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Charles Carter Aka Carter The Great Is A Young Master Performer Whose Skill As An Illusionist Exceeds Even That Of The Great Houdini But Nothing In His Career Has Prepared Carter For The Greatest Stunt Of All, Which Stars None Other Than President Warren G Harding And Which Could End Up Costing Carter The Reputation He Has Worked So Hard To Create Filled With Historical References That Evoke The Excesses And Exuberance Of Roaring Twenties, Pre Depression America, Carter Beats The Devil Is A Complex And Illuminating Story Of One Man S Journey Through A Magical And Sometimes Dangerous World, Where Illusion Is Everything I don t know if I hate or love this book since it is so off the wall I picked it up at a book sale since the cover is very eye catching but had no idea what it was about I soon learned that it dealt with the death of President Warren Harding, the rise of the magician, Carter the Great who was actually a real person , the discovery of television, Houdini, the Secret Service, the Illuminati, and a pet lion Mix all those things together and there you have it..off the wall.Basically it is a fictional semi biography of Carter the Great, who is told a secret by President Harding that the President thinks will be disastrous to the US and the world Soon the Secret Service is following Carter as they suspect that he murdered Harding because of this secret Then the story goes off in a million different directions with sub plot piled upon sub plot The story, which is certainly somewhat fragmented, pulls you in against your will I kept thinking this is stupid and then couldn t wait to turn to the next page, so I guess I loved it after all I ll say thisit is different but is a fun read and in the end you will find out something about Warren Harding and his death that you didn t know Remember, this is fiction. A Conversation I had earlier,Friend So what are you reading Me Carter Beats The Devil, it s about a master magician battling a shadowy conglomerate of the government, corporations, and secret societies to find the truth about president Harding s death with the help of his pet lion Friend There s no part of that sentence that doesn t appeal to me There is a word for this book and it is awesome A big thank you to Natalie for bringing this to my attention. It s so rare to have a book that I just can t wait to get back to reading I always have a book with me usually several in my car, as noted by certain friends of mine who can t help but comment on the apartment like state of my vehicle , but then there s the one that leaps to the fore and all the other currently reading titles are consigned, literally, to the back seat Carter Beats the Devil is fun from the beginning Gold has a knack for characters and for dialogue, and even the back story is interesting, rather than just poorly drummed up filler to explain motivations His pacing is perfect, like that of the showman he writes about Some of the highest praise I can give is that it made me want to research characters and events to learn about his source material Finally, if that s not reason enough to love this story, it has one of the best lines ever uttered in a disagreement between brothers Oh, dear God, you don t actually have a brain, do you, it s a filigreed spiderweb, with little chambers in it where trained monkeys play the pipe organ Brilliant. A friend gave it to me years ago I figured eventually I had to read it, like you do On page 67 I threw it at the wall It s about magic, which is not very interesting to read about Or to see for that matter Magic is very annoying it s not real you know, it s just a lot of tricks I like it when they chop a person up and have parts of them in boxes spread around the stage head there, feet way over there but that s about it Likewise with Harry Potter, every one of which I ve seen on the big screen with my daughter A whole lot of firework displays and running about with a few nice monsters Give me Lord of the Rings any day, at least that has a story along with the creatures. Basically Dan Brown with magicians is what I wish had been written on the cover, so I would have known not to read this Based to some degree on the real life of the magician Carter the Great, it also includes sigh references to the Illuminati and Skull and Bones, and some fanciful ideas about the last days of President Harding, who was apparently a real guy It s suggested that Houdini was gay, a claim I can find zero supporting evidence for online About the only things I trusted were the weirdly persistent jokes about Pez.The whole thing is pretty amateurishly written, and Gold has only the barest control over his plot The romantic bits are especially wince worthy this is a book given to sentences like It had taken Carter all these tours to realize his most fragile prop was his heart Despite all this shittiness, the book rolls along in an adequately entertaining way it s about fuckin magic even the most hapless treatment of magic is bound to be fitfully fun Get it Bound Oh, forget it But the whole thing is really immature, honestly Immature. Carter Beats the Devil was set up superbly I loved the way in which Glen David Gold really brought the early years of Carter alive and how these early childhood experiences influenced the magician he was to become There was a pretty hefty amount of research undertaken in this project, and Gold really captures the atmosphere of the 1920 s, with magicians vying to outdo each other at every step Unfortunately, for me, what followed this impressive start, quickly descended into a confusing tangle of plot lines and characters.I can t help but feel that Gold wasn t sure if he was writing a fictionalised biography or a mystery novel At times I felt large sections of the narrative suffered from over exposition For me the story lacked focus, with too much time spend on accessory characters, and not enough on the story of Carter, which was built up superbly in the first section.To his credit, Gold writes some pretty tense and exciting scenes, but unfortunately he d lost me well before the impressive finale For me this story had so much promise, but it was lost on distracting side stories which I found confusing, indulgent and unnecessary. This book took me longer than it should have Partly I guess it was my fault, but partly also the book s This is not a fast paced read, as I always hope big books to be.Nevertheless, this is a fun book, with intriguing characters, an unpredictable story, many twists and turns that have you at the edge of your seat There is a mix of action, character s past unraveling and magical shows.I really liked the way this book was written, despite it being slow I liked how so many of the character s were introduced and that you never got information than you were supposed to have In this aspect the author really played the role of the magician, never revealing everything to you. Gold s book is loosely based on the life of Charles Carter, a real magician After reading his Wikipedia page, I appreciate that Gold was than willing to stretch the historical facts for the amusement of the reader.The book starts off with the death murder of one of the greatest presidents ever, Warren G Harding, who could give any president a run for their money in the floozie and corruption departments Carter is somehow implicated.Boyhood trauma propels Carter into magic and onto the vaudeville stage and eventually, his own traveling magic show His involvement with Harding enmeshes him in a deadly conspiracy involving secret societies, the government and big business There are plenty of real life people who also make an appearance throughout the book including, The Marx Brothers, Houdini and Philo Farnsworth the inventor of TV.Like any good illusionist worth his salt, Gold is expert at misdirecting the reader with literary sleight of hand Seeming unrelated and unremarkable doings are used as diversions only to be of consequence later in the book.Bonus How to make an elephant disappear Revealed Aside from the pulpy, dashing, derring do, what made this an interesting read were the I wish I had said written that passage and Gold s talent to take an extraordinary story and build it with relatable, ordinary moments Recommended for historical fiction fans or anyone interested in literary wizardry. This is one of my favorite books of all time I started it on a plane to D.C and couldn t put it down I stayed up all night when I got there until it was finished It s historical fiction in the best sense and touches on so many things that fascinate me the invention of television by Phil T Farnsworth see The Boy Who Invented Television , the Secret Service see Starling of the White House , turn of the century magicians see Houdini , Hiding the Elephant, and Kellar s Wonders , and the history of my hometown, Oakland see Oakland Story of a City Full of mystery and adventure as well as historical fact, this is a MUST read.