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Andrew Ender Wiggin Thinks He Is Playing Computer Simulated War Games He Is, In Fact, Engaged In Something Far Desperate The Result Of Genetic Experimentation, Ender May Be The Military Genius Earth Desperately Needs In A War Against An Alien Enemy Seeking To Destroy All Human Life The Only Way To Find Out Is To Throw Ender Into Ever Harsher Training, To Chip Away And Find The Diamond Inside, Or Destroy Him Utterly Ender Wiggin Is Six Years Old When It Begins He Will Grow Up FastBut Ender Is Not The Only Result Of The Experiment The War With The Buggers Has Been Raging For A Hundred Years, And The Quest For The Perfect General Has Been Underway Almost As Long Ender S Two Older Siblings, Peter And Valentine, Are Every Bit As Unusual As He Is, But In Very Different Ways While Peter Was Too Uncontrollably Violent, Valentine Very Nearly Lacks The Capability For Violence Altogether Neither Was Found Suitable For The Military S Purpose But They Are Driven By Their Jealousy Of Ender, And By Their Inbred Drive For Power Peter Seeks To Control The Political Process, To Become A Ruler Valentine S Abilities Turn Toward The Subtle Control Of The Beliefs Of Commoner And Elite Alike, Through Powerfully Convincing Essays Hiding Their Youth And Identities Behind The Anonymity Of The Computer Networks, These Two Begin Working Together To Shape The Destiny Of Earth An Earth That Has No Future At All If Their Brother Ender Fails Hatrack This was a really good book On its surface it is a great story about a young boy who goes through tremendous struggles On another level it is a brilliant psychological character study and an observation of group dynamics On still another level it was an intelligent allegory for violence and bellicosity in ourselves and our society There is a listopia list that calls this the best science fiction novel Mmmmm, maybe I can see why someone would say so I have heard where military organizations have assigned this for cadet reading.It is very good, certainly high in the running and on a short list of best ever I will readby Card and may readof the Ender series. DNF at 52 ar Orson Scott Card,There are over 3,310,480,700 women in this world.Sincerely, Women Dear Fans of This Book Who Are Probably About To Make An Angry Comment On This Review Please leave now if you don t want to get all huffy and insulted and make a comment defending the author or whatever other shit that is this book Or, if you want, go ahead If you re going to comment, at least read the whole review and not just a quarter of it I m so sick of repeating myself over and over in the comments Yes, I bash the author first, but I do make my points on why I hated the book itself, and not just because of him.Thank you Sincerely, Kat First of all, before I get into the book, I d like to say that Orson Scott Card is one of the biggest dicks on this Earth For those of who don t know, he is openly homophobic and a hyprocrite 2013 05 07 scifiicon He is a Chauvinist known to believe that women are the weaker sex and were only put on this world to make babies He is a Mormon that, from what I ve heard from people who ve read his other books, tries to convert you in his own writing in his novels Just for this author s personality, this book deserves one star But now onto the actual book, which deserves one star in itself.The Author s Viewpoints Leak InIt starts out well enough It s interesting and keeps your attention But immediately, the sexism shows its ugly faceAll the boys are organized into armies All boys A few girls They don t often pass the tests to get in Too many centuries of evolution are working against them Keep in mind that this book is supposed to take place in the future There are several things wrong with this sentence 1 In this day and age, thousands of women are in the military and fighting for their country They have been for decades now, and longer still So if this is supposed to be in the future, does Card think that women will give up their ability to fight so easily 2 Centuries of evolution working against them On what terms That we have ovaries That we can have babies so are therefore unfit to fight or have the mental capacity to pass the tests boys can easily pass This is the 21st century, genius Women work Women are in the army Get your head out of your ass and look around, for fuck s sakes CharactersI feel that Card made all the characters far too young Ender is six, Valentine is eight, and Peter is ten Peter has a fetish for torturing squirrels and threatening to kill his siblings Um, okay Is there any explanation for this strange behavior No, because according to this book, all our kids in the future are fully functioning psychopaths Except the girls, of course They re too mild for behavior like that In the future, the army is apparently full of kids barely older than six, up to age twelve To be trained for a war that, as far as I could tell from the point I got to, was already won WritingThe writing was atrocious Card switches from third person perspective to first person constantly The first person switches are for the character s thoughts , but the words aren t italicized or anything so you can never tell To me, that s a sign of bad writing If you can t stick with one kind of perspective, than you should go back to those non existent creative writing classes Plot Towards the middle of the book, the plot started to seriously drag and get outright ridiculous Valentine and Peter start planning to take over the world by writing fucking debate columns Not only is the whole let s rule the world concept highly overused, it s poorly planned out It s randomly thrown into the story like, Okay, we needvillains andthings happening, so let s make the ten year old girl and twelve year old murderous boy try to take over the world with debate columns Sure Then, switching back to Ender, who is now nine years old and a commander of his own kid army, we have our main character turning into the bullying idiots that bullied him in the beginning of the book Has he learned nothing Oh sure, it makes the kids better soldiers They re not even seven years old, they are not fucking soldiers The whole story is a fucked up version of a kid military which is run by controlling adults who don t want the war to end so they can remain in power It just ugh It got so tedious and irritating that I decided to give up on it I m not going to waste my time with a book written by a sexist, homophobic, dickwad I m not even going to see the movie, which is a real shame because I love Asa Butterfield I feel bad that he was brought into such a stupid book movie business. I have a new website where I review awesome booksI wanted to like Ender s Game I really did It s a wonder that even afterthan halfway into the book, I still clung on to the foolishly optimistic notion that the book would somehow redeem itself That it would end up justifying the tedious, repetitive, drearily dull chapters I trundled through over the course of several days which is unusual, since I m generally a fast reader.It pains me to say it, as a hardcore fangirl of science fiction, that one of sci fi s most beloved and highly regarded novels did not do it for me Actually, that is understating it While I m at it, I ll just duck and blurt it out I loathed Ender s Game Deep breaths Let that sink in Let the hate flow through you Good, strike me downI am unarmed Okay Now let s get to it.Was it because the expectations I had in my mind were unreasonably high and thus were responsible for ruining the book for me No way I make no bones about the fact that Ender s Game, regardless of the respect and popularity it commands in sci fi circles, is an inherently bad novel Why, though, you might ask Why such vitriol for the book Here you are, then 1 Bad plotting It didn t take me long to realise that after I was past Ender s arrival at the Battle School, every literally every chapter thereon until his return to Earth wasor less the same thing Battle games, beating the shit out of kids, battle games, switching back and forth to Armies, battle games It was so repetitive that I was exhausted at the end of every.single.chapter Page after page after page of six year old, seven year old, eight year old Ender and his buddies zooming about in ships trying to freeze one another s socks off Wheeee 2 Lack of characterisation There are no personalities There are no motivations You never learn anything about the characters except that they are the good guys or the bad guys Ender is brilliant at everything He NEVER loses Not once Bernard, Stilson and Co are the bad guys They re evil baddies cause dey r jealuz of ender s brilliance omg That s it No background, no depth, no internal conflicts No motivation Words cannot express how two dimensional and woefully lacking in personality the characters are.3 Demosthenes and Locke What the heck was that all about I appreciate Card s prescience about the Nets and blogging before it was around, but come on, this is pushing it a bit too far How, I beg you, how are we supposed to take the idea that a pair of kids end up taking the world by posting in online forums and blogging As if we people of the internet didn t have enough delusions of grandeur already 4 Now, this really gets my goat I had to wait for the last 20 pages to get information that was of any worth to the story at all I m talking about Mazer s Rackham explaning view spoiler the buggger s communications system hide spoiler This was the first book I picked up and read all the way through in one sitting Technically, it s not a difficult read but conceptually it s rich and engaging They have a word for people our age They call us children and they treat us like mice If you can t understand that statement, you probably won t like this book It s about intelligent children Not miniature adults their motivations, understanding, and some times naivete clearly mark them as children But at the same time their intelligence and inner strength define them clearly as people Their personalities are fully developed, even if their bodies are not.The book is about war About leadership And about the qualities that make some one a powerful or admirable individual not always the same thing In this book children are both kind and cruel to each other as only children know how to be It is not an easy book for anyone who understands childhood to be a happy time of innocence Even still, the characters retain a certain amount of innocence.The questions posed by the war, by the handling of the war, are relevant today, as they were when the book was written, and as they have been since the dawning of the atomic age Foremost is the question of what makes someone or something a monster It is an easy read, but not always a comfortable one.I d recommend this book for intelligent children The sort that resent being talked down to and treated like kids Here is a book that does not talk down to them, but understands and empathizes with them Also I recommend it for adults who used to be that kind of child, even if science fiction is not your usual interest More pure science fiction fans will find it interesting, as will those who enjoy exploring the philosophies of human nature and war This book sets out to make you think.