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After His Mother Is Killed, Four Year Old Clay Size Finds Himself Alone In A Small Appalachian Mining Town At First, Unsure Of Free Creek, He Slowly Learns To Lean On Its Residents As Family There S Aunt Easter, Who Is Always Filled With A Sense Of Foreboding, Bound To Her Faith Above All Quiltmaking Uncle Paul Untamable Evangeline And Alma, The Fiddler Whose Song Wends It Way Into Clay S Heart Together, They Help Clay Fashion A Quilt Of A Life From What Treasured Pieces Surround Him

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    Dance a little closer to me, dance a little closer nowDance a little closer tonightDance a little closer to me, hey it s closing timeAnd love s on sale tonight at this five and dime Rita was sixteen years, hazel eyes and chestnut hairShe really made the Woolworth counter shineEddie was a sweet romancer, and a darn good dancerAnd they d waltz the aisles of the five and dime Love at the Five and Dime, Kathy Mattea, Songwriters Nanci Griffith Clay knew that the mountains looked purple under that big, moving sky, but they didn t look still at all to him They seemed to be breathing rising so slowly, so carefully, that no one noticed but him He watched them, concentrating the way he did when he was convinced a shadow had moved across his bedroom wall It seemed to Clay that they rose and fell with a single pulse, as if the whole mountain chain was connected Clay Size is a coal miner, living on a mountain in Tennessee that has housed his family for generations His family are simple people with simple needs, and it seemed when I first began this story that it could have been in the 1920s or earlier, or any time, really, if it weren t for the references to the 1990s music Clay likes to listen to He was a young child when his mother died, and his family is tightly bound together His memories of that are dim, but he remembers the last thing he heard her say She pressed her face to the window, leaning her forehead against the cold glass I ain t never seen it so quiet on this mountain, she said His family is everything to him, and when he meets Alma Asher, a fiddler, it isn t long before he realizes that he wants to make her a part of his family, as well All these characters, who are indeed characters, likable, lovable, sweet, and some violent, unlikeable ones, but they are never uninteresting In this, his debut, House s writing shows the promise that I found in his latest, Southernmost. I m looking forward to reading his A Parchment of Leaves very soon.

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    I just returned from a week long nerd summer camp dream called The Appalachian Writer s Conference held the first week of August at the Hindman Settlement School in Hindman, KY It was a mazing I didn t speak much with the star pupil to come out of this workshop, Silas House, but I watched him from a short distance over the week He s not a big man, but boy does he have an enormous voice, both on the page and out loud He read from his latest work, a novel in letters between two young people, one living in the mountains of Appalachia and one living as the daughter of recent immigrants in New York City Same Sun Here, co written with Neela Vaswani.His debut novel, Clay s Quilt, was work shopped at this conference And it s fabulous I m fresh off the last page and want to read it again The writing is deeply felt, so moving, so fresh, so easy on the eye and ear but hard on the heart, like all good writing ought to be The story is of humble origins boy meets girl, boy gets girl, conflict arises, boy triumphs Scenes of drunken honkytonks and poker melt into images of cornbread burning in an oven while the couple who stirred up the batter are stirring up the dust on the kitchen floor And while I d love to tell you it is elegant, what I have to say is that it is brutally beautiful House was generous with his time and ear during the writer s conference I saw him commune with writers of every level and aspiration with an equally keen expression This is why I love getting to know the artists behind this magic House s book is so alive beneath my fingers now that I ve heard him speak with his own brilliant, beautiful, tender voice Edit

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    I began with Silas House s A Parchment of Leaves because it had won prizes for Southern writing Winner of the Kentucky Novel of the Year, 2003 Winner of the Award for Special Achievement from the Fellowship of Southern Writers Nominee of the Southern Book Critics Circle Prize Nominee of the Book Sense Book of the Year Longlist It had a strong impact on me My overall impression was that it was beautiful The writing was gorgeous and at the same time simple and expressive It wonderfully captures the essence of the rural South, the land and the people The same is true here This contemporary author is talented I have given the first book five stars, this book three and will soon be reading The Coal Tattoo The past lives of two of the central characters in Clay s Quilt are explored in The Coal Tattoo Nevertheless, the three books are stand alones Clay s Quilt draws life in southern Appalachia, a small mining village in Kentucky Most of the events roll out in the 1980s Clay is the central character In 1974, his mother, Anneth, dies He is only four, and thus the circumstances around her death are blurry We come to understand past events and observe how he comes to find his own place in the village Much is about a person s sense of home This theme does not fit me well since I have lived in many different places and appreciate having done so I found Clay s personal life story to be unremarkable This explains why I gave the book only three stars even though I found the descriptive writing exceptional I enjoyed getting a glimpse of Southern rural life Pentecostal beliefs, superstitions, traditions tied to marriage, birth and death as well as contemporary issues concerning drugs, physical abuse and excessive drinking all play in There is sadness and there is joy and love and hate The narrator of the audiobook is Tom Stechschulte I could easily follow the story and the southern dialect comes across well, but I felt he over dramatized the written lines.

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    A good writing style makes this coming of age story interesting and nice It touched on the right notes, warmed my spirits among this nice Appalachian family, but failed to move me enough to be truly memorable For most it would be a 4 if you re looking for a quiet read Nice scenes of hiking the hills and admiring nature This has a nice family feeling to it even acknowledging the bit of violent drama at its core.

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    This is one of my top five all time favorite books I ve never read better written southerners than the characters Silas House has created Not just Clay s Quilt but all of his books The prose flows flawlessly and you feel like you are truly in the rural south One of the best examples of Appalachian literature I ve ever read.

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    Just a very average read for me It didn t engage me like Lee Smith s writing I bought the book, in part, based on Lee Smith s review The characters were underdeveloped as were most of their story lines so it was difficult to make an emotional connection with people or their histories I kept reading thinking that the pieces of the story would stitch together like a quilt yes, I got that part but it never did I think my disappointment was magnified because of all the good reviews I read before It is not a book I would recommend to my reader friends, even as a beach read.

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    I worked at a bookstore in Louisville, Kentucky from 2002 2003, and during that year Silas House was a bestseller I even got to meet him briefly, as he made than one appearance at our store while I worked there But I never read any of his books I was in that time in my life when I still hoped to make it as a professional philosopher, and so I was putting away most fiction as something I wouldn t have time to read until at least tenure, if not retirement Well, the philosopher thing didn t work out, but it took me six years to realize that I was now at liberty to read all those books I had been postponing to retirement As part of my Reading Books I Had Been Putting Off While I am Still Alive Tour, I finally made my way back to Silas House s Clay s Quilt, and I am glad I did I grew up in Kentucky, although not in Appalachia, but this book still felt like a homecoming in a lot of ways The book tells the story of young Clay Size and his effort to put together the fragments of his life and family, but the book is a love note to eastern Kentucky The writing is airy, poetic the mountains and hollers of his fictional Crow County are a character in their own right I read some of the well observed descriptions of the sounds and smells in this book with a shock of complete recognition I know this place I have been here before The same goes for the people House depicts the passion and generosity of spirit of people in eastern Kentucky in a way that I suspect few outsiders believe but which is utterly accurate Folks, read this book before you read that travesty by J.D Vance And House s ear for dialogue He makes but sparing use of phonetic dialect dialogue in an interview at the end of the book he said that he tried to write all the dialogue in phonetic dialect, but it made his book sound like a script for Hee Haw I read the dialogue in this book and within one or two lines spoken by a character, I know exactly what they sound like House s dialogue is deceptively simple, subtle, artful The story of the book is its only shortcoming It s meaningful and moving, but a little thin and scattered With a stronger story, House could be genuinely great I look forward to reading .

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    This Appalachian novel is the story of a young miner, Clay Size, growing up in the hills of Kentucky He s wild, but kind of heart, and early in the novel he falls hard for Alma, a gifted fiddler They both have baggage Alma is still married to an abusive husband, and in her family s Pentecostal religion, getting a divorce is taboo Clay s life mirrors that of his mother Anneth, who lived a wild, free life until she was killed on a snowy mountain when Clay was only four He loves his tight knit family dearly, but is haunted by the memory of a mother he barely remembers Aunts, uncles, cousins, and another family from the same mountain Clay s best friend Cake and his oddly withdrawn mother make a vivid secondary cast.I loved this novel for its families that are doing the best they can, for its tormented loves and friendships, for its depiction of people living close to the land, and its connections to music There s not a cell phone or an Internet connection in the novel, and it was refreshing.I came to care deeply for the characters and would like to read about them If I had the capability, I would give this 4.5 stars some of the ending didn t quite connect, feeling a bit like short stories tacked onto the rest of the book I wanted to know about some aspects of the characters what was Clay s work like for him What did the others do for a living What made some of the secondary characters the people they were It s not necessarily a bad thing that one wants to know at the end of the book, it shows that the author had you hooked, but it s still frustrating I think I will have to read by House.

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    I just couldn t really get into this book The descriptions of the landscape were beautiful and evocative, but I just didn t love the characters, so I didn t find myself caring about how things would turn out for them And then the ending was just kinda blah So not a huge winner for me.

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    What is it about stories from the heart of Appalachia that tug at my heart There seems to be underlying themes of history, stories, music and endless wisdom that draw me in I love books about kinfolk and the longing for home.