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The Tailor Of Gloucester Was First Published In And Tells The Story Of A Poor Tailor Trying To Survive In His Freezing Workshop Over A Hard Winter He Has A Terribly Important Commission To Complete For The Mayor Of Gloucester S Wedding On Christmas Day But Is Ill And Tired, And Before Long Is Running Out Of Food And Thread, As Well As Time How Will He Possibly Complete The Beautiful Coat And Embroidered Waistcoat Luckily, There Lives In The Dresser, Some Very Kind And Very Resourceful Mice Who Set About Helping The Poor Tailor With His Work Not Only Are They Exceedingly Helpful, But They Are Also, Luckily, Far Far Too Clever For The Tailor S Sly Cat, SimpkinThe Tailor Of Gloucester Is Number Three In Beatrix Potter S Series Of Little Books, The Titles Of Which Are As Follows The Tale Of Peter Rabbit The Tale Of Squirrel Nutkin The Tailor Of Gloucester The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny The Tale Of Two Bad Mice The Tale Of Mrs Tiggy Winkle The Tale Of Mr Jeremy Fisher The Tale Of Tom Kitten The Tale Of Jemima Puddle Duck The Tale Of The Flopsy Bunnies The Tale Of Mrs Tittlemouse The Tale Of Timmy Tiptoes The Tale Of Johnny Town Mouse The Tale Of Mr Tod The Tale Of Pigling Bland The Tale Of Samuel Whiskers The Tale Of The Pie And The Patty Pan The Tale Of Ginger And Pickles The Tale Of Little Pig Robinson The Story Of A Fierce Bad Rabbit The Story Of Miss Moppet Appley Dapply S Nursery Rhymes Cecily Parsley S Nursery Rhymes

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    I think this is my favorite of all of Beatrix Potter s lovely illustrated tales and it was the author s favorite too It has a Christmastime setting and a nice message about the spirit of the season, so it was great to revisit it A poor, aged tailor in England in olden times, when gentlemen wore ruffles, and gold laced waistcoats of paduasoy and taffeta, has a major sewing project that could make him or break him the mayor of Gloucester is getting married in four days, on Christmas, and the tailor has accepted the task of sewing a coat of cherry coloured corded silk embroidered with pansies and roses, and a cream coloured satin waistcoat trimmed with gauze and green worsted chenille I love the clothing descriptions All the pieces of cloth have been cut out, and all the trimming except the tailor needs one skein of cherry coloured twisted silk.But it s late, so the tailor goes home and asks his cat Simpkin to use his last fourpence to buy food and the twist, because cats run errands in these kinds of books While Simpkin is off doing the shopping, the tailor hears some little knocking noises He turns over several teacups, and there are mice underneath They bow and curtsy politely and then run off But Simpkin is angry when he gets home and his mouse dinner has disappeared So he hides the twist of silk Now the tailor is terribly sick in bed, and he doesn t know where the twist is, and Simpkin is still pouting about his mice How will the mayor get his wedding coat and waistcoat So delightful how Beatrix Potter weaves together legends animals speaking on Christmas Eve mice acting like little elves and the spirit of Christmas This story of the tailor also has some basis in fact, per Wikipedia in Potter s day some apprentices surprised a tailor by finishing a major project overnight The tailor liked to say it was the fairies who did it This enchanting 1903 children s story is free online here at Project Gutenberg, along with the illustrations.December 2018 buddy read with the Retro Reads group.

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    My kid s grandma bought us a 12 book set of the original Beatrix Potter books I ll be reviewing them at random and out of order.This book is so so sooo long that it made me appreciate the conciseness of the others in the series Nothing was really gained by having so many words except that it takes longer to read The whole thing is rendered a bit dull by the length.But the unnecessary length aside, there s an okay story here about a poor tailor, some needy wealthy patron, a moody cat, and a lot of grateful mice who help the tailor out after he frees them from the cat s weird cup torture routine The illustrations are, as always, pretty good.At this point I d read a lot of stories like this one overworked worker gets supernatural help and gets famous , but my kid hadn t My kid liked it for the most part, though there were a lot of questions about the drawn out endless scenes of tailoring that didn t really offer much in terms of practice or detail.But hey, it was refreshing to get a happy ish ending from Beatrix Potter for once

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    A tailor falls ill before Christmas and cannot finish an important coat for the mayor Luckily some mice with super sewing skills help in this Christmas version of the elves and the shoemaker The illustrations are lovely and we really enjoyed the part where it mentions the legend that animals can talk on Christmas Eve after midnight and before dawn We found it interesting that the only other illustration we can think of depicting at tailor at work also shows the tailor sitting cross legged on the table We enjoyed the sewing details and after a trip to buy some sewing supplies yesterday, we are confident there will not be the cries of No twist from our house this Christmas

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    I m currently revisiting all of Beatrix Potter s works, and this one, was next on my list I think this beautiful book is probably a favourite It has a certain atmosphere, and it makes one think of Xmas I think it is wonderful how Potter manages to create and weave together a story with mice and humans with ease The illustrations are of an exquisite quality, as they are with all of the Beatrix Potter books These add to the experience in a profound way, and it is very understandable why these books have stood the test of time.

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    Lovely story My fourth Potter Funny to see how people appreciate the different stories I particularly loved this a bit elaborate storty and the little drawings of the finely dressed mice and the Christmas town images I m a fan.

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    Unlike the previous two stories, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin , this tale of a human tailor of Gloucester is a longer, developed story, which took me for surprise as I was not expecting anything particularly lengthy during my read through of these Beatrix Potter tales, and it was heartily welcomed.Whilst I still consider Beatrix to be primarily an illustrator, her story telling prowess is quite evident here The tale flows and the characters are brought to life not only by her wonderful drawings but also through their actions It is such a charming little tale of humans and animals working in harmony together, though I didn t feel any of the tweeness I felt when reading the previous two Perhaps because a human is main stage and we see the world through their eyes rather than through the animals that it becomes a little real, as opposed to being personified animals in woods wearing clothing.Being English, I ve always been incredibly aware of Beatrix Potter and in particular Peter Rabbit, but I ve never read her stories except possibly one or two when I was much younger and never had a sense of what she was like as a storyteller in her own words rather than her imagination being used in films Whilst her illustrations are definitely the pinnacle of these books, her words are not so twee and cutesy as one has been first led to believe.

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    Oh my goodness So sweet

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    Miss Potter, may I ask what your new book will be about Some mice help a tailor make a waistcoat But the ending is flat No twist Ah of course A wonderful suggestion

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    One of my favourites as a small child I loved the detailed illustrations of the mice s elegant clothing than the story itself Apparently the tale is not original to Potter but based on a local folktale of the poor tailor helped out by magic mice Methinks it must have been inspiration for some of the earlier Disney fairytale cartoons Potter wrote this story for a young friend who had been ill I m sure the child felt honoured I know I would.

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    I m laughing as I think about the line no twist Oh that cat and the poor sick tailor The mice were great at working their magic and in the end the stitching was a fabulous sight, particularly around the buttons, wink wink Poetic, sweet, and fun