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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock and the remarkable summer that led up to it Featuring Sir Lucas of the Round Tablet Astonishingly autobiographical Remarkably personal Profoundly irresponsibleDrawing from his teenage years Todd Strasser's novel revisits a tumultuous era and takes readers on a psychedelically tinged trip of a lifetimeWith his girlfriend Robin away in Canada eighteen year old Lucas Baker's only plans for the summer are to mellow out with his friends smoke weed drop a tab or two and head out in his microbus for a three day happening called the Woodstock Music and Art Fair But life veers dramatically off track when he suddenly finds himself in danger of being drafted and sent to fight in Vietnam If that isn't heavy enough there's also the free loving and undeniably alluring Tinsley who seems determined to test Lucas's resolve to stay faithful to Robin; a frighteningly bad trip at a Led Zeppelin concert; a run in with an angry motorcycle gang; parents who appear headed for a divorce; and a friend on the front lines in 'Nam who's in mortal danger of not making it back As the pressures grow it's not long before Lucas finds himself knocked so far down it's starting to look like up to him When tuning in turning on and dropping out is no longer enough what else is there?

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    ARC provided by Young Adult Books CentralLucas' summer is ruined when his girlfriend Robin decides to be a camp counselor some distance from their Long Island home He's doing some work for one of his father's businesses but otherwise just hanging out with his friends Milton and Arno and his cousin Barry His home life is not happy He has a developmentally delayed younger brother Alan for whom he has to care; his mother gave up her career as a reporter years ago and seems perpetually depressed; and his father is controlling and distant preferring to spend his time playing tennis at the club or seeing other women on the side than spending it with his family Lucas does a lot of drugs smoking marijuana daily and taking LSD when offered although he wisely draws the line at heroin A friend from work Chris who dropped out of school at 16 is fighting in Vietnam and his letters worry Lucas Lucas' cousin Barry who is 4 F due to mental health issues hangs out with a woman named Tinsely who is whole heartedly embracing the Free Love mentality of the era and who is happy to share these experiences with Lucas although he is somewhat conflicted about her philosophy in a very middle class bourgeoise way He and his friends do attend Woodstock but instead of being the beginning of a carefree happy lifestyle it is the end of summer end of Lucas' irresponsibility and the beginning of the end of an entire eraThis is the best description I have read about the different options young men pursued to avoid Vietnam After Lucas realizes he has not been accepted into ANY colleges he starts to panic and weigh his options We hear about their friend Rudy's flight to Canada stories of young men who try to smoke cigarettes dipped in ink to replicate symptoms of tuberculosis or who cut off fingers and options that include jail time or taking the physical in San Francisco where the doctors are likely to declare a 1 Y ualified for service only in time of war or national emergency status Lucas spends a lot of time meeting with a draft counselor although he is unable to secure a conscientious objector status It is uite touching that one issue Lucas thinks his father is pushing on him for odd reasons turns out to be his father's way of getting him out of military serviceLoosely based on some of his own experiences during this time Strasser's details reflect a somewhat bitter nostalgia During this summer Lucas realizes that his self centeredness hasn't helped him or his family and he seems at a loss as to how to refocus his life His family shattering even as he watches is no help At first I thought this might be a seuel to Fall Out because of the details about the family bomb shelter and how many of those were used a decade later for teens smoking weed? but it's not I am only about 15 years older than Lucas This means that I was not surprised by the attitudes toward women and different sub groups that are described in the book I vividly remember my parents gawking at hippies and making comments about their long hair Alan is discussed as not having been diagnosed as retarded but still having difficulties This was a standard term at the time although it is very offensive today The family dynamics were also something that seemed fairly common However I was very surprised at the amount of drug use in a middle class suburban setting especially since one of the characters is actively dealing and making uite a bit of money A nice detail was that Lucas kept his condoms and weed in a sock in the back of a drawer where it was meant to be found but in order to get to his pills and acid he had to unscrew the bottom of his stereoVery little of what I read is aimed at readers higher than middle grade so it was an absolute delight to revel in Strasser's sparklingly dark prose with its elegant turns of phrase and inventive combinations of words I'm not going to purchase this for my library because of the sexual content language although the f bombs were used very judiciously for YA but definitely would recommend for high school and public libraries This is the only book I have read about this time period that made me really understand what all the sturm und drang among teenagers was about Summer of '69 rings absolutely true to the Vietnam era in ways most people have forgotten

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    This was a wild ride of a Summer of ‘69 for sure This was a fast paced part autobiographical account of this crazy summer Lucas is 18 and has just found out he didn’t get accepted to the college of his choice and is now faced with possibly getting drafted to Vietnam This story contains violence sex and lots of drug use but feels like an accurate description of the time Lucas also experiences Woodstock in the story which was awesome I’d highly recommend this historical fiction just not too sure I’d suggest it for YA Thank you to NetGalley and Candlewick Press for this ARC

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    Wow just finished the ARC Thanks Candlewick last night around 1 am This is a page turner for sure Not sure it's really YA material but what a ride I guess I should say what a trip since that's what the main character Lucas spends a lot of time doing The author says it's mostly autobiographical and it does indeed feel that way I have to admit that one thing that kept me going was not being able to guess where the story was headed But I guess that's the point That summer the author didn't now where he was headed either I wasn't alive then but even if I was this is a world I don't think I would have ventured into A real eye opener as to what young people were up to back then

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    first there was Cheech an d Chong then Dazed and Confused Dude where's my car the big Lebowski Seth Rogan and now introducing Sir Lucas Baker of the Round Tablet lol

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    Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of Summer of '69 by Todd Strasser I've read and reviewed this copy All thoughts and opinions are my own The Summer of '69 is a story about Lucas who has just graduaded high school said good bye to his girlfriend who's leaving for camp and has been rejected by a college which results in a very high chance that he'll be drafted for the Vietnam war The story details how Lucas tries to find a way to not get drafted for the war while dealing with feelings about the war his relationship and his future In order to surpress his feelings about all of this he takes different kind of drugsSummer of '69 is partly based on the real life of the author which made for an interesting read I was drawn to the aspects of the character's fear about being drafted for the Vietnam war and the circumstances in that period Unfortunately apart from the drafting storyline the story didn't resonate with me I felt that the shift between first person and third person was annoying at times even though it showed the difference between sober Lucas and Lucas on drugs I couldn't really connect to any of the characters which resulted in me not connecting to the story I do think that this story might be appealing to people who know about the Vietnam war and perhaps the repercussions it's had on people Being from Europe I've only read about the Vietnam war in History class in high school so it's interesting to learn about it in this way But apart from that I couldn't connect to it that deeply I recommend this book if you want to read a story that takes place in the sixties and deals with Woodstock all types of drugs the Vietnam war and the fear of being drafted for a war you don't believe in

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    Lucas Baker spends the summer of '69 in limbo His college applications have been rejected and he is a prime candidate for the draft His girlfriend has headed off to Canada for the summer and he is left alone and tempted by the mysterious Tinsley Lucas' primary response to his troubles is to get high and even that won't help if his girlfriend leaves him for good and he is sent off to fight in VietnamSummer of '69 is a close look at the '60s from the point of view of a young affluent nascent hippie Think sex drugs and rock 'n roll and you will have a pretty clear picture of this story Strasser tells us that the book is a thinly disguised memoir and that is probably one of the strengths of the book

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    Got this ARC in exhange for a honest review by NetgalleyDNF 16%It sounded interesting when i read about what the book was about But as i started it at first Lucas he main character seemed like a lovesick complaining puppy then as i went further in he ended up as a pot smoking wierdo? Needy and apperaently can't be a man himself? Because he let Tinsley do those things and think those sexual things But it dosen't matter? because his girlfriend are miles away in Canada? He was mixed between an annoying weed smooking needy guy to a lovesick puppy and i just could'nt invest further to see if he managed to get into college or not I even had slight problems detecting the time line where this was written Maybe this is just me because i've seen it get high praise But i just could not last

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    I got this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewAnyone who knows me knows that I adore history and that the 1950s and 1960s are my favorite era to study While I wholeheartedly understand that the era was certainly not the best for minorities — women PoC and LGBT folks alike — I love the pop culture which definitely influences my interest So needless to say I was SUPER excited when I stumbled across this book on NetGalley and even so when I got approved to read it It sounded right up my alleyThat being said this book was rather disappointing The era was cool and the atmosphereimagery of the Summer of ‘69 was pretty on point as far as I can tell coming from a 20 year old who studies the era but never actually lived it but the writing itself was not that great There were also formatting issues but I’m going to hope that was just NetGalley screwing up at no fault of the authorThe writing though as I said wasn’t great It was pretty choppy sentence and structure wise there was a lot of telling instead of showing and there was this really weird thing where the POV would continuously switch from first person to third? I think it was meant to be a stylistic thing meant for while the main character was high or tripping but it didn’t work very well Instead of coming off as a clever plot device it read as very choppy and awkward insteadAnd while the imagery itself was pretty cool nothing much really happened plot wise? The book walks us through the summer of 1969 and we follow the main character Lucas as he tries to avoid being drafted and faces long distance drama with his girlfriend but in the end everything wrapped up a little too perfectly and the whole ordeal ended up being almost pointless There was also somewhat of a summer fling type love triangle but one side of the triangle kinda ends up just disappearing from the plot with not much resolutionI will say that this book does do a pretty good job of exploring the Vietnam War from an antiwar perspective and my favorite thing to read about were definitely the different music and hippie festivals that Lucas goes to It’s a shame that the rest of the book didn’t follow that same decent consistency because I have a feeling I would have liked it a lot if it were like that It definitely captures the spirit of 1969 I just wish there was to itOverall perhaps if the formatting weren’t such an issue and the writing was a bit better this book would be perfect for the right audience Summer of ‘69 is supposed to be based around the author’s own experiences so I definitely think there are people out there who would enjoy the plot that admittedly was simplistic than I was hoping for I’m disappointed that I wasn’t a huge fan but I do think it has overall potential and I would definitely still recommend checking it out if you’re interested in the 1960s antiwar era

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    I am a big lover of history and think the revolutionary time that was the 60s 70s is an incredible point in America's political history With that being said I really struggled to get through this book and had to force myself to finish it It felt as though the author so badly wanted to write a book about the sixties that every word action and moment had to be suffocated with 60s stereotypes to the point that the story itself was lost Even as I was roughly 85% of the way through it really didn't feel like there was any plot at all and absolutely no purpose behind the story being told and instead was just the author trying to relive his youth The only redeeming part of the book that made it so I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 was within the last few pages where the character of his father is slightly redeemed Overall I would not recommend this book

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    Disclaimer I received this book for free from LibraryThing Early Reviewers and Candlewick Press in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewI did not think I was going to like this book? Right off the bat I’m not saying it’s the best book ever but I reuested this ARC on a whim because I like the publishing house and I haven’t really read much about the ’60s A lot of the reviews leading up were talking about the focus on drugs and for some reason I thought there was going to be a lot of focus on WoodstockWhile the drugs were a constant presence I think Summer of ’69 was mostly about the fear of the future in a time where many people’s future was uncertain There’s a lot of conversation about the Vietnam War and Lucas trying to get Conscientious Objector status Like I said I don’t know much about this era outside of basic popular culture so hearing about Thomas Auinas was interesting I also think it’s worth noting that the book was written by someone who lived through the era and not just a piece of historical fiction based on a lot of research Despite all the best research personal experience makes a big difference in the genuine voice of a pieceLucas as a character really bothered me but not because he’s poorly written Lucas reminds me of an ex boyfriend of whom I have very cringy memories Lucas isn’t a bad person but he doesn’t seem to understand how the world works Yet at the same time he’s very aware of this personal failing and agrees when other people tell him about it The character has a lot of blind spots and he knows it but he still behaves poorly He’s a rich white kid and he knows he’s privileged Whenever the Panthers are brought up he seems to get uncomfortable but there’s no blatant racism I didn’t like Lucas but I’ve seen people like himThe relationship aspect was what was most uncomfortable to me Lucas was a heavy drug user without a plan for the rest of his life or interest in really changing He was a lot of hot air And I’m not just talking marijuana – the kid was dropping acid all the time with the overture “I’m going to stop soon” His girlfriend Robin is away counseling at camp and expresses that she’s not comfortable with their relationship or the person she is when she’s with him or his constant drug use She essentially dumps him in multiple letters and Lucas’s response to this is to beg her not to leave him and promise to change and to profess his undying love It’s like no matter what she says it just makes him cling From a purely literary point of view I get that Robin is the only thing in Lucas’s life that probably feels stable but the emotional manipulation is just not okay Of all his behavior I suppose it’s weird that I’m latching on to the way he behaves as a boyfriend but honestly between him begging her to stay while he has a fling with Tinsley it wasn’t okay Nothing to do with the writing – I just thought Lucas was a bit of a crappy personThe story didn’t really go anywhere a slice of life for a white boy just out of high school in ’69 who is afraid of being drafted and afraid of all the changes around him It drew me in a lot than I thought There was something lyrical to the way it was written I also liked all the short poems interwoven in the story I’m not sorry for reading it and I think that people interested in the era and in historical fiction would most likely enjoy Summer of ’69