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The Hippest Stars Of Stage, Screen And TV Bring Their Hilarious Magic And Comedy Act To Book Form And Teach Readers How To Con, Do Magic And Generally Trick Close Personal Friends Into Looking Like Helpless Idiots The Authors, Who Appear Regularly On Saturday Night Live , The David Letterman Show And Tonight , Will Tour Cities

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    My copy didn t come with the supplies, but I was able to find them at a magic shop.

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    What an awesome find in the free bin at the co op A discarded library book in perfect shape I remember my brother playing one of many dirty tricks on me as a childI think I was 11 and he was 18 He had me pick a card and bet me what was a large sum of money to an eleven year old that he could guess my card, making it seem impossible After he incorrectly guessed and I smugly demanded my money, he played a Penn Teller video that bored me, but destroyed my win Penn or Teller held up my card Cute, but it sucked Remembering this, I snatched this book out of the bin intending to read it and send it off to him I could tell this would be a pretty interesting read, as Penn Teller are much brilliant than I had previously thought, but I could also immediately see that they share my brother s a bit too dark humor, not mine So I read a few pages and I m sending it off to him.I give it a 7 10 because I think it s good, just not for me Enjoy

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    I love Penn Teller, but this is not my favorite of their books i m thrilled to have the entire script for their movie in the book, but it s so hard to read the scriptand unfortunately, much of the material sandwiched between the script is not up to their usual standard.

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    Contains the entire text of the fabulous Mofo the Psychic Gorilla routine, but you ll need a magnifying glass to read it Seriously Still, it s there Also, I m pretty sure this book has Penn s story, The Best Magic Trick I ve Ever Seen, which is, aptly, one of the best stories ever.

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    This book is amazing, but some of the scams are a little contrived and dated Love these guys, though.

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    Heheheheheheh They crack me up with their jokes, and they dazzle me with their skill.

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    another wonderful colin gift

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    Only one word is needed for this review Hilarious.

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    Reading this book will make you giggle like the evil monster you are and it ll let you do so at the expense of suckers like your friends and family.

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    Slightly dated and a bit contrived, but still enjoyable.