, and thus can do no wrong if you have lived a life filled with success, self confidence, good skin, clean rooms, an excellent wardrobe, top notch grooming, and a positive outlook if you are a person with straight teeth all of them , thick hair, and none sprouting in unwanted places , excellent carriage, and toned muscles, I have two things to say to you First, please die, now You are clearly an invading species and should be removed from the planet as soon as possible Second, if you refuse to do the right thing and expire, please leave your name in the comments section, so I can block you forever on GR This book is too much fun and you do not need any than you have already had Sarah Andersen image from Esquire Adulthood is a Myth is a cartoon book on the trials and tribulations of being a young female in 21st century America Not something I would normally have picked up But it was included in a bling bag I received at a GR event recently, so gave it a look This does not seem to be in my particular wheelhouse, not being, you know, young or female But hey, I loved the Harry Potter books, so age should not be a major factor here.And while I expect to continue being not female for my remaining days, there is plenty of crossover in the miseries depicted here Social anxiety, yep Body Image Hell, yeah Issues with motivation I ll have to think about that and get back to you Yeah, we guys feel the same feelings, experience the same insecurities, indulge in the same self doubting, make the same dumb mistakes Ok, there were a few items here that I will never have to cope with personally, but I can recognize most of those in my wife, sisters, daughters, female friends, and associates The best books are universal and there is a lot of that here.Andersen began cartooning or at least uploading them to Tumblr in 2013 She was still in school at the time This book was published in 2016 and was an instant success It helps to have millions of on line followers She has had two published since, and continues to produce material on line for her gazillion followers Content tends toward the personal, with the exception of her love life.So, for those of us not blessed with excessive quantities of self confidence, there is much to relate to here, young or old, male or female Perfect or imperfect It is heartening to know that we are not alone in our perpetual angst, and it is a lovely thing to be able to laugh out loud, which you will do, considerable LOL material in this book while skipping through the pages Adulthood may or may not be a myth I presume dearly hope that there is a reasonable supply of actual adults around But feeling that one is lacking in the qualities necessary for the designation is probably the reality for most of us At least Andersen offers us a few moments of self deprecating laughter to distract us before we resume being our reliably flawed selves Published March 8, 2016Review Posted November 2, 2018 EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and FB pagesA brief bioSarah material on GoComics, including animateds

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    Adulthood really is a myth And I read this book while enjoying a Milka Oreo chocolate.Sarah Andersen does a great job at showing the hardships of girls and women while keeping it light and funny It s amazing how easy I could relate to her drawings I kept showing some of the drawings to my husband and he was impressed and could not believe someone would write about me Especially the part about not growing up He says that, according to Sarah Andersen, I am in my mid 20 Anyway, I really need to get my hands on a paperback copy If you liked Allie Brosh s Hyperbole and a Half Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened, you ll love Adulthood is a Myth A Sarah s Scribbles Collection I thank Sarah Andersen, Andrews McMeel Publishing, and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review.