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The Classic First Story About Literature S Most Beloved Pachyderm After His Mother Is Killed By A Hunter, Babar Avoids Capture By Escaping To The City, Where He Is Befriended By The Kindly Old Lady He Becomes Educated And Cultured And, Upon His Return To The Great Forest, Is Crowned King Of The Elephants Translated From Jean De Brunhoff S Original French, The Adventures Of The World S Most Popular Elephant And His Friends Have Enchanted Generations Delightfully Amusing Illustrations Make This Short Collection Of Classic Babar Tales A Book To Treasure For Children Young And Old

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    People often dismiss this classic as a childish book it is, after all, for children , or they mock it as the story of an Laissez faire incestuous elephant Babar by Nelvana was my favourite television series as a kid my favourite character was Pompadour, who does not appear in the books , but only recently did I decide to read the first book, and it s something else entirely, something which dismissive older readers are missing out on If you overlook the fact that it s about elephants, its themes of world progress, unity, cooperation, politics, war, revenge and civilization are not only well presented beneath the glamour and whimsy of the story itself, but they also are just as relevant and important today as ever.This book is much darker than I expected, really I was aware that view spoiler Babar s mother gets shot and killed by a hunter hide spoiler

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    Aside from endorsing Colonialism, Jean de Brunhoff makes light of death by killing off Babar s mother on page two, quickly moving on and completely ignoring it I m sorry, but for a child s mother to die, that s a pretty big deal, and two pages later, that child shouldn t be totally over it and having fun riding an elevator and buying new shoes He should be morning, or trying to learn how to deal with loss.All of this could maybe be overlooked if The Story of Babar had a positive message, but the only take away seems to be that elephants read Africans are uncivilized and would do better with city life read European Colonialism.Further, the translation isn t very good There s a lot of awkward sentences The ending doesn t give any sense of closure And lastly, the pictures are pretty poorly illustrated.Babar s adventure is somewhat cute, but it s just really hard to overlook death, not once, but twice.How is this considered a classic in Children s literature

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    This is a story about a very strange older rich lady who enjoys spending her money on elephants apparently Not really, but it is a strange lady to spend her riches on elephant clothes and she gives this elephant her car, not a cheap gift.The story is about Babar the elephant and his journey from his mother being shot out from under him and killed by a hunter, his run to the city where he meets the old woman and then how he wears clothes and acts like a human This is from 1933 and it s an interesting little story I think if I were a child, I would like this I ll give it another star in that consideration and for being a classic Now the children did like the story and the elephant wearing clothes They were very sad when the mother was killed They were shocked The nephew loved seeing the elephant drive The nephew gave this 5 stars and the niece gave this 3 stars.

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    I m not planning to add children s books to my page, but this one really took my breath away as I read it to my one year old one night.First of all, Babar s mother is shot on like page two There she is lying dead with the gloating hunter holding his rifle Yikes Little orphan Babar meekly watches on, barely a tear in his elephant eye.However, this isn t enough to warrant a review It s what comes next Babar s story then unfolds as some bizarre French colonial wish fulfillment Babar, following his mother s murder at the hands of white hunters, blithely follows their path back to the white city There, he falls into the trusteeship of a sweet grandmotherly lady who helps him get settled into the city Without his own mother, Babar is a child of the colonial city, happily learning to dress the dandy and eat french pastries.With the benefits of his education in a civilized country thank god he s finally wearing clothes over the wrinkled, sagging, gray elephant skin Babar returns to the land of his people where, due to his fine duds and worldly ways, is immediately declared king of the naked Afri I mean elephants.Babar returns home, French than the French, and ready to lead his people on the path to civilization Thank God, those hunters killed his mother

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    3.5 Has anyone else read any of the reviews left here Holy shit Get a grip people This is Babar, it s a book for children for God s sake Gasp A dead elephant Good heavens , Gasp Don t go to the white people s city Babar or else I can t read this to my kids , Oh my gosh Tell me that s not a gun That character can t be hunting, can he Good Lord I d hate to spend a day with these people I don t like hunting I don t mind guns But Lord keep me, is it really THAT big of a deal I mean, really Enough that you all really sat down and thought about what to say like the instances here My daughter loves Babar This book is fine If there s anyone out there who is thinking about reading it with or getting it for their child ren , if you re the type to be scared of by statements like the ones here I hope you re not for your sake get the book and read it through yourself first It s not bad and the people who go off on a tangent here really need mental help IMO.You d think this was a book about Dahmer and how to dismember and eat people I m still in shock at some of the sentences I read Jeez, look through my books that I ve read with my daughter and I guess I should be in jail Not to mention the movies and documentaries she watches.There s to life than finding fault nonexistent fault in this case with everything And I feel fine saying this anyone that can find faults like what is listed here needs to lighten up Enjoy life a little and don t be so damn uptight.

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    Oh, dear I m afraid this is one children s classic that I did not like at all upon reading as an adult I can appreciate the iconic illustrations and can certainly see why Babar made an enduring character, especially when the books were first published, as probably many children found the antics of an elephant in the city humorous, and dressed in his gentlemanly attire he certainly makes an interesting contrast from the other creatures of the forest However, I really did not enjoy the story and I don t think it s one I will be keen to share with my children.SPOILERS TO FOLLOW First, the beginning is really shocking It s a Bambi tragedy without the subsequent cuteness Babar s mother is shot by a hunter and Babar runs off to the city There, it seems his first order of business is to don a nice suit and fortunately a kindly old lady who understands elephants gives him some money She also offers to have him stay with her At least Babar does miss his mother from time to time, but mostly he seems to love life in the city Until he becomes homesick for the forest and goes back, promising to visit the old lady again I couldn t help but feel sorry for her, after all she did for him Here we have another sudden death, as the king of the elephants eats a bad mushroom and dies Babar is appointed the new king because he has so much knowledge from living amongst men There s a whirlwind wedding and King Babar and his bride ride off happily in a balloon together.It s all just so odd, and I m not sure I can really explain why the story bothered me the way it did but it was just so abruptly tragic in places, then funny and giddy the next Babar s mother is shot BAM then a few pages later he s having a wonderful time riding in the department store elevator It s so disjointed And I m not sure how much I like the message that elephants need the knowledge of humans to help them be good rulers of elephants I realize many view the story as an homage to colonialism I realize Babar is a very beloved character and I wish I could like the books I hope this review does not offend any of those who dearly love the character and I will have to read some reviews from those who really love the Babar books to see what I might be missing here But for me this was not a pleasant read and I doubt I will seek out of the series any time soon.

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    I was this close to creating a new shelf for Babar dude, chill out or perhaps get over yourself or perhaps even not everything is a blatant, all out attempt to indoctrinate your child with communism fascism colonialism capitalsim your ism here ism Those would all be too long.I do not condone colonialism let me make that clear However, I do believe, very strongly, that if you do not agree with ideas in or even hinted at in a book that you are reading with your child, it is your responsibility, as the adult, to discuss those ideas I really doubt that a kid will read this and think, Gee, that means that French people are superior to people of an African tribe, as represented by elephants, and need the French to guide them in order to succeed While we re at it, let s just cut all the anthropomorphic animal stories out of the children s canon they must be teaching our kids that in order to succeed, one must be human ish.Anyway Yes, Babar does go to civilization Yes, his mom is killed by a hunter Bambi with elephants Yes, he wears clothes I thought the story was cute If we want to debate colonialism in French literature and literature for kids, that s a whole other deal Kids are going to see a story about an elephant who wears a green suit I highly doubt that as a result of reading this, they will grow up to be colonialists and proponents of the white man s burden and all of that truly awful stuff.Caveat French major, lived in France BUT There are serious issues with colonialism, not just in France, but in cough many other countries.

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    This story starts at the beginning, Babars mother is shot by a hunter Babar escapes capture and runs to a town where he is given some money to buy clothes and first meets his friend the Old Lady Although he likes his new life he misses the Great Forest and decides to return Unfortunately the old King had just eaten a bad mushroom and died so when Babar turns up in all his smart clothes and they are looking for a new King, he is the obvious choice After a wedding, a coronation and lots of dancing animals Babar and Celeste set off on an adventure in their yellow balloon Wonderful illustrations, humour and lots to look at.

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    This book is a really great way to show people what colonization is It historically makes sense that a writer in France in the 30 s would produce a story like this At this point, this book seems inline for someone who is studying children s literature rather than for a child who is looking to be entertained Since i m closer to the former and was also pretty entertained I gave this a higher rating Don t recommend for kids.

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    Odd little childrens book A minor quibble, elephants live in a matriarchy, so not only is this not educational its actively uneducational P I m sure there must be some other versions of this book but the one i read had hand written text , and in cursive Even i had issues deciphering a word here or there but i can only imagine the horror on a child s face if they were handed this lol And their growing horror if they actually managed to figure out what it says There are several dark moments in this which are not well dealt with to say the least Also Babar is elected King rather than inheriting it, which seems a nice change until you find out why he in particular is elected Part of me wants to think it s a biting satire on elections but i suspect not lol.The art s still nice though.