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Leaping Onto Center Stage From The Wings Of Comics History Comes That Dazzling Master Of Elusion, Foe Of Tyranny, And Champion Of Liberation The Escapist Operating From A Secret Headquarters Under The Boards Of The Empire Theater, The Escapist And His Crack Team Of Associates Roam The Globe Performing Amazing Feats Of Magic And Coming To The Aid Of All Those Who Languish In The Chains Of Oppression The History Of The Escapist S Creators Joe Kavalier And Sam Clay Was Recently Chronicled In Michael Chabon S Pulitzer Prize Winning Novel The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier Clay Now The Best Of The Escapist S Adventures Are Collected Into One Volume For All To Enjoy Esse As incr veis aventuras do Escapista um belo complemento leitura As aventuras de Kavalier e Clay O Escapista, o personagem de quadrinhos que s existia nas p ginas do romance de Chabon, ganha aqui haja metalinguagem vida pr pria, como se fosse um aut ntico produto da Era dos Quadrinhos, l dos anos 1930 e 1940 E mais Ganha vida ao ter, ainda, uma cronologia fict cia pr pria, com uma carreira que se estendeu pelas d cadas seguintes E alguns artigos sobre a sua hist ria.Al m desses artigos, os quadrinhos s o bem interessantes Alguns s o realmente muito boas Os meus favoritos A passagem da chave, escrita pelo pr prio Chabon Os libertadores, com est ria e arte de Howard Chaykin fiquei com vontade de reler American Flagg Reinar no inferno, de Brian K Vaughn o cara n o um superstar dos quadrinhos toa A ltima cortina, escrita por Jason Hall, com arte de Eric Wright, uma provocativa est ria sobre eutan sia e, finalmente, O Escapista e o Spirit, escrita e desenhada pelo pr prio Will Eisner, em sua ltima obra.Para quem leu e gostou d O Escapista, essa uma leitura que vale muito a pena. Video review collection showcasing the narrative and creative potential of the costumed hero genre A must read for fans of Chabon s Amazing Adventures, it works great the other way round too if you re on the fence about reading Chabon s masterpiece, this comic book might be what you need to land on the right side of that fence. Originally from In Lesbian With BooksI told you, I m shamelessly obsessed with Michael Chabon s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay I can t seem to move on with the book hang over after reading it and to make the matter worse, I discovered the graphic novels entitled The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist by Michael Chabon featuring Kavalier and Clay s brainchild, the Escapist It has different fictional news, history, and essays about the comic books during the birth of comic books and the Escapists, the Depression, the WWII, and the Golden Age which made the book somewhat real and I really thought the history the book was telling was true because the contributor writers mentioned a LOT of famous comic book artists Aside from that, it included the main attraction of the book the story of the Escapist If you don t know, the Escapist is an escape artist you know, like Houdini showing amazing feats of escapology and he s a part of the League of the Golden Key that fights tyranny Iron Chain gang and save the oppressed and bounded by the chain please continue to read HERE The pictures don t seem to fit the layout of the Goodreads site. To be honest, I read The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist out of a sense of obligation I read Kavalier and Clay and even though I hated that book, I felt that I needed to give the graphic novel inspired by the story a chance I didn t mind the parts of KC that were actually about comics and the Escapist was an interesting idea for a super hero This graphic novel is unfortunately not volume one in the Escapist series, this is a faux non fiction book about the history of the Escapist and the other characters mentioned in KC The entire book pretends that KC was a legitimate biography of two real life comic book creators and Anapol, Ashkenazy, and Radio Comics were actually real things in our world That pissed me off a little bit We get an introduction where Michael Chabon talks about finding his first copy of The Escapist and all of the hard work he put into researching Kavalier s and Clay s lives and the The Escapist s future with other writers Then we get our first actual comic, The Escapists s origin story It is fun and the art work is good, but it comes off as indulgent and pretentious Then, we get the history of The Escapist s creation and development in the world of KC After that, it s just random one shot stories staring different writers and artists versions of The Escapist and Luna Moth This isn t a graphic novel It s the equivalent of a best of book Each writer gives The Escapist and Luna Moth a different personality and different motives This is paired with vastly different art styles, some of which look pretty nice and others are absolutely terrible I bought this book expecting to read the first chapter in The Escapist story, but instead I got this indulgent, self righteous meta book We get a couple of stories that don t connect in any way or have anything to do with KC It s labeled as volume one, giving the indication that this is the start of a series The only way I see this happening is the way Reader s Digest releases new books in its condensed novels series This wasn t about The Escapist, it was about Chabon s ego. I swear I m not a Chabon super fan, but I happened to be passing through the library and these caught my eye while I was in the final stretch of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay This is a fun, definitely hit or miss, addition It captures the kind of crooked path that comis themselves take by virtue of it being unpolished, imbalanced, and hodge podge The book s charm rests on its earnestness than its art or writing. I picked this up at a discount book shop for pretty cheap, having loved Chabon s novel As a companion piece to the book, this works fairly well It slightly expands upon the fictional publication history of the Escapist comics, though repeats some of what is explained in the novel The stories are satisfying little one shots For Chris Ware completists, the back cover has been written and designed in his typically detailed style and with his particular style of humour These are all the positive aspects of this comic.The bad There is a variety of art styles, which makes this interesting, but I don t really love any of them, and I don t think they really capture the period they are trying to depict For example, the Passing Of The Key origin story seems a bit angular and modern than the clean, curvy style I associate with the Golden Age of comics I m thinking Curt Swan Kyle Baker s caricatured style suits his story but I wouldn t otherwise get into it Chaykin provides something closer to Frank Miller s style than his American Flagg work, which fits the story and era but is a bit ugly Tony Leonard Tamai pulls off a great Manga style but the story isn t great Bill Sienkiewicz even gets involved but it s far from his best work The format is quite small the book is about half of the size of a regular comic On the plus side, it means that it can be shelved alongside Chabon s novel on your shelf On the other hand, it s not very realistic as a supposed archive of classic comics Releasing this as a full sized comic would have been great in some ways, but may have made some of the art look even worse Some positives and negatives here OK if you loved the novel and want to get of the Escapist, but I don t think it would really work as a standalone comic Some big names are involved but it unfortunately never quite gels for me. If you conisder yourself a hardcore fan of Chabon s Kavalier and Clay, then this is for you The premise is that The Escapist really WAS some long forgotten Golden Age character that Chabon rediscovered and wrote about This book collects alot of key issues of The Escapist from his long life Chabon himself even writes an opening where he discusses the first Escapist book he ever read which was later re created in the newest mini seriesit all gets very meta The first story in the collection is an exact recreation scripted by Chabon of the first comic that is laid out in the novel All in all, it was this series of books that led to my confusion for years over which came first Chabon s book or the actual character The Escapist.So how long until Michael Chabon does what so many others before him have done like Brad Meltzer and Greg Rucka and start writing actual superhero comics Imagine what he could do with some third tier characters Awesome literary nostalgia The character The Escapist is actually a serious imitation of a fake historical comic character So This book Michael Chabon Presents.The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist Volume 1 v 1 is a bogus collection of supposedly previously published Escapist issues Each included issue in this collection has been drawn meticulously in the genuine style of whatever comic Art representation actually dominated the comic publishing industry of every decade since the 1940 s.This fake collection is a brilliant parody of an anniversary book issue of a beloved comic character If The Escapist had been a genuine comic character first developed in the 1940 s, and if the character had survived for decades through the changing art styles and artists and publishers that comics have undergone in real life up to the present, this particular graphic novel collection would serve as a genuine commemorative publication Fans would have stormed their local bookstore to buy a copy and run home in a rush to encapsulate the book in a protective plastic jacket, hoping to sell it in 20 years for thousands of dollars However, despite that it is a falsified historical collection about a fake historical super hero, the issues are drawn in the genuine style and the hero, The Escapist is played straight like a real fictional comic Hero reminiscent of the genuine made up heroes in the fantasy comic fiction we actually grew up reading.My head is hurting, gentle reader.The Best of The Escapist comics which have been included are The Passing of the Key origin storyEscapism 101 written history of how the comic beganFollowed by what I am sure would have been favorite top sellers representing the various epochs of The Escapist Are You Now or Have You Ever Been Sequestered Prison Break Three Hundred Fathoms DownDivine WindThe EscapegoatLuna MothReckoningsOld FlameThe Lady or the TigerI think people who enjoy literary jokes will like this fake collection best It is well done, picture perfect actually, but, you know, fake. Michael Chabon and collaborators have some fun with The Escapist, the character he invented for Kavalier Klay KK, I thought, was brilliant The Escapist is a playful footnote, a real treat for comics fans in the way it plays with the Escapist character in all his different possible incarnations it s rendered as a series of Escapist comic books from over the years, each from a different era, all mashed together in an imaginary anthology The artists and writers have a field day recreating possible pasts for a fictional fiction, in drawing styles and story lines that mirror aesthetic trends in comics as well as changes in the wider culture.