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After battling the impossible Zélie and Amari have finally succeeded in bringing magic back to the land of Orïsha But the ritual was powerful than they could’ve imagined reigniting the powers of not only the maji but of nobles with magic ancestry too Now Zélie struggles to unite the maji in an Orïsha where the enemy is just as powerful as they are But when the monarchy and military unite to keep control of Orïsha Zélie must fight to secure Amari's right to the throne and protect the new maji from the monarchy's wrathWith civil war looming on the horizon Zélie finds herself at a breaking point she must discover a way to bring the kingdom together or watch as Orïsha tears itself apart

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    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NONO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NONO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOI think I made myself clear I waited too long Readers fans lovers of fantasy first book’s admirers likers reviewers everyone waited TOO LONG We got invested we felt for this characters their growing up their challenges their purpose their fight the feminist manifesto unconventional rebellious acts hid behind their actionsAnd finally I got my hands on the second book feeling euphoric excited focused on getting lost in those brave heroines’ stories But yes I got lost because I didn’t understand the direction of the story main purpose and motive of the characters I found too much yada yada and bla bla I got angry frustrated bored and speechless So this is not the book I got invested waited and hoped to read I’m really disappointed because the epic start of the story already stole my heart and normally I always loved second books because at the first ones you just get warm up to the characters their back stories and action normally comes at the second half but at the second book we already know them from the beginning they normally become fast paces strict to the point kind of full of action ones When it comes to this one I felt like the main story sold its soul to someone and made an Uturn to the misdirection mostly it moved aimlesslyI’m not gonna tell about progression for the respect of your own opinions to read and find out and maybe there is a chance that some of you really enjoy this book but unfortunately this is not a winner for me and year’s one of the disappointments on my listbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    Zélie has some lukewarm half baked romance with InanMe staring tearfully at Amari who obviously loves and supports her than any man ever could and who would make the most ideal love interest please I'm begging yo

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    GOOD EVENING I WANT TO GET THIS COVER TATTOOED ON MY BODYDoes anyone have any idea why the publishing date has been pushed back so far? I need to read this to see if my theories are correct dammitOkay so according to my findings we have an army of people who ship Zélie and Roën and so I hereby christen it Zoën

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    35 ⭐Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf 🐺I do hope this book has the middle book syndrome because if not then we’re about to have a problemI was so ecstatic about this book and I wanted to hype it so much and I started reading it with so much hopeonly to be disappointed bit by bit Have you ever watched a balloon slowly deflating because someone didn’t tie it accordingly? The balloon was me while reading this bookThe world building was spectacular in this book as it was in the previous one I think it is impossible not to carry on with a world like that once you constructed it So that is a happy aspect of the bookThe action was also lively The book is dynamic there is something happening all the time it is like sometimes you have no time to take a breath That’s amazing I love that kind of action in a bookFor all of these things the world building the change of pace the dynamic action this book gets all of my admiration As the Romanian in me would say it’s beton armat reinforced concrete aka super coolOn a not so bright side I must say that the characters really ruined this for meAmari was one of my favourites at the beginning of the book I really felt so sorry for her and for the fact that even though she really wanted to share her plans no one seemed to give a shit about her She was deprived of consideration and low key hated And she didn’t deserve that But by the end of the book she started being and absurd in her decisions becoming as stubborn as the rest of the charactersZélie was also stubborn and too smug to listen to anything or anyone and she always acted like she’s the only important creature in the world and no one else comes at least a bit closer to her own colossal pain She was the only one allowed to suffer and no one else And bonus you could always count on her to say or do something worthy of a facepalmThe greatest problem of this book was the miscommunication or better said the lack of communication Everyone here thought they are the only ones that can save the kingdom and they were acting on impulse not telling the others their plans It looked like that oversized music box with a huge handle and at some point a stupid clown pops out and scares the bejesus out of you You were the one turning the handle endlessly waiting for something to happen but you still got caught off guard when that evil thing popped outWhen everything blows up in this book guess who gets an existential crisis? All of them charactersSomething else that made the reading unpleasant the unrealistic relationships The romance in this book seemed a bit off and it felt lukewarm I honestly think that Zélie and Amari had a stronger relationship than any of the relationships there and even a real power couple potential than any of them both with any of the males in the book I am a bit disappointed Tomi Adeyemi couldn’t actually make this romance happen “It was like the tides held a missing piece of my soul” I am truly sad after reading this seuel And even though I feel a bit sorry for the fact that I was disappointed because I saw a lot of potential in it I feel like I summarised everything I had to say about it and even though it’s not all rainbows and unicorns it is fair by my standards at leastBook styled

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    huh well this is a little bit disappointing i finished this and all i could think was ‘thats it? i waited nearly two years for that?’ maybe my expectations slowly became too high whilst i was anticipating this release but wow this is not at all what i was hoping it would be sadly similar to ‘children of blood and bone’ the representation and diversity is what culturally enriches this story and gives it its power the writing is also really magical but the plot? wow what a snooze fest maybe its because i lost my connection with characters but i just found this to be so boring who knows if a uick reread of CoBaB before this would have changed my feelings but i just couldnt find myself caring about anything except inan hes still the best i will probably continue this series only because ive made it this far but if its another two years before the final book comes out im honestly not sure my interest will last ↠ 3 stars

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    Am I the only one that's losing interest here? Debating whether I want to continue on with this series or not HOLY COVER GUYSHOLY FUCKIN COVER TITLE 😍I'm anticipating this book so much I NEED AND WANT IT NOW

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    Going to unhaul these books I still like them but don’t love them This cover is amaze balls though and I’m going to print one for my photo album Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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    Updated review 14 April 2020 Since I posted my initial thoughts I've received some strong reactions and uestions that I did not anticipate For my peace of mind I am writing this review to hopefully better articulate my opinion and the issues I have with Children of Virtue and Vengeance But first some important notes1 I am not an own voices reviewer for this series and therefore I cannot speak on the authenticity of the Black representation I also cannot speak on what is offensive or triggering to Black people In this review I'm going to discuss things that I personally cannot ignore2 TriggerContent warnings for strong war themes; death and violence; genocide; mass murder and attempted murder; blood and blood magic not explicit; torture; depictions of grief; loss of parents and loved ones; emotional and verbal abuse from parental figures; traumaTo better contextualize the events in this seuel here's a brief rundown of how and where Children of Blood and Bone endedview spoiler✨ The ritual needed to bring back magic is interrupted and goes awry Zélie uses her deceased father's blood to perform a different ritual in the hopes that it would forge a new connection with the gods✨ Inan is stabbed by his father and Book 1 deliberately leaves out whether or not he's able to survive✨ Upon seeing her brother stabbed Amari kills her own father and as he dies she vows to become a better ruler✨ Magic is restored and the ending hints that Amari has magic now too hide spoiler

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    I am so disappointed by this book—so much so that it breaks my heart I am emotionally spent so I want to keep this as short as possible without ranting I adored Children of Blood and Bone so much that I gave it five stars The only reason why this isn’t getting one star from me is because it’s not a bad book and I don’t want it to come across like it is because I have respect for Tomi Adeyemi The book begins about a month after the events of the first book ended The magical system Yoruba culture and West African mythology is expansive Orisha is an interesting world and I loved the characters from the first book so much and the stakes were high enough to keep me interested Roën is my favorite character in the series and I was on Amari and Inan’s team I just had a soft spot for Inan he was so tormented and conflicted and that usually gets me going The scenes of Zélie and the Reapers training were cute I loved Mazeli Nâomi Mama Agba and Na’Imah too I felt for OjoreI despised everything else The plot was stagnant and redundant Nothing really happens and the inner conflicts between the main characters added nothing to the story It is also riddled with annoying contradictions The cover depicts Zélie as this fierce warrior goddess and she talks about how she must keep fighting for Baba and her people but she wants to give up but she takes important positions as a leader Zélie unravels so much in this book that her chapters were almost unreadable Amari could have been a fierce ueen but her character development was destroyed to the point of no return Amari and Zélie had the same argument throughout the entire novel people kept speaking over Amari but she never left Inan being conflicted and having no control over his surroundings was cute in book one—not so much in the seuel Every intimate relationship was toxic Roën kept leaving Zélie treated Amari like garbage and would have sacrificed her Amari was willing to sacrifice Zélie and several innocent people There is a literal war crime that Amari commits that should be unforgiveable Every romantic relationship was severed in this book—I secretly shipped Amari and Zélie from book one but after this I won’t be comfortable with any romantic relationship There was too much time spent on the complicated romance that it was a melodramatic soap opera Tzain literally serves no purpose Amari doesn’t even think about him enough when the chapters are in her POV There is some ueerbaiting here tooMuch of this book is a chore to read Every character behaved stupidly to the point where I couldn’t stand any of them I hate the villain of this story—Nehanda who is Inan and Amari’s mom is evil in a cartoonish way She has no motive for why she feels so strongly about exterminating maji Inan’s lack of willpower with dealing with his mother and the royals outmaneuvering the rebels at every turn was exhausting The book comes around towards the last 25% of the book but then something happens that took me to the point of no return Massive spoilers belowview spoilerThere is a random gas attack towards the end that knocks Zélie out She wakes up to the scent of urine and vomit in a cramped space in chains on a boat which is reminiscent to the slave ships during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade This might not be a big deal to some people but for me I felt betrayed and unprepared to read something like that I am not against those narratives but it came so out of left field and it’s triggering It made me angry to read that because that is not why I picked the first book up Why can’t there be an empowering story without having that included? I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted hide spoiler

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    what in the holy skies happened to my kids???this bunch of asshats can't be mine don't know them sorry