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When Mrs Elmira Deeds waddles into Mr Adolph's deli and asks for a pickle chaos erupts The pickle escapes from the jar and a cast of zany characters including a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and seventeen toasted almonds joins in the chase to stop the pickle as it attempts to run away

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    I don't know where we picked this up but it was a few years ago After many reads it got lost on the shelves I was glad to find it today to read aloud to my daughter It's a takeoff from the Gingerbread Man except the pickle is smarter than the cookie Another difference is that the situation is somewhat cannibalistic because the pickle is chased by other food a long list of zealous foods who want the pickle's demise for whatever reasonIf that sounds dark it isn't unless you dwell on it I did My daughter not so much Unless I hear otherwise in twenty years I'll let you knowThe language is not sublime and neither is the story perhaps but the book and story is nevertheless quirky enough to please