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Bound by Deception is another book that has been recommended to us by our friends here on Goodreads Once again, our friends have great tastes in their reading material It s a pretty rare to find a historical erotic romance in this genre It s always interesting to see how things will turn out since homosexual relationships were evenfrowned upon than it is today I thought that Ava s heroes, Oliver and Vincent, are both interesting and very much a product of their time The chemistry they have together is both passionate, but yet there is a tenderness that only two peole in love experience also We loved the way Oliver s mind worked He is both brave and determined to risk being discovered to have at least one night with the man he loves Vincent Even if he has to deceive his friend to do so.I liked that they were friends first I thought their relationship was very natural and truly addicting to read about.Something else I found interesting about this book is although there is some BDSM play involved between them, it was done tastefully but yet very erotic We are looking forward to readingabout Vincent and Oliver next week A HOT historical romance with a touch of BDSMThis is a book sliced in 3 instalments going straight to the next part I can say this it is damned delicious and Vincent is an A I m going to love seeing him crumble TeamOliver Lord Oliver Marsden Has A Secret He S Been In Love With His Childhood Friend For Years, Though Vincent S Never Shown An Interest In Him Beyond Friendship Ruggedly Handsome, Wealthy, And Successful, Vincent Is Everything Oliver Is Not And Vincent Doesn T Prefer MenThen Oliver Discovers Vincent Hires A Man During His Visits To A London Brothel Desperate To Be With Vincent, Oliver Orchestrates A Deception, Switching Places With The Brothel S Employee When Oliver Arrives At The Bedchamber, He S In For Another Surprise Restraints And A Leather Bullwhip Apparently Vincent Isn T As Conservative As He AppearsLord Vincent Prescot Has A Secret Of His Own One Kept Locked Away And Only Indulged Once A Month But This Month S Appointment Is Different The Mysterious Man Is So Perfect, So Beautiful In His Submission, Rousing Protective Instincts Vincent Can T Deny Yet He Refuses To Believe He Might Truly Prefer Men, For It Could Mean The End Of His Hopes Of Earning His Father S RespectWill Betrayal Destroy Them Or Will They Be Bound Together By Deception Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, BDSM Theme And Content, Including Bondage And Spanking, Male Male Sexual Practices True There were no MANTIES but there was a veritable poo poo platter of kinkanigans Regency kinkanigans Vincent and Oliver are both second sons You know the spare The overlooked or outright forgotten sons Vincent is still seeking approval from his father Oliver s father has been disgraced, outcast from polite society and Oliver has washed his hands of him However, Oliver is near destitute so for him to come up with the money required to pull off his deception shows his level of commitment.You see, Oliver is desperately why does desperately always work in Regency settings in love with his childhood friend, Vincent He s been harboring the belief that his love would go unrequited until he stumbles across some information that sparks an idea He bribes the madam at Delacroix s to stand in for Vincent s monthly visit to the brothel Little does he know that Vincent is hidingthan the fact that he s partial to butt sex The whip cracked through the air Oliver braced for a vicious snap The lash grazed the head of his cock A shudder rippled through him at the unexpectedly erotic caress, like the tongue of a skillful lover That seriously could ve gone so wrong but it came out so right Their whole first scene together was spectacular Everything that happened afterwards was just icing on the cake Ms March is always good for a little angst, characters that act like adults, a believable storyline and solid writing Needless to say, I m diving directly into part two With this passage this erotic can you blame me He could not explain it, but for some reason, he found a man s arse incredibly erotic Wickedly so Given the time, he could play with Marsden for hours, just toy with him, slide his fingers up and down the dark forbidden crease, trace the puckered hole, drive him to distraction as he waited for penetration I believe this calls for further investigation and, y know, moral support. Will post a review when I finish with all books of the series But OH.MY.GOD That last sceneAlsomarble dildos Let s do this. The reasons why I loved it the book started off straight to the point Oliver came clean about the deception in an appropriate amount of time I hate when things drag light bdsm I hate the hardcore stuff the bdsm scene was not drawn out for pages upon pages climax from penetration alone so hawt the MC s had an established friendship so Olivers feelings for Vincent did not come across as insta the book was short but there are 2 additional shorts to round it out to the equivalent of a full length begging I just love it when their shameless desperate multiple climaxing during sex possessive jealous MC that s all mine mine mine.I know you must be thinking I m a horn dog but hey I like it hot And the storyline was refreshing Haven t read anything with this trope before On to the next 4.25 LOVE OLIVER AND VINCENT STARSThat s my rating for the entire series, including the two free shorties Ava March is the queen of m m Regency romance I adore the scenes she writes and the HEAs she grants, despite the obvious historical limitations Regencies can be stuffy or depressing This series is neither It s hot and filthy in the best possible way bondage, oil, and dildos included Oliver and Vincent are both fully realized characters I loved the depth of their relationship, the slow shift from lust to love at least on Vincent s part Oliver has been in love with his childhood friend Vincent for as long as he can remember , the subtle positioning of power Vincent learns to open up and trust He wants to take care of Oliver Oliver learns to believe in himself and to rely on Vincent The three novellas and two shorties make up a full fledged novel definitely to be read in order and definitely recommended. The chemistry between the heroes literally took my breath away I thought this book had so many sensual and very sexy moments for a novella I wish the story had been longer I really would enjoy readingabout them 4.35 hot surprised story stars5 stars for the Audiobook The narrator nailed the accents and gave each character a distinct voice I was not prepared for all the bdsm hotness What an amazing surprise Thanks so much Impatient elf for this gift. Wow I really loved this book Set in London, England in the year 1822 it was one of my first historical M M Erotic Romance reads.Lord Oliver Marsden has decided to take matters into his own hands Born the second son, he has been often overlooked by the ton and his family, as someone that doesn t have much value or worth His closest friend, Lord Vincent Prescot, is also the second son, but he comes from awealthy family and althoughaccepted by the ton, he and Oliver have easily become friends because they have that in common.Oliver has loved and desired Vincent forever When he discovers that Vincent visits the local bordello once a month and requires the company of a man instead of a woman, he approachs the Madam and buys himself a way to be Vincent s escort for the evening.When the fateful night arrives, Oliver manages to disguise himself and with low lighting is able to deceive Vincent into thinking he is Jake a new escort for him to play with.They have an erotic night some light BDSM and it ends with a passionate kiss that both men cannot forget.I thought that Vincent and Oliver were definately wonderful heroes that have to overcome the strain society has given them.The feelings that they have for one another rang true, and I really hated for this story to end.I am hoping that Ms March will continue their saga It would be interesting to see how they work through their relationship and how they are able to stay together I know I am certainly hoping they will.