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A pre Harry Potter young adult series that was a guilty pleasure for me at age 26 to be reading in public But I couldn t put it down L.J Smiths characters were a little flat, yes Her settings felt 2 dimensional to me and I often couldn t get a grasp of what exactly the characters were really like as people, sure But that doesn t mean the story wasn t spot on Once I ignored the flaws in Smiths construction of her Sunnydale esq town with it s Vampire drama lurking in the shadows of a popularity battle between 2 high school girls, I became addicted I literally couldn t put the book down I just couldn t wait to see what was going to happen next.Vampire Diaries reads like a CW teen drama In a good way Which made me wonder why this hasn t already been adapted to film or TV yet.Forget that other, hallow, vapid vampire series This is the Girl meets Vampire story to read Same plot only L.J Smith does it better Don t let the 4 out of 5 stars fool you into thinking this is good, inventive writing I picked these books up for nostalgic purposes Back in the early 90s, when I was an adolescent oh how I date myself , I read and reread these books They were so romantic and exciting I remember even then being annoyed by the hack writing, but overlooking it because of the fantastic nature of the stories I mean come on, who wouldn t fall for a tall, dark handsome vampire with an Italian accent I m only human.Reading them again as an adult was part experiment but mostly fluff fun For whatever reason, I m seemingly incapable of getting through beach reads or other books with no real substance and sub par writingwith the exception of Young Adult books There is a soft spot in my heart for those angst ridden horror lite, forbidden romance themes that weave their way through the pages and into the minds of pre teen girls that are waiting to have their braces taken off and dream of such huge life events like homecoming and take a deep breath prom I am not criticizing girls for this As I ve already implied, I was one of them.My peeve with this particular series is reallyof a concern The greatest attributes of the primary characters are their beauty, elegance and grace Love is always a reaction to someone s beauty or passion The protagonist is queen of the school In short, each book is like reading a 250 super model photo shoot There s just no way you ll ever be these fictional characters Perhaps that is part of the allure for many kids who read these, but I distinctly remember talking with my friends about which character in the book we d want to beand frankly, all are either shallow or wracked with glamorized self loathing.The remaining question is why on earth after all this criticism did I give the books 4 stars Well, they were a welcome regression back to days of summer reading, of staying up too late to find out if the heroine would get the guy and save the town against forces of evil As simple, mindless entertainment goes, they work just fine I don t know how a reader first approaching them now would feel about them, but with my childhood link to them, I was rather forgiving of the many glaring problems.Apparently a new book will be coming out in this series early next year I must confess, I will most certainly be reading it. This Book Has Alternate Cover Editions For This ISBN ACEACEA DEADLY LOVE TRIANGLEElena The Golden Girl, The Leader, The One Who Can Have Any Boy She WantsStefan Brooding And Myterious, He Seems To Be The Only One Who Can Resist Elena, Even As He Struggles To Protect Her From The Horrors That Haunt His PastDamon Sexy, Dangerous, And Driven By An Urge For Revenge Against Stefan, The Brother Who Betrayed Him Determined To Have Elena, He D Kill To Possess HerCollected Here In One Volume For The First Time, Volumes One And Two Of The Vampire Diaries, The Tale Of Two Vampire Brothers And The Beautiful Girl Torn Between Them I m DNF n this book at 30% and I hate not finishing a book but I just can t bring myself to read any of it Not only is Elena a horrible self centred bitch after one night of kissing Stefan the next morning she s Florence nightingale I can t stand her not even a little argh Love someone you don t even know GET A GRIP CRINGE Okay, so I promised myself I wouldn t do this but here I go. as Kat would say UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME.I hated all four of these books. hated. UNADULTERATED LOATHING I had posted this as a two but am changing it to a one..muahaha because I am not as nice as I used to be Elena is our spoiled, popular, idiotic MC and I hate her, she gets everything she ever wants She has no compassion and is completely self absorbed how is this different than any other teenage girl you ask She is the embodiment of all that times ten I HATE her And I love L.J Smith, guys I do I ve read her Nightworld series many, many times and her Dark Visions has one of my favourite love interests of all time. Gabriel swoons D So hating these bothered me, A LOT, and not just because I love the show Okay, okay the reason I m breaking my rule to not review this I am 100% team Matt And I m gonna tell you why He is sweet, he is funny, he is strong and he is kind. he is everything I would want a teenage girl to love He isn t brooding, he doesn t hold grudges, he is loving and understanding without being martyrish So why is he alone He is alone because he is not supernatural and that fucking pisses me off Teenage boys have a raw deal right now, girls are fangirling all over vampires and werewolves and superheroes, how can a red blooded most likely clumsy human boy compete with this fantasy world He can t And that makes me sad Dear Ms Smith, if you wanted to make me love Elena and Stefan.. I either read an interview or saw one with Stephenie Meyer who remarked that she got her plot to Twilight from a dream that she once had After having read this, I can say in all certainty that if she got the idea from a dream, it was at some point after reading this series Look no further for her source material, here it is.Just a few of the parallels that I noticed Stefan Edward can read minds Stefan and Elena fall splendidly and exquisitely in love with each other despite the fact that there s little narrative to their love story Stefan wants to stay away from Elena because he s a killer, and so on, ad nauseum Credit L.J Smith here, though, considering that she was the one that did it first and she did it better although I d say not much, since I m being honest.Particularly in the first novel, The Awakening , I found the main character Elena to be selfish, spoiled, and revolting Perhaps it s because the popular, pretty girl foil is simply something that I can t related to, or perhaps it s because the idea of making my friends swear in blood that they won t stop until they get me a boy is totally and completely absurd.In the second book, Elena is a touchpalatable, but that might have been because the story as a whole got marginally better, leaving less time but still ample, believe me for Elena to wax poetic about the unexplainable love for Stefan that seemingly flourished after one kiss.I ll give this three stars because it did get better in the end, but arealistic rating would have been two or two and a half. This omnibus carries the first two books of Smith s tetralogy The Awakening and The Struggle I would give the first one two stars, the second one four The first one was namely too much of a sugary teenage romance I m probably too old to read young adult stuff any.There were some things that really annoyed me in these books Elena was perfection incarnated, the prototype of a Mary Sue, she had everybody wrapped around her little finger, she always got what she wanted be it the title of the Homecoming Queen or every boy in school and when she didn t, she let the waterworks flow, adopting the you hurt me so expression And of course, when two half a century old vampires arrived in town, she was the love of their life at first sight, they wanted to spend their eternity with her and only with her, no other woman had ever mattered snorts But the story did get better once the author stopped concentrating on the Homecoming Queen s dating plan and remembered that she wasn t writing an after school special but a romantic horror story Because the horror part was really well written It was even rather scary in some places I suspect that the next two books in the tetralogy will be better.And yes, this is the series that the CW s adapting for TV I think it ll fit their programing plan perfectly it s Gossip Girl with vampires, after all It s another teen vampire romance novel Yay Actually, it s kind of cheesy When Stefan Salvatore shows up at Elena s high school, it s love at first sight He s gorgeous and exotic, and she s looking for someone new She s fair haired and popular and closely resembles his ex Oh, there s onething Stefan s a vampire From renaissance Italy And another thing his older brother, Damon, has also shown up And they re battling for Elena s affections.So corny, but so fun to read The ending was a cliffhanger, so I guess I might just have to pick up the next book in the series.3 10 08 Since these books are going to be a T.V show in Sept, I thought I d buy the booksSome people have read it and compared it to Twilight, but I have to say that these books are NOTHING like Twilight except for the part where she s human and the brothers aren t But that s about it.So I ve read the first one The Awakening and The Struggle and I have to say that I was kind of disappointed.Elena is an uptight snobby girl who gets what ever she wants and when she doesn t she pouts like a 2 year old out to get revenge and sneak in her mothers pantry to steal chocolate Her character does improve through out the book, but she was very hard to relate to while reading.Stefan spends half the book ignoring her yes, for a good reason, but still then when he does finally talk to herBANG They are together and in love I like Damon, at least he s consistent as the bad guy in the book His character is very sexy and very mysterious.I just felt like the books did not show just cause as to WHY these two love each other Not to compare this to Twilight, but at least with those books, it showed the progression stage of Edward and Bella s relationship.Elena and Stefan have nothingthen a ghost of a memory and some heated attraction for one another There was nothing to lead them up to there romance Elena thought of him as a challenge and for Stefan, Elena just reminded him of a girl he use to loveDamon is the only character that comes into play that I can understand He was the one who lurked from afar and didn t try to disguise his obsession with love His was purely lust I think this is the first time I have ever rooted for the bad guy to get the girl I want Elena to be with Damon, Stefan just isn t doing it for me I guess.I don t hate the books, but I don t love them either.The only reason I m giving this two stars is for plot and writing style.I just wish the time was taken for us to feel why they were in love and not just have it there.It s sad to say that I think the T.V Series will be better then the books. Elena is the most popular girl in school, her boyfriend Matt a classic all American sporty, nice boy Then she sees the new boy, Stefan, dark, sensual, and totally oblivious to her She determines to have him, and promptly gets rid of Matt There are a few complications, though one, Stefan is a vampire from the Italian renaissance period two, she looks a lot like Katherine, the girl he was in love with who made him a vampire before killing herself, thinking he and his brother Damon, whom she also converted, would then stop fighting over her and three, Damon is also in the city, and he has his sights set on Elena.These teen vampire books have been out forthan a decade, but have only recently been merged into two single volumes, rather than the original four.It s a familiar enough story, a little similar to Stephenie Meyer s Twilight books but not note that it was published in 1991,than 10 years before Twilight still, comparisons crop up, though if anything, this could have been inspiration for Meyer This is a much darker story than the Twilight books people actually die in The Vampire Diaries, and Damon is a truly malevolent character There are the usual elements of normal teenager life home troubles, back stabbing friends, parties and lusty teenage boys who drink too much The writing style is succinct and to the point, but the details necessary for a dark atmosphere strumming with tension are all there I would recommend this double volume, for the first book, The Awakening, ends on a bit of a cliff hanger, while the end of The Struggle is not quite so bad though very exciting I can wait to read the second volume I certainly want to find out how it is resolved, since what happens to Elena at the end is a bit frightening, and I was surprised at my sympathy for Stefan, whose pain is very real.