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Harry Houdini S One Time Apprentice Holds Fantastic Secrets About The Greatest Illusionist In The World But Someone Wants To Claim Them Or Silence Her Before She Can Reveal Them On Her OwnBoston, Jenny Wren Lockhart Is A Bold Eccentric Even For A Female Vaudevillian As Notorious For Her Inherited Wealth And Gentleman S Dress As She Is For Her Unsavory Upbringing In The Back Halls Of A Vaudeville Theater, Wren Lives In A World That Challenges All Manner Of ConventionsIn The Months Following Houdini S Death, Wren Is Drawn Into A Web Of Mystery Surrounding A Spiritualist By The Name Of Horace Stapleton, A Man Defamed By Houdini S Ardent Debunking Of Fraudulent Mystics In The Years Leading Up To His Death But In A Public Illusion That Goes Terribly Wrong, One Man Is Dead And Another Stands Charged With His Murder Though He S Known As One Of Her Teacher S Greatest Critics, Wren Must Decide To Become The One Thing She Never Wanted To Be Stapleton S DefenderForced To Team Up With The Newly Formed FBI, Wren Races Against Time And An Unknown Enemy, All To Prove The Innocence Of A Hated Man In A World Of Illusion, Of The Vaudeville Halls That Showcase The Flamboyant And The Strange, Wren S Carefully Constructed World Threatens To Collapse Around Her Layered With Mystery, Illusion, And The Artistry Of The Jazz Age S Bygone Vaudeville Era, The Illusionist S Apprentice Is A Journey Through Love And Loss And The Underpinnings Of Faith On Each Life S Stage

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    Following Houdini s death in 1926, one of his contemporaries, Horace Stapleton, announces that he will bring a dead person back to life Horace has been overshadowed by Houdini for his entire career and hopes his public showing on New Year s Eve will make him famous The event becomes a tragedy when his volunteer dies at the performance The FBI is called in to investigate the possibility of foul play Houdini s former apprentice, Wren Lockhart becomes involved when her name is found on the on the dead man s body With her background as an illusionist, the FBI pursues her assistance This puts her in a bind since she is hiding many personal and industry secrets related to the case Wren Lockhart is reluctant to help the FBI investigate this case She is protective of her role in the community of illusionists and she does not want to align herself with law enforcement As events unfold, her life is threatened and she is forced to change her role in the investigation She will do her best to uphold her promises while chasing down leads from the case Kristy Cambron s novel is full of suspense and weaves in many interesting characters This book is a compelling combination of historical fiction and mystery Wren Lockhart is a fictional character loosely inspired by Dorothy Young who was Houdini s stage assistant for many years.Giveaway on my blog until 4 19

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    Second reading This book 3 It s going to stay with me for a very, very, very long time So many wonderful emotions and glorious moments And the writing inspires me so much First reading I need to take a deep breath A really deep breath Okay, sorry for the drama This book was astounding and when I say that I mean it I think it will be on my list of most astonishing books I ve read in a long time Having grown to love this author s writing in the last few months, I was hoping this one would be a hit for me And it was At first I wasn t sure if I even liked Wren She s so different and not the the most womanly type of person I don t condone all her actions such as dressing in a suit and such , but as I read I begin to understand why she dazzled the world so much Her illusionist life is unique, secretive, and full of sadness.And Elliot His first scene made me hooked from the beginning At first it was all business in finding out the truth of a sudden death of a man at a spiritualist gathering, but as his search leads him to Wren it becomes than that He becomes involved in every aspect I loved the difference shown between illusion and magic and how the author kept the message very clear of the difference Also, the darkness and light truth shown through the book, but especially at the end I could have used spiritual aspect, as usual, but the book was so amazing I couldn t lower my rating over it There are a few kisses in this book some slightly detailed Lots of emotions shown Lastly, this book will shock you to no end I really sat with bated breath, shocked how the last few chapters came about And I was starting to cry at one chapter it was that good This book goes on my favorite 2016 reads You will not regret reading itjust see if you can make it last than a couple days If I read it paperback form I might have read it in a day I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Kristy Cambron has written an entertaining novel about an imagined apprentice of Harry Houdini, named Wren Lockhart Houdini spent the later years of his life debunking mystics and others who alleged the ability to communicate with the dead As the story opens, Houdini has died and one of the individuals defamed by Houdini, Horace Stapleton, is trying to jumpstart his career by appearing to bring a person back to life Sadly, Horace s attempt goes horribly awry causing the death of a man and resulting in Horace being charged with murder Intensely private, Lockhart gets unwillingly drawn into solving the mystery and teams up with an FBI agent to determine what happened Meanwhile, Lockhart appears to be the next killer s next target.I loved the sections related to vaudeville and illusions Cambron includes numerous fascinating details regarding the spiritualists and illusionists of that time period which I thoroughly enjoyed The mystery itself was fairly convoluted, and I felt the ending was unrealistic However, I still enjoyed the book Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for the chance to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    This book was intense and I do mean intense Full of rich historical detail , this Kristy Cambron novel had me on the edge of my seat in suspense, anticipating each new chapter Her best work yet this is her most developed work to date and not to be missed

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    I have to admit that it was the mentioning of Harry Houdini that got me interested in this book And, I m glad I read the book, despite, the story taking place after Houdini s death I found the story to be interesting and engaging, although the obvious romantic side story really didn t interest me that much Still, I was charmed by Wren Lockhart, and I found her to be a fabulous character I especially liked the flashbacks to when she was younger, where we see what a terrible upbringing she had and how she came to work for Harry Houdini when she turned 16 I found the writing to be very good, and the characters came to life.I quite liked the case The mysterious death of a man raised from the dead with a note in his pocket with both Wren and Harry s real name that hinted that the killer wanted Wren involved But why This aspect of the book was great, I just wish the romantic part had been a bit toned down Not that I disliked the romantic part, I just felt that I was interested in the case, and Wren s part with Houdini Still, it s a good book, and I wouldn t mind reading books about Wren and Houdini.3.5 stars I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review

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    I tried to start this a couple times a few months ago and never got past the first chapter or two Thanks to a group read, I dove in and soon found myself entirely absorbed Then I had the opposite problem of being unable to lay the book down at all The mystery of Peale and his double death soon morphs into a bigger mystery of who is calling the shots in a very literal sense I enjoyed the atmosphere of the Prohibition years and the unique character Wren is Add to that Elliot and his fascination with Wren and her art of illusion, and we have all the elements for a good tale The story has several shocker twists that left my mouth ajar.I didn t care for the lack of specification about what a seance could do for those who don t know, it is a summons of demons it was rather chuckled as a materialistic fraud, but the portion of the story that dealt with actual spiritualism was somewhat dismissed as being unreal Spiritualism as a sort of religion wasn t mentioned or defined beyond using the word to describe characters and to mention seances to contact the dead as a mainstay of their philosophy Wren and Elliot speak of faith and prayer and make a few comments about only one man ever rose as an oblique reference to Christ which isn t truth anyway, since they are talking of people being summoned from death Jesus was different because He had the power to raise up from the dead without being summoned He Himself restored many, including Lazarus, Jairus s daughter, the widow s son, and the saints at His death In a story so full of spiritual cloak and dagger, I missed Jesus I needed to see that clear ending conclusion that the Jesus way was the ultimate answer to the claims of the spiritualists.Also, several phrases were too modern for the twentiesmost notably gone missing, a 1990s term used than once Alright used for all right also bugged me.But, overall, a beautifully written book that is worth a read and very hard to put down Thanks to NetGalley for providing a free copy for an honest review.

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author, Kristy Cambron, and the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for this opportunity.Harry Houdini s apprentice, Wren Lockhart, has grown up and become an illusionist in her own right Now, garbed in men s clothing and bearing a name as false as the tricks she practises, she is a rising star hoping to forget her illicit past But when a dead man turns up in another s performance, Wren is unaccountably dragged into the ensuing drama Assisting the police in their investigations about the deceased only seem to cause problems for the illusionist, and not even she can spirit her way out of what is about to ensue.Whilst I found this a fascinating historical account, drawing on inspiration from the famed escapist, it didn t concern Mr Houdini, or illusions of any kind, as much as I had originally anticipated Instead, the focus lay largely on the characters.Their motivations and their personal movements were discussed quite minutely, which left little room for the plot to expand I do appreciate character driven stories, which is what this is, but I think perhaps this gave too large a focus to individual elements concerning the characters that were not of a huge interest to me I had expected a magic and illusion heavy story, but instead this delivered dialogue and inner monologue heavy in depth character studies.Well done but, ultimately, not entirely for me.

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    Just before reading this book, I determined to try to be positive in my book reviews It s not that I feel a desire to be less honest or that I worry about being offensive It s of a mental exercise for me to see if I can write authentic yet constructive critiques.With that goal in mind, I will not be detailing the multiplicity of flaws in this book I will avoid dwelling on the fragmented sentences, the incongruities, the unlikable characters, the ridiculous number of plot twists in the last 50 pages and the worst grammatical error I have ever seen in print.Instead, I will try to be helpful and, hopefully, offer some clarity on what appears to be a confusing issue The correct phrase is, I d just as soon not I d just assume as in, I d just assume talk about Irina s motivations later Also, the use of this phrase is meant to draw a comparison between two possibilities, neither of which is preferable than the other One might possibly say, I d just as soon reread one of my old college textbooks as read this book again I hope that was helpful.

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    I received this ARC from netgalley.com in exchange for a review Wren was Houdni s apprentice and is now working on her own and gaining enemies along the way Agent Elliot Matthews is investigating a murder where Wren keeps popping up as a witness accomplish or worse Although the book is set in Massachusetts 1900 s, it could have been set in any time era I just didn t connect with the characters and struggled to get to the end of the book 2

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    About this book Not all illusions happen on the stage Wren Lockhart, apprentice to master illusionist Harry Houdini, uses life on a vaudeville stage to escape the pain of her past She continues her career of illusion after her mentor s death, intent on burying her true identity But when a rival performer s act goes tragically wrong, the newly formed FBI calls on Wren to speak the truth and reveal her real name to the world She transfers her skills for misdirection from the stage to the back halls of vaudeville, as she finds herself the unlikely partner in the FBI s investigation All the while Houdini s words echo in her mind Whatever occurs, the crowd must believe it s what you meant to happen She knows that if anyone digs too deep, secrets long kept hidden may find their way to the surface and shatter her carefully controlled world Set during one of the richest, most vibrant eras in American history, this Jazz Age novel of illusion, suspense, and forgotten pasts is perfect for fans of The Magician s Lie , challenging all to find the underpinnings of faith on their own life s stage Series As of now, no Spiritual Content 1 Corinthians 15 55 at the beginning Prayers A mini talk about a gift Wren has received salvation A couple H s are capital when referring to God Mentions of God His light Mentions of prayers praying Mentions of faiths religion A few mentions of thanking God, the Almighty Providence A few mentions of miracles Note Nearly all about mentions of mediums, s ances, spells, talking to summing spirits, bringing a dead person back to life Many mentions of spiritualists, spiritualism defrauding them Mentions of magic mysticism A mention of bad press being damning Negative Content Minor cussing including two blasted s, two darn s, and two stupid s A bit of eye rolling A couple mentions of curses said, not written Pain, blood, passing out, being shot at, injuries, guns aimed, gunfire, almost drowning kidnappings up to semi detailed An explosion smoke semi detailed Punching someone up to semi detailed Spoiler view spoiler Wren s mother died protecting Wren her sister she was pushed down the stairs by her abusive husband indirectly, both girls saw it and we see flashbacks of that day, up to semi detailed hide spoiler