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In this seuel to the instant New York Times bestseller Camille her sister Edel and her guard and new love Remy must race against time to find Princess Charlotte Sophia's Imperial forces will stop at nothing to keep the rebels from returning Charlotte to the castle and her rightful place as ueen With the help of an underground resistance movement called The Iron Ladies a society that rejects beauty treatments entirely and the backing of alternative newspaper The Spider's Web Camille uses her powers her connections and her cunning to outwit her greatest nemesis Sophia and restore peace to Orleans

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    35 stars ATTENTION This review contains minor spoilers for the first book in this series The Belles thereforePROCEED WITH CAUTIONAfter claims that her older sister Charlotte is dead the evil Princess Sophia is set to rise to the throne You may recall that Sophie has sinister plans for the Belles and the future of beauty work throughout OrleansCamellia once the kingdom's favorite is on the run Forced to flee after the events of the first book she now finds herself on the outside looking in Pairing up with some old favorites including handsome savior Remy Camellia begins to set her sights on taking Sophia down This task shall be extremely difficult however since Sophia wants Camellia found making her the 'most wanted' person in all the landDiscovering an underground movement of rebels also planning to revolutionize the kingdom Camellia finds a place were she feels she can be of use But is she right to trust them?This book picks up directly where the first book leaves off There is a lot action in the plot as the world has previously been built for you so we spend less time on those details However although there is action I still felt the pacing was a bit offThere were times when I was really enjoying it speeding along and other times where I had to force myself to pick it up This being said Clayton's writing feels lovely to me Each word she chooses seems to add beauty to the text but at the same time things can become very one dimensional I liked the scifi bits that were sprinkled throughout The way the Belles are 'grown' and Sophia's plans for them seemed something out of a dystopian novel than a fantasy I did enjoy those elements and personally I wish there had been a bit of themThat may seem odd but I couldn't help but wish those ideas would have been expanded upon The origin of the Belles We heard the mythological tale of where they came from but how much of that was true?I did also enjoy the commentary about standing up to old fashioned and outdated systems that need to be changed Systems that take advantage of literally USE some individuals for the sheer pleasure of others This was an interesting examination of the concept of beauty as well and the negative effects of a strong societal emphasis on beauty The Everlasting Rose leaves off in a very interesting place Is there going to be another book? I would definitely be interested in continuing on in this world The events that take place at the end of this leaves a lot to be exploredThank you so much to the publisher Disney Book Group for providing me with a copy to read and review As always I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to hearing other reader's thoughts on this one

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    2 starscontains minor spoilers Me too Zen Me tooThe Everlasting Rose is what I would call rushed product This being second and maybe the end of Camille's POV book in the series I had expected from it By that I mean we get a satisfying entry to the series and the plot and characters would be fleshed out But what I got was a rushed book that should've been a bit longerYes I know this coming from a person who sometimes says that a book is unnecessarily long and could be shortened Now here I am saying a book should have been longerThe Everlasting Rose picks up after Camellia Edel Remy and Amber escaped from Sophia's wrath and they are in hiding They plan to overthrow Sophia from the throne by revealing that Charlotte Sophia's sister is alive But they need help and a mysterious group known as the Iron Ladies could helpWhen I first saw the page count for the Everlasting Rose I couldn't help but be concerned Usually when a book in a series is significantly shorter than the others they're sometimes underwhelming The Everlasting Rose is a rushed work that had a plot that was all over the place and lifeless characters I did not enjoy my time reading itThe plot is not coherent in the long run Camellia's main objective is to dethrone Sophia Sounds simple enough Though that doesn't go into fruition until the last 50 pages of the book The remaining pages are nothing but Camellia and Co running from safe house to safe house planning going to another safe house planning and so on Really this book felt incomplete and rushedI would not have minded if there were an extra 40 pages to expand on decent pacing and development of the characters But all we got was a rushed ending A while ago Tomi Adeyemi tweeted that she did not think the next book in her Legacy of Orisha series was complete and wanted her readers to get the best experience and decided to push back the release date After reading The Everlasting Rose I think that's what should've been done because this was along the lines of a rough draft you turn in to your literature professor not a final draft for a book Dhonielle could've expanded on the Belles how Sophia managed to create Belles explore their powers but its all just speculation We are told but now shown The best way I would describe the world would be a Faberge egg behind a glass case It's beautiful to look at but we can't hold it look at it closer The world sounds beautiful but we aren't given enough world building to appreciate it Not to mention hardly anything is explained about the technology and those weird balloon thingsCamellia is still a static character never changing or even having the least bit of development Her goals were put first but not her Yes she does show compassion to her sisters but that's all we get from her Nothing about her is extraordinary other than being a Belle If she wasn't a Belle she could easily be forgettableSpeaking of forgettable there are the Iron Ladies and they are by far a poor excuse of a rebellion I wouldn't even call them a rebellion to begin with They're a group that claims they are better and are so good at their jobs In reality they didn't do anything other than be intimidating and show up at the last second Camellia did their job for them and they just took the glory Pathetic Easily forgettable There is a romance between Camellia and Remy and it too was rushed I know I keep saying the word rushed a lot but that's the only way I could even describe everything that happened The romance between Camellia and Remy came out of nowhere In the previous book they had a somewhat rocky relationship where Camellia didn't like him at first but grew to like him but not in a romantic way Here she just likes him all of a sudden and there is no build up to their relationshipThen we have Sophia AKA every other cartoonish Disney villain out there That is not an exaggeration Given that this is a world that is entirely focused on beauty Sophia's new laws are cruel but she is a boring villain She's just a bad girl who did bad things and wants to do bad things but we aren't given any reason why she's like that other than she's bad She's bad just for the reason of being bad It's like she woke up one day and decided to be evil Seeing how the story ended and with there being another book on the way I think Camelia's story is over at least I think The way it ended left enough room for the world to be explored from a different POV If only this wasn't rushed I might've enjoyed it Everlasting Rose? More like Withered Rose Verdict The Everlasting Rose is nothing but a rushed product that fails to deliver any promises of a satisfying conclusion It wasn't a terrible book just rushed Really disappointedThanks for reading my review Cesar

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestOn the surface The Belles series really doesn't seem like it should work The concept of a dystopian society overturned by a teenage revolutionary has been done to death thanks in part to the wildly successful Hunger Games and Divergent series The Belles in particular is highly reminiscent of the shallow and superficial Capitol elite in THE HUNGER GAMES with over the top costumes high premiums on beauty and luxury and a laissez faire attitude towards their poor and suffering populace reminiscent of the nobles in pre Revolutionary FrancePart of what saved THE BELLES for me was how dark it was willing to be to drive home the point that beauty isn't everything Camellia the heroine starts out very sheltered and naive a pawn in her society's uest to become beautiful and adored By the end of the book she isn't just uesting her own powers and where they came from but also where her society's ideals fit in within larger concepts of morality and justice and whether the ruler overseeing Orleans is really capable of fair and just rule spoiler nopeOf course this being a dystopian novel she finds that out the hard way through blood and tearsI was excited when I found out that I was approved for an advanced copy of the seuel THE EVERLASTING ROSE WARNING There will be spoilers for THE BELLES in this review and a few mild spoilers for THE EVERLASTING ROSE so if you're one of those people who want to go into a book totally blind I suggest you X out of this tab and pretend you never saw me I did mostly enjoy THE EVERLASTING ROSE but not as much as the preuel; it had some glaring problems The Belles series takes place in a magicalsteampunk fantasy version of New Orleans called Orleans Society revolves entirely around beauty and luxury and the tyrant ruler Sophia has gone literally mad with power exerting magic and might over her subjects at will as well as demanding constant assurance that she really is the fairest in the land The previous book ended with Camellia being betrayed losing favor with the ueen and being forced to go on the run until she can lick her wounds and rally her strength to become the revolutionary figure that Orleans needsWhen I saw the cover for THE EVERLASTING ROSE I could tell that this book was probably going to be a lot darker and I do like the contrast of that but I don't think that this cover is as pretty as the original Her neck ruff is super weird it reminds me of this line from Black Adder in which he describes one of his Elizabethan colleagues as looking like a bird who swallowed a plate In a way that's fitting for this book because it manages to be both horrific and ungodly cheesy at timesSince this book isn't out yet I don't want to spoil too much I will say that we do get the revolution we were promised from the first book and it is handled pretty well There's a bunch of creepy women called the Iron Ladies who really like spiders I can't help but picture Diana Terranova Camellia discovers that her and the other Belles's powers aren't actually limited to beauty and makeovers Camellia gets angry and stoops to cruel acts in the name of justice She loses her shit It's brilliantAnd yet there were things in this book I didn't really enjoy I didn't like that Ms Clayton not only seems to be redeeming Auguste despite his betrayal in the previous book but also appears to be reintroducing him as a love interest She chose Remy dammit I didn't like the animal death that happens in the last third of the book and worse is committed by the heroine herself It felt totally pointless like it was done for shock value and that's it There are better ways to be edgy than to just go around killing innocent little animals just my two cents I also didn't like the bizarre Invasion of the Body Snatchers twist this book took towards the end I'm not going to go into any further detail than that because spoilers but if you read this book you'll know what I'm talking about It was pretty flipping weird At that point it kind of felt like this book had jumped the sharkLastly and I did touch on this briefly in the previous book I don't really like that the villain is an out lesbian Not that I don't like lesbians but it's irritating that when you see LGBT folk represented in fiction it's usually as 1 the bad guy or 2 the sacrifice ie bury your gays The previous book had a character named Claudine who was the ueen's lover and she was murdered When I complained about the only gay character dying people were uick to jump on that in my review pointing out that Sophia was also gay Yes she's gay and she's evil AF Having a dead gay and a psychopathic narcissist gay as your two main examples of rep really isn't that great I know a lot of my LGBT friends who read this book were really upset about that aspect of this book and I can see why Especially since this book works so hard to be inclusive with regard to rep of skin color with several of the main characters described as being various shades of brown and this being described as beautiful even desirable I loved that by the way one of the best moments in this book is when the heroine totally goes against shadism saying that she loves her natural skin color and that darker is beautiful It just goes to show that even diverse books can be problematic in how they choose to represent diversity within the worlds that they createOverall though THE EVERLASTING ROSE wasn't a bad book I know I always sound harsh when I review these things but I do really make a point to be fair and discuss as many elements in the book both positive and negative as possible because I know some of the tropes and problematic elements I discuss in my reviews do bother people even if they might not bother me and I consider it my duty as a reviewer to try and present an accurate recap of my reading experience to help others decide whether or not they want to buy the book I did enjoy THE EVERLASTING ROSE and its over the top cheesiness that reminded me in so many ways of a better written version of Amy Ewing's THE JEWEL I thought the writing was gorgeous and loved seeing a black heroine getting to save the world for a change I'm really looking forward to seeing what Dhonielle Clayton comes up with next Thanks to Netgalleythe publisher for the review copy 3 to 35 stars

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    The Belles ★★★★ The Everlasting Rose ★★ 12Ehhhhh I'm a little disappointed No one is as sad as I am I mean I was dealing with multiple health issues while trying to finish this so I don't know if that impacted my overall enjoyment Also I feel like this felt much like a second book in a trilogy not the conclusion to a duology??? There better be a third book forthcoming called The Iron Ladies Miss Dhonielle World building 3 stars I didn't feel like we got development of Orleans We did get somewhat backstory and a surprise or two like The Iron Ladies but I didn't feel it expounded much I would be down for a preuel about The Iron Ladies or even a spin off book because the book ended with me having uestions then I got answers I will add points for rare teacup dragons Writing 4 stars Dhonielle Clayton's writing is just the best I could not have finished this book without the beautiful and uniue writing It's absolutely mesmerizing I actually liked the writing so than in The Belles because the purple prose isn't as intense Characters 25 stars We are only ever in Camille's head Nearly 50% of her stream of conscious is focus on being on the run and worrying about her sisters But she didn't have any inner turmoils or demons herself She didn't really grapple with any big life choices or uestion her own morals She always did the right thing It was too easy too root for her Not to mention I thought there would be development or surprises in relation to her mother The mystery surrounding her mom was so built up in Book 1 In fact a lot of the mystery of Orleans is built up in Book 1 only for the suspense to be lacking in The Everlasting Rose Which brings me to my next pointPlot 2 stars The plot was kind of lack luster The first 34 is focused on escaping The Belles Camille trying find Charlotte evade capture and stop Sophie's coronation The last 14 was so rushed We get all this build up and then the big stand off is followed by a fade to black moment instead of Camille ever truly facing the biggest antagonist of the entire series view spoilerCamille is passed out for three days after the final show down occurs hide spoiler

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    The ranting revolution is hereThe Belles is a book that I think of uite fondly Sure it has issues and yeah maybe if I read it today I wouldn't like it as much But I admire how bold it was it must have taken Dhonielle Clayton a great amount of courage to talk about something so personal in such a devastating and unapologetic way It's a book that truly made me take a good look at how toxic society isThe strength of the first book and what made it stand out to me among the sea of YA fantasies dystopias and fantasy dystopias is how on the surface it's pretty and lavish with dresses and tea all in a pink cover but under it's surface the story was unsettling and dark The Everlasting Rose does not share that same strengthLet's compare the two and yes I think seuels should be compared to their predecessors the first half of The Belles was a contest to be the Favorite It gave much food for thought and Camellia although not special was interesting because of how much she wanted to be the Favorite Plus a romance that although boring never took over the story Meanwhile the first half of this is simply Camellia and her Suad™ running to safe house after safe house stupidly trusting anyone and everyone and one of the most in your face instalove y romances that will make you wish for one of those magically destined romancesAnd then the second half of The Belles was were it showed it's teeth and Camellia learns some tough lessons along with an extremely haunting ending The second half of this is a generic dystopian rebellion plot with a rebellion that doesn't even seem all that capable spoiler alert; they do almost nothing useful for the plot Sure the ending was interesting leaving it closed enough to end the series but open enough for another book or spin off but it isn't nearly as memorable as book one And yeah there are some dark parts but most of them are lost in a sea of boredom and half baked ideasNow maybe I'm being to harsh by comparing this so much to book one so I'll stop the comparisons because I have other complaints And maybe this one is because I skimmed a little in the second half it was that or I would've DNF'd it but from start to finish I felt overall detached Like I wasn't reading a book I was reading a Wiki page summary about a bookI don't think it was the writing because that was unbearably flowery like a red rose newly blooming on a crisp March day as if the sky were an ocean of the tears of children I might be exaggerating the writing a litte but I usually like flowery writing yet to me this was too much I think what caused my detachment was the characters mainly CamelliaHow can someone go through the events of book one and STILL be so naive so trusting so stupid so boring We're told she's brave and compassionate but honestly to me she was just idiotic There's also that fact that the side characters where slightly interesting but not by much Edel has some sense but she isn't super special Rémy is just loyal Sophia is just evil for the sake of evil and Auguste is just kind of a jerk Also I don't usually call out a book if a gay character or two die because I think you should do whatever to your characters regardless of sexuality gender race etc But it's the second book and it's a little odd that all the gay characters either die or are dating one of the characters who dies except for Sophia who's maniacal off brand Azula And some other gripes why was practically everything called the Everlasting Rose? was there any reason to make Camellia so special? why don't the gods have names? At least say the Beauty Goddess or the Sea God instead of constantly saying the Goddess of natural force every freaking time speaking of I want to know about this religion Is it organized with a hierarchy of priests? Do they have temples? Are there any other religions? is there anything outside of Orléans? how do post balloons work? why does being a Gris have to make you crazy? It takes a significant bite out of the social commentary when being ugly has a higher price than being beautifulI think this could've been a good seuel and from the other reviews it looks like Clayton would've benefited from an extended deadline Sure I wouldn't have been very happy but I would also get over it because that would mean she'd get the chance to make this truly special in a good way The extra star is for the teacup dragons view spoilerthough I'm not happy one died unnecessarily hide spoiler

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    35 StarsI had a while to think about this I mulled it over in my head and I'm feeling rather conflicted On its own The Everlasting Rose was a great book but as a seuel and a finale I must say I am a bit disappointed Maybe it was my fault though One of my bad habits with finales is that I get so excited to see what the ending is that I don't slow down and enjoy the actual story Whoops 😂The characters and plot was just as exciting as book one I hope we get to see in this world soon Many thanks to Disney Hyperion for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review| Goodreads | Blog | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram

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    The Everlasting Rose was not as an awesome Book 1 The 4 stars i gave The Everlasting Rose is in honour of Book 1 Book 2 isn't really worth it

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    Honestly I am always worried when a debut author puts their second book out I always worry that I am comparing it too much to the first However since the first book by Clayton was the first book in this series I can't help but compare it And I have to say that the second book didn't work for me at all I was bored and just kept waiting for something anything to happen This book didn't expand the world the reader had found out about in book #1 There was barely any development to any characters And then things just kind of end with a hint that there may be to happen with these people in the future So in The Everlasting Rose the second book in the Belles series we have Camille racing to stop the new evil ueen Sophia She and her sisters Edel and Amber managed to get away along with one of the guards Remy The group has plans to free the other Belles and rescue the true ruler of the throne Princess Charlotte I honestly am surprised that Camille seemed even clueless in this one I just felt sick and tired of her towards the end The series should have shown a growth from book #1 to book #2 and we didn't get it at all I can't even call Camille a Mary Sue since at least the Mary Sue personality is to be perfect and beautiful than all other female characters for no good reason Camille was just bland and there We know she wants to free her sisters and dethrone Sophia At least there was no love triangle so we just have Camille obsessing over one person which felt like it came from nowhereThe other characters barely have anything to do Camille spends the most time with Remy and we have her thinking about him wondering how it would be to kiss him etc Edel has personality than Camille though we barely have her interacting with Camille which was weird besides teaching her how to tap into her powers to change her outside looks and height Edel doesn't trust Amber or anyone else and she acts like a jerk toward Remy So Camille's personality was set to jerk but at least she was lively Amber was a total non entity And the Sophia we read about via the news sounded scary than what we get in this book The writing was just okay though I found the flow terrible There is no sense of magic to me like there was in book #1 I think that this book was too rushed I would rather have waited another year for world building and better plotting to be included in this one It didn't help that each chapter was maybe 4 or 5 pages long Considering this book was 342 pages my hardcover you would think that Clayton would have the main plot be about dethroning Sophia Sadly we didn't get that until the very end The setting in this one just didn't work If Clayton had stayed focused on the Belles maybe But instead Clayton includes a resistance group known as The Iron Ladies who we just readhear about for long portions of the book And then Clayton tries to include a whole thing with the Belles being able to tap into their powers to change themselves and I never want to read about how cold a character is again The book also started to feel repetitive after a while Camille and friends run and hide teacup dragons hide in her skirts she fights with Edel and or Amber feels angry and feels jealous about Remy Lather rinse repeat The ending was a bit of a letdown I mean we get a Happily For Now ending which I honestly I was fine with because I really can't see this series continuing after this

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    35 stars rounded up to 4 because I love the world of Orleans and The BellesThe Everlasting Rose was a bit disappointing as a follow up to The Belles which I loved I can't uite pinpoint it but it was missing some of the magic of the first book Still enjoyed it and I will definitely continue reading the series if there are

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    “Beauty is blood and bone and sovereignty a perfect smile is its greatest weapon” I’m so pleasantly by this book and I actually really enjoyed it I loved the world of the Belles and the luxe history and descriptive writing but I had problems with some of the characters and plot points But Everlasting Rose surpassed my expectations and gave me everything I wanted for the story in this world Set immediately after the events of The Belles Camille is looking for her sisters and a way to stop Princess Sophia from taking over the Orleane society Plenty of action and politics make this an engaging and rich story I couldn’t put down Things I Liked The worldbuilding was one of my favorite things from book 1 and I feel like I got an even better grasp on it in book 2 I feel like I got a bigger insight into Belle history and their powers like what arcana is The setting is this seamless blend of 18th century France with this futuristic tech and it just works I also continue to love anything and everything related to gods and mythology I really grew to love Camille in Everlasting Rose She is passionate ambitious headstrong and determined She doesn’t always make the smartest choice but she’s never careless or reckless and I respect the hell out of herI always here for a good revolution storyline so I loved meeting the Iron Ladies who lead the rebellion against the Bellebeautification culture It was nice seeing a different perspective and group that doesn’t define their power in beautyBelle lore is so dark and fucked up It such a contrast to the facade and practice of the Belle It the pinnacle of not all that glitters is goldThe Belles are seen only as property not people How they’re treated and used is truly horrifying and how Belles are created is something I never expected And there were so many leeches just nastyThings I Didn’t LikeI had a problem with clunky transitions throughout the story I felt like as soon as we got to an intense action scene the chapter would end and the next began with an easy resolutions past the problem It cut a lot of the action in the story and make the reading a little choppy Sophia still crazy loon but she wasn’t as big a presence so she didn’t bother me as much But as the ‘villain’ of the story she was a little underwhelmingEverlasting Rose is a mostly satisfying conclusion to what The Belles started This series takes a deep look at the dark side of beauty and challenges the influence and expectations society ascribes to our appearance The writing and the world are so luxe the characters are compelling and the food sounds delicious This was a book I just couldn’t put down I received a copy of the book from in exchange for an honest review