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When LAPD Detective David Laine First Encounters Hunky Party Boy Chris Bellamere, It Is To Interrogate Him About The Murder Of One Of Chris S Many Sexual Conquests When Chris S Efforts To Prove His Own Innocence Mark Him As A Victim, David Steps In To Save Him, And Finds Himself Falling In Love With A Man Who Might Be A Brutal Murderer PA Brown S Debut Is A Gritty Mystery Set In LA S Edgy, Less Glamorous East Side, Where Gangs Co Mingle With Gays, Gunfire Is Heard After Dark, And Where A Gay Cop Like David Laine Could Live Undetected At Least Until Now

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    This has some real rip, shit eating, heart stopping, erratic pulse humping action, suspense and drama all rolled into one hellova book.I m usually good at guessing, so I keep saying, on the who done it, but dayum I was so stumped and when I thought to say I fawking knew it I ll be a monkey s uncle in saying I was soooo wrong It was a relief to see one character made it through what was clearly traumatizing at the hands of a sick sack of shit and for a sec I thought for Chris he was done in, but David is one on the ball cop in this story I d want him to track my sorry arse if I ever went missing THAT should never happen or no reviews from Dear Sid snickering So check it out I m hitting up the next one LA Mischief.

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    Ugh Um 3.75 Rounded. down Which makes no sense, but who the fuck are you, the sovereign of my rating scale PFT.The mystery in this deserves at 6 5 It s fucking great God, I loved the mystery I always thought I knew what up but I read Ami s review and she said the killer isn t revealed until later so I can trying to be crafty Did anyone but me FOR SURE think it was view spoiler Ramsey hide spoiler

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    Wow, what a page turner I was on the edge of my seat most of the time I really liked both David and Chris, their personalities, the fact that even though Chris was your usual cute Californian boy, David was anything but And the mystery was quite intriguing too I mean, I thought that I had the baddie pegged right away but boy, was I wrong or what Also, it was a gay mystery without detailed sex scenes that would take pages and pages of text, the author didn t shirk the plot and that was quite awesome Sure, the description of the murder scenes and of the victims was quite graphic but other than that, it was definitely R rated I hope that the author continues writing

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    I swear I ll keep it short I swear I swear I swear Things I like o Chris is a total bum and David is not really cute, because love should be an eye of the beholder thing and once in a while it s great to read about people who can t stop traffic unless David flashes his badge, in which case he can getting laid.o The mystery actually kept me guessing there being multiple suspicious individuals and the red herring also worked, so it s all good.Thinks I did not like o David is a closet case who knows this guy for a week, max, and suddenly he says I love you and actually means it.o Ditto bumo Occasional awkward explanations of police terms If I m interested, I would have known, and if I don t know, then clearly I m not interested Bitchmode aside, this would have been good if it was worked in a little subtly.o The whole romance is so bloody contrived.Overall a decent, readable thing if you like mystery and your MM in a bundle If you like the likes of Lanyon and Victor J Banis mysteries, this will be up your alley It s got a good balance between the romance and the mystery, so you won t be left banging about screaming that only 1 20 of the book is about relationship anything This is looking at you Josh Lanyon.And goddamit, it s a long review again.

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    4.0 StarsI ve had this on my TBR shelf forever and it finally took someone picking it for me in a challenge to get around to it I don t know why I was so reluctant to read it or why I m surprised it was actually quite good Yeah, I don t know why I waited so long.

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    This was a refreshing change from typical detective mysteries in that there was actual detecting The officers were smart and asked good questions and interviewed the right witnesses There were real consequences for inappropriate actions But like regular police work, sometimes it was a little dull I really liked the main detective He was really a great guy and his motivations were clear cut and made sense I didn t like Chris at all at first but he grew on me He changed quite a bit but there wasn t enough reason for him to do so I mean, it wasn t really talked about I also wasn t quite clear why Chris liked David at first He barely knew the man and it was quite clear he was not particularly good looking But as the story progressed it made sense, just not as early as he began the attraction But Chris turned out to be a lot less shallow then he was initial portrayed Their relationship was sweet and sex was even beautiful.I think the secondary characters were good, too, although a couple of the jerks were a little too black and white Martinez was believable and I liked how he was at the end It was believable to me The mystery was very good I didn t figure it out until about 70 75% of the way in But then I can be dense about this kind thing because I try not to figure it out The ending, the big action finale was excellent, lots of peril and pending death There were a couple of issues that left me thinking that this wasn t a five star book and yet I can t remember them any So 4.5 rounded up to 5 because of my bad memory.

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    4.0 StarsLAPD Detective David Laine is gay but deeply closeted He s assigned to investigate a string of murders targeting gay men Chris Bellamere an openly gay California golden boy is their prime suspect I loved both David and Chris They were wonderfully imperfect characters my fave with admirable qualities The mystery was riveting and had me guessing to the end.Bottom line A page turner

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    Another winner of this genre The murder mystery part is good Ms Brown reveals the culprit in an effective way that keeps my toes till the end It s serious than few other books of this genre that I have read More vicious and messy kinda reminded me of Karen Rose s novels The romance part is also wonderful The sex is fairly light I like it that way and the emotion between the main characters, David and Chris is just right without being pushed to your face.

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    Very good gay mystery with a titch of romance about a sexy, slutty IT geek accused of murder and the deeply closeted cop conflicted between attraction and duty Be aware that there are some graphic descriptions of mutilated bodies

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    Fantastic book that kept me reading into the wee hours of the morning Sounds funny, but I really could have gone without David and C hooking up even though it rounded out the book Highly recommended for those who like mystery suspense