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Christina Engela Presents A Tale Of Terror That Will Make Your Toes Curl Of All The Starships In The Terran Space Fleet, The ISS Mercury Is Probably The Unluckiest Ship In History Not Once, Not Twice, But Many Times Over, The Same Hapless Crew Give Or Take A Few Dozen Casualties On A Supposed Voyage Of Deep Space Exploration, Stumble Into The Weird, Wake The Creepy And Trip Over The Downright Terrifying And Possibly Even Supernatural While On A Routine Deep Space Mission To Chart The Frontier Of Unknown Space, Captain Stuart Flane And The Crew Of The Mercury Encounter An Alien Marooned In A Ship Wrecked On The Surface Of Their Long Dead World But Is The Alien Really All That They Seem To Be Did The Shuttle The Mercury Recovered In Deep Space The One That Turned Out To Be The Last Remnant Of A Starliner That Disappeared Thirty Years Earlier, Hold The Key To The Puzzle Would Flane Be Able To Sleep That Night If He Found Out And, As If All That Wasn T Enough To Jeopardize Flane S Already Shaky Hold On Reality, The Mercury Is Sent By Admiral Tawney Himself To Help Out An Old Friend Who Has Difficulties With A Cursed Object Life Signs Is The Second Title In The Panic Horror In Space Series By Christina Engela